48 thoughts on “CNN anchor reads epic list of 2018 news

  1. Brooke is not a news person. She is a delicate flower and biased cupcake. I've seen too many opportunistic meltdowns from her on camera. Only those with very low IQs or very little honesty can watch this person, beautiful and made-up well, in a fancy setting, very prim, very self-confident, but speaking really dishonest things, not to understand that mainstream media is become degenerate.

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  3. How about a list of Fake News? Because it wold be a full length 6 part movie! Funny how many weak minded ass clowns watch this shit!

  4. ICE JUST RAIDED A COMPANY WITH ILLEGAL ALIENS WORKERS. 280 ARRESTED. cnn is not reporting this. Check other news stations.

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  6. CNN your ratings are shit because you have lost the confidence of the people. You do nothing but make up lies! According to you Trump has been impeached or is going to be impeached 143 times now. Fake ass news.

  7. I noticed CNN has started inserting their smart-ass comments in parentheses (…) in the headline crawl at the bottom of the screen. They really have lost all “journalistic integrity” since President Trump’s stunning victory in 2016.

    I predict the Russian “investigation” will continue throughout the Presidents 1st term and, if re-elected, his 2nd. After he leaves office, it will unceremoniously be dropped with some vague statement of “We will continue to collect information and evidence linking Mr. Trump to election tampering. Our commitment to the American democracy……”

  8. CNN is biased towards Trump, they've been like that since he since win,the election, they want Hillary Clinton to win, they make fun of him they mocked him when he want for election I thought it was a joke but who's laughing now, and he will be in there another 4 years that I know, matter fact more black people are added to his base because we know he's not prejudice, it's just CNN ABC NBC promoting a smear campaign to prevent him from being president in 2020 but us black people have left the plantation of a Democrats and moving on, the others, don't understand what is the Democratic plan for the nation, because the eyes are closed, but we still have a God on the throne it will open the eyes of the church ,especially the one that vote Democrat,

  9. Comrade Baldwin: Imagine no borders, no countries, and no government of Democrats. Imagine you have no possession, and no money, too. Yoo-hoo!

  10. Stupid scumbag arrogant lying scumbag , this bitch is a filthy repulsive cunt , i hope and pray her entire family dies from cancer

  11. i want to grope Brooke. why is that wrong? i am 14, identify as a democrat and a male(i think?) . need help.

  12. Why would anybody believe the Communist News Network CNN. They are all about the global Elite in their new world order.

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