hey guys it's your boy progress and welcome to a brand new video if you want to go and follow our contact me on my other social medias I've got my Twitter and Instagram on screen right now so if you want to go check those out then go ahead but let's get into today's video this video was recommended to me probably more than any other video that I have done in the past you guys were messaging me on Instagram Twitter YouTube comments the community tab just absolutely everywhere over the last few months asking me to finally make a video on clever and don't worry I have been researching and that is what I present you today for those of you who don't know clever is a rapper from Alabama in the United States who is actually 34 and is best known recently for his songs with juice world and anneli choppa but there is a lot more to him than that so today I will be talking about how clever might be an industry plant for those of you who don't know what an industry plant is basically it's an artist who is signed to or being backed by a label or industry connection but before this point was virtually unknown the label also often dumps tons of money and connections into this person to ensure their growth and to also make sure that the music they are creating sounds near-perfect or is very very good so they often give them some of the best producers or sound engineers that they can offer in super extreme cases though they can be manufactured all the way down to what the artist style is whether that be artistic or even their clothing sense but more often than not they're attempting to ride a certain wave or trying to steal somebody else's style and replicate that and act as if it's their own so let's start this off with what clever has been up to in the last about half year just to be able to catch you guys up on why people may think he's an industry plant first Lisa clever only had one song up on November 12th 2018 before he ended up being on juice world's album on March 8th of 2019 it should be known that before featuring on juices album clever was basically unknown to the general public so people found it strange that clever was apparently just found by juicer world while he was listening to his music on his in January and then out of nowhere he ends up being on juices next album soon after something that's also pretty suspicious is that clever didn't even make his current YouTube channel until the day his song with juice world came out it's also pretty weird to just not have an account especially if you're supposed to be somebody who was a developed artist already because you'd at least think you'd have some videos or music videos on the channel that you would have built up over the years especially when he's already posted snippets for other music videos that he was working on another common thing plan to do is either have bought Instagram accounts or they delete everything past a certain point so you can't see their growth as an artist clevers gone back and deleted everything since before September 4th of 2018 leaving up only music video snippets from that point all the way up until of course his song with juice world came out we also know that his account has been around for much longer than that as records go as far back as even 2017 and probably even further as they show he at one point had four hundred uploads on the account something that also leads me to believe that he was planted is that even before his song with juice world had come out yet he was already flexing off how many of these massive artists producers and comedians were trying to message him or call him people being like quavo Timbaland little skies haha davis and many others and i don't know about you guys but it seems a little suspicious to have somebody virtually unknown have all of these massive artists and producers comedians and everything trying to contact him all around the same period of time there's also a little theory of mine that suggests that clever could possibly be pretty fake or at least everything he does is forced i like the style of music he's making today his aesthetic and much more so to prove this we need to go back into clevers past which he is actually made pretty easy because he's left quite the footprint on the internet clevers been releasing music since at least april 8th of 2013 but i definitely think he's actually been doing it longer as you can find an article all the way back from 2006 talking about how he was participating in a bt freestyle competition the big thing to see though is what type of music he used to make we know that he's been just rapping since he was 13 and based off of other YouTube channels that I found one being called clever from 2011 with just over 3000 subscribers and another being clever VEVO from 2013 with just over 300 subscribers he's been doing lyrical rap for basically his entire career not the current singing melodic emo rap that you hear him doing today even all the way up to May 8th of 2016 you can find a snippet of a song on his Facebook page where it's just basically a lyrical rap with just a tiny part where he's trying to do a singing part but it's very obvious he was nowhere near the skill level he is with singing today all this culminates to meaning that clever was doing lyrical rap for 19 years and then out of nowhere decided to start singing and then even more so overhauled once again into doing his melodic emo rap style even going now into more of the current times there's even post that very much suggests that clever was preparing himself to be planted as he talks about that he is getting ready to fly out to LA when he goes to LA then just a few days after that he says that everyone's gonna be on his music in six months then a day later he's flexing off a 250,000 dollar watch saying that he now has five hundred thousand dollars and then about a week after he posted the watch video he also announced an album and for those you who don't know albums are usually part of the criteria and have to be out within a certain amount of time after getting signed or you have a contract that says a certain amount of albums have to come out every year so there's a very good chance he got signed I can't be the only person who sees that when he went for that trip to LA it very much seems like he signed a label deal but yet nowhere even on Spotify crediting section do you see a label listed the other thing out there that a lot of people seem to be trying to say is that clever has some massively original voice or that no one is doing what he's doing but I really beg to differ because when you look at it he kinda just has the same sound that somebody like post Malone mixed with a little bit of juice world or young pinch has it's really not something all that crazy I'm in no way saying he's not a great musician I'm more so just saying that it feels like he's trying to fit a mold rather than being himself because even the lyrics are just super bland with the just being about girls money drugs guns you know we've already heard that type of stuff before it's not something you haven't heard there's something I'd also like to bring up because it plays into what clevers character is quite a bit in how it confuses me clever has a pretty harsh criminal history how harsh well he's got two felony charges for first degree burglary a misdemeanor for violating a domestic violence protection order a misdemeanor for third-degree assault and worst of them all a Class B felony charge for making an explosive device I'll let it be known that all of these happened in the same year which was 2012 which is obviously seven years ago but he was 26 and then 27 when he committed these crimes so I refuse to just give him the but he was young pass why did I bring this up well it's because it confuses me if you go back to this 2006 article that I showed earlier they actually did part where they talked too clever about his music where he was talking about saying that he was not at all for violence and that he wants his music to barely have swearing in it because it's supposed to be about Christianity politics and emotions there's even this part here where he says quote I am NOT for violence things can be settled in other ways than reaching for a gun end quote but yet just six years later he would be arrested for all of the charges mentioned from 2012 then just barely a year after his final arrest he came out with a song called nobody can save you with the hook sang quote I just want to kill people for a living end quote I know a lot of people would say that you need to separate the art from the artists but when just barely a year prior the artist was arrested for trying to make a bomb that would harm people and then he makes a song talking about harming people it's very difficult to separate that to make things even weirder in 2015 klever made a song talking about how labels would probably want him to make songs about violence guns and drugs and stuff but that that wasn't him so that he just wasn't gonna make things like that beautiful I'm going now with and just smile for the camera this poster but yet here we are in 2019 where he is making songs exactly about those things he also still does this really weird thing where he flip-flops between very aggressive and strange on his social media but then going back to acting more religious and talking about Bible stuff or God I brought this up as well because I think it's important to look over who these labels and industry people are trying to convert into stars and sell to the masses if he did end up changing than I am so happy for him and I really hope that he does stay with not harming anybody because that's obviously all we can hope for yeah I just thought I'd bring that up because it was one of the stranger things I found while making this video one last thing that I do want to add in here though is that clever is obviously very talented he's been doing it forever so you'd hope he would be but the issue is more so that the growth behind it is just not that natural we know that he's been doing this forever but it's obvious that nothing really ever took off for him and now it seems like he had to change a lot of who he was just to even be able to get signed in the first place and that is where the problems come from is that aspect right there if you want a more in-depth explanation as to why industry plants are a bad thing for the music industry you can go and watch my video that explains that exact concept oh yeah I think that's probably gonna be it for today's video and I really hope that you learned something from this also I do know that my friend Patrick CC made a video talking about clever about three months ago now I believe so if you want to go and check that out as well then you can definitely do that I just wanted to make this video because obviously it interested me a lot one because this is one of the most open book pasts and histories that we've had on any artist ever so it was really interesting getting to actually go in and see what these people were like and also of course this series is supposed to be dedicated to documenting industry plants on my channel so I thought he was an industry plant so I documented it but yeah massive shout-out to this month's patrons thank you guys all so much and special thanks to the $10 an up patron from this month that being scrubby Todd's ear Medusa lives Tech's Marshall Milano Mercedes Mayfield pit those and far ski thank you guys all so much with all of your donations that you've made I finally was able to get an upgrade to my equipment for my audio setup so now I'll be able to make even better content for you guys and also the donations help towards paying for my editing software every month and that is the stuff that I'm able to make these videos with in the first place so thank you guys so much it honestly means the world to me if you guys do want to donate to my patreon to help support the channel directly then you can go into the link in the description that is there and check out if there's any other reward tiers that you find interesting but yeah thank you guys all so much for watching I hope I see you in the next video but yeah goodbye


  1. The thing that I dislike about people who are (apparent) industry plants, is that they pretend that their growth is organic and deceive their audience about who they are, when in actuality they're not working nearly as hard as somebody who is actually independent and promoting themselves without a machine behind them.

  2. When you have no idea what your talking about you make this dumb video.clever had a lot of videos a while back.pluto is my favorite by him and he was on 106 and park way back in like 2004

  3. He may be redone, but he deserves it. He has song from 6 yrs ago. Hes worked hard for this. And hes a real G. STFU!

  4. No one cares about your plant bullshit he wants money and had to make some sacrifices and changes to blow up ,people like his music and he’s making money I don’t see the problem here

  5. Don't even see the issue with industry plants, especially when they are good like clever . You are a nerdy freak dude get over urself what are u a cop?

  6. Clever won BET spring Blings Freestyle battle like over 10 years ago. He had a YouTube with over 100 videos that was deleted when he started coming up. I’ve been following this dude since I was a kid. He’s defiantly built himself up. He’s not a plant. He earned his stripes. I promise you that.

  7. I mean does it rly matter he’s a good artist and u jus hating even if he is a industry plant it dosent matter and ur vids r trash nobody cares if they a industry plant buddy take notes🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  8. What’s wrong with getting label help or being a “plant”? If you haven’t heard, some labels are now signing 2 artists a day(brandman) Honestly Clever doesn’t seem to be riding anyone’s wave, he has his own sound, and there’s nothing wrong with switching up your sound to get on….

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