CM Punk Returns News! Firefly Fun House Returns! News On WWE 2K20 Refunds! Wrestling News!

CM Punk Returns News! Firefly Fun House Returns! News On WWE 2K20 Refunds! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
October 23rd 2019. We’re starting off with some
news from Crown Jewel today,
where boxing star Tyson Fury will make his
professional wrestling debut
against Braun Strowman. In preparation for the contest,
Fury recently worked out at
the WWE Performance Center but was
interrupted by the Monster
Among Men. In the video, Strowman knocked
Fury down with a shoulder bump,
and after the Gypsy King started selling an
ankle injury, WWE issued a
press release saying: “In preparation for his in-ring
debut at WWE Crown Jewel,
Fury has been deep in training at the WWE
Performance Center looking
toperfect his new craft. In the middle of today’s training
session, Braun Strowman
dished out a rude lesson of his own and blindsided The
Gypsy King with a vicious hit. The attack left the lineal
heavyweight champion
clearly hobbled and fuming over the surprise
assault by The Monster
Among Men. Will Fury be fully healed for
WWE Crown Jewel or will
the attack tip the scales in the direction
of the mighty Strowman?” Hopefully Fury will be in fighting
-shape for the match in Riyadh
on October 31st as whilst some fans may not
want to see the Boxer enter
the wrestling world, WWE have paid several millions
for him to do just that. Over to SmackDown now, and
despite being burned down
by Seth Rollins Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House
will return on this Friday’s show. The segment was announced
shortly before RAW’s main event, with Commentator Vic Joseph
explaining that Wyatt had
rebuilt his eerie home. This Friday’s show will be the
go-home SmackDown for
Crown Jewel, where Wyatt will face Rollins for the
Universal title in a Falls Count
Anywhere match that WWE have stressed cannot
be stopped for any reason. Also on this week’s SmackDown,
both Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan
will be present ahead of the Team Hogan Vs.
Team Flair match at Crown
Jewel. In that tag-match, Roman
Reigns will serve as the captain
of the Hulkster’s team though he nearly didn’t make it,
after suffering a scary bump in a cage match whilst
competing in Sydney. After the bump, fans feared the
worst, especially after Xavier
Woods injured his Achilles Tendon during a match against
the Revival, that could keep
him out for months. Fortunately, Roman avoided an
injury, and after defeating Erick
Rowan in a Street Fight during a WWE Live event in
Brisbane, Australia, the Big Dog
is clearly in great condition. It was feared at the time that
Reigns suffered a stinger,
but he has since been medically cleared and is
ready for Crown Jewel. Also on this week’s SmackDown,
WWE Champion Brock Lesnar
will come face to face with Cain Velasquez ahead of
their Crown Jewel title match, though the blue brand won’t be
on it’s normal home on FOX. Because of the MLB World
Series coverage, SmackDown
is being moved to FS1 for one night only, and will
resume it’s normal broad
casting next week. Despite starting off strong with
its FOX premiere, the Blue
Brand has been losing viewers each week since the
launch earlier this month,
and it’s unclear whether this one time only move will
have an impact on the
amount of people tuning in to the show this
Friday night. One man who knows exactly
what it takes to defeat Lesnar
for the WWE title is the Big Show who recently spoke to TMZ at
an airport about the Crown
Jewel match. Show, who ended Brock’s
undefeated streak and
captured his championship at Survivor Series 2002, gave a
warning to Velasquez, claiming
that Lesnar is both faster and stronger than
the 37-year-old fighter. He said: “I’mma be real honest with you,
I’ve been wrestling for 25 years,
I have never seen a monster like Brock Lesner
and the warpath that’s he’s been
on for the past few years.” “My first match was against Hulk
Hogan for the World Championship So, I can’t really throw that
‘rushing’ rock in a glass house,
you know what I mean? If the opportunity knocks, take
it. You can’t get mad at anyone who gets an opportunity and
they take it.” The Giant also brought up Lesnar’s
incredible run since returning, that
has included two reigns as WWE Champion, a Money in
the Bank victory, and three
reigns as Universal Champion. Ending the video, Show said he
doesn’t see Lesnar losing the title at Crown Jewel, despite what
Velasquez may have up his
sleeve. Velasquez himself appeared on
this week’s RAW, and the show
did see a slight increase in viewers,
thanks to a series of factors. With no Baseball competition
and being up against a blow-
out game between the New England Patriots and
the New York Jets, RAW saw
an average 2.34 million viewers this week, up 3% from last
week’s show. Overall, the red show ranked
11th on cable, behind news
shows, NFL Monday Night Football on
ESPN, and 90-Day fiancé on
TLC. This may sound like good news,
but this 2.34 million is still 8%
from last year’s 2.54 million as WWE tried to get fans to
stick around to hour three to
see who the Street Profits mystery partner would be
against the OC, who turned
out to be Kevin Owens. Breaking the numbers down,
Hour 1 saw 2.48 million
viewers tune in to RAW, which dropped to 2.37 million in
hour two, before settling at 2.18
in hour three For fans who may not like WWE’s
current product, they usually can
live out their own storylines in the WWE 2K games, but that
is easier said than done for the
latest 2k20 installment. Despite an amazing commercial
campaign, the new game seems
very broken and the hashtag #FixWWE2K20
has now gone so viral, that PlayStation has been giving
out refunds to those angry fans. Not only is the game, which
launched earlier this week, full
of glitches, but many fans who purchased the Ultimate
Edition didn’t get the autographs
they were promised. From what we’ve seen, the
PlayStation customer service
isn’t put much of a fight against fans who
downloaded the game,
and players can find out more by visiting
for more info. WWE 2K20’s Ultimate edition
was promoted on coming
with a “limited edition SmackDown Legend Autograph
plaque”, which for many, wasn’t
the case. Instead, one unhappy fan took
to Twitter to show Edge the
unsigned picture he received, and whilst it’s a
very nice picture of the Rated-
R Superstar in 2007 having the pic without the
autograph doesn’t quite justify
the $130 Ultimate edition
price-tag. Fortunately, Edge saw this and
revealed that this fan wasn’t
the only one who didn’t receive an autograph,
and has now promised to get a
PO box going to help fans out, after
he’s home from his latest
movie shoot. It sucks to see how WWE
2K20 is, as not only are those
who paid for the game early suffering, but now
the Ultimate Editions are
coming up short as well. We’re heading back to Crown
Jewel news now and although
the show is already got some huge matches, the company
reportedly hasn’t started
writing anything for the event. Not only that, but there could
also be some other big
matches added to the card, including a Battle Royal,
according to Brad Shephard
of Pro Sports Extra. This shouldn’t be too shocking
for fans, as the company
hosted it’s biggest Battle Royal at Super Showdown,
and whilst we don’t expect
this reported match to have 50 Superstars
involved, it is a way to get
many stars on the show. WWE sill has a few TV shows
in preparation for Crown Jewel, and a Battle Royal could be
announced by the company at
any time, even by a Tweet. Until then, fans will just have to
wait whether the huge show will
receive any more matches in the eight days before Crown
Jewel takes place on October
31st in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. One Superstar who fans
shouldn’t expect to see at the
King Fahd International Stadium is RAW Women’s Champion
Becky Lynch, who also
wasn’t present on this week’s edition of the
company’s flagship show. There’s a very good reason
why the Red Brand’s top pick
in the recent draft wasn’t on the show though,
as The Man was needed at
the Women’s + Sports Summit in Newport Beach,
California, and thus was unable
to make it to RAW in Ohio. This year marks the 10th
anniversary of the Summit,
and the Man was featured in a predominant role, giving
WWE some much-needed
PR points as well. Another female Superstar who
wasn’t on this week’s RAW, but
for very different reasons was Ember Moon, who may be
out of the ring for a year due
to an Achilles injury. Whilst she’s out though, the
former NXT Women’s
Champion won’t be wasting her time away from the ring,
as the XCW Institute in Denton,
Texas announced on Monday that Moon will be
taking over as the head
trainer of the school, which has now been
christened The Dojo. Moon will be joined by husband
Matt Palmer, who will also serve as a head trainer, according to
an announcement that said: “These two individuals have
seen great success in wrestling,”
the announcement states “Athena [Moon], a former DFW
native wrestler, worked her way up from wrestling school, Indy
shows, to WWE pay-per-views.
She brings the experience of that journey and the
knowledge of what today’s
scouts are looking for in hiring talent. Matt has seen his
success through his touring
of country and overseas Both of these coaches know the
struggle and how to arm you
with the tools needed to conquer.” More news from Superstars
being out of action next, as
whilst Naomi hasn’t wrestled
since July before her husband
Jimmy Uso’s DWI arrest, she may soon be
heading back to the ring. Recently, Naomi issues a
statement about her absence,
where the Glow didn’t give a specific return timeline, but
thanks to a WWE Live event,
we may finally know our answer. According to PRO Wrestling,
Naomi has been announced
for a House show in San Juan, Peurto Rico,
where she will team with
Natalya on October 26th to take on Nikki Cross and
Alexa Bliss at the Coliseo
de Peurto Rico. Time will tell whether the former
SmackDown Women’s
Champion actually makes a return to WWE TV before then,
but it looks like Naomi will finally
be back in a WWE ring, entertaining
her fans, in just a few days. And finally today we’re looking
once again at CM Punk, as
the rumors of the Best in the World
returning to the WWE
continue to grow. Unless you’ve been living under
a rock for the past six years,
you’ll know that Punk walked out of the
WWE in early 2014, citing
issues with management backstage, and has kept his
distance from the Sports
Entertainment Juggernaut since. With that said, Punk allegedly
made a return to the ring at
an independent show for MKE Wrestling this
past April, and earlier this
month, confirmed that he auditioned for the WWE
Backstage studio show on FS1. Appearing on the My Mom’s
Basement Podcast to speak
on his new film “Girl on the Third Floor”, Punk
was asked about a return to
wrestling, and said he would absolutely
love to come back. Punk went on to elaborate that
thanks to clickbait journalism,
much of what he’s said over the years has
beenmisinterpreted by fans,
though whilst he said he absolutely wants to return
to wrestling, didn’t mention a
specific promotion. Appearing on Ariel Helwani’s
MMA Show, WWE COO Triple H was also asked about a
possible Punk return, and said: “That’s a ‘could be’. Vince will
say it all the time: ‘We’re
open for business’ The past is passed, today is
today and you never say
never in WWE.” Whatever bad blood there was
between the Best in the World
and the WWE seems to have mellowed out
over the past five years, though there is always a chance
that Punk could return to AEW. In fact, there’s no shortage of
places that the Chicago Made
star could bring his star power
to, and there is always a
chance that Punk may decide to not return to
the wrestling world at all. It seems for now, fans will just
have to wait and see what
happens, as the only person who knows what the plan is, is
none other than the Best in
the World himself, CM Punk.

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