50 thoughts on “Clinton Kicks the Crap out of Fox News Part 2

  1. A former president that can get over on the media without getting stupid. He comes at Wallace with facts, not elementary jabs and name calling. He gets on it. Now, look what we have.

  2. Looking at a former President who can admit to his own failings, congratulate the success of others, and most amazingly of all form complete sentences using words that actually mean what he wants them to mean……..then along came 45……ridiculous.

  3. The Clintons will be forever be more known for losing to Trump than anything Bill did in 8 years.. except for the cigar. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. The Clintons are murderers and guilty of many other horrible things. Look up Joe podesta and Pizza Gate. "Hell-ary" is a whacko lady…I am glad she didn´t won…

  5. Clinton personally attacked Wallace for simply asking legitimate questions. He kind of came unhinged. Now we see the genesis of the Dems modern day tactics.

  6. Yes Bill Clinton is smart and well-spoken and good on him for not giving in to hacky Faux News "journalists". But lets not forget that Bill Clinton was just another corporate Democrat, who took large sums of money from big corporations, special interests and billionaires and did their bidding.
    The Telecommunications Act of 1996, the Crime Bill, etc.
    Just because we have a worse president right now, like Trump, that doesnt mean all former presidents were great. No. Bill Clinton was still a corporate shill. Yes, intelligent and well-spoken etc. but what good is that for the country if he doesnt use it for the benefit of regular working people and only enriches himself. Him and Hillary are corrupt to the core. And no, republicans arent any better. They do the same. Every politician who takes money from corporations, special interests and billionaires cannot be trusted.
    We need politicians who refuse corporate cash and only represent working people and can prove that by refusimg corporate donations, Super PACs, special interests etc. All that dark money and shady stuff behind the scenes

  7. Slick Willy had the vocabulary to put any crowd in the palm of his hands and he also has a nack for women’s bra’s and panties 🤓. In college he camped out in a campus tree for two weeks pooping from the tree it would splatter on the campus sidewalk. When I read that I knew he didn’t give a shit about anything butt himself.

  8. The delicious part is, he would have to run as a Republican today. Go back and listen to some of his speeches. Same for virtually ALL Democrat presidents since FDR….Kennedy, Truman, Carter, Clinton….only Johnson and Obama could be anything but pariahs in today's Democrat party…and even THEY wouldn't be liberal enough to suit the rank-and-file voters. When you consider the blatant disrespect that is routinely shown towards FDR…pretty much unquestionably the greatest Democrat of all time….I think it shows just how far they have fallen. No longer an American political entity.

  9. Only paid Clinton operatives and possibly Russians would even try to make others think this is a video that shows that Bill Clinton is a "great leader."

  10. Got to give credit where credit is due. He really gave it back to Chris there.
    Must say, the man was no dummy.

  11. This is coming out of a lying cocksucker mouth his wife didn't send security to Benghazi when they ask for help three weeks before they people were killed because of his wife and nothing happened that's Clinton for you Clinton getting his cock sucked in the Oval Office that's a real president for you went on TV and said he had never had sexual relations with her .. liar this mother fucker shouldn't have any saying anything about anything and he wants $10,000 for a speech that he gives shouldn't even be in front of the camera anymore

  12. Bill Clinton lies all the time. I am so sorry I voted for him. Bum. The only person worse is his wife.

  13. I was young enough about the only thing I remember from Bill Clinton’s presidency was Monica or Winski hear him talk on this I like him but I’m sure I don’t agree with him on other political issues.Funny how the conservative news treats liberal president and now liberal news with conservative president.

  14. Bill needs to go off this Earth and so does Fox news and everyone else in the boat ya can msnbc Obama bush all of them trump ya fuck them all

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