28 thoughts on “Clash Royale: Balance Update Live! (2/4)

  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NERF LAVA HOUND AND BALLOON. Tired of these kids placing lava hound in the back as first play (absolutely no skill) and tired of defenses not being able to kite balloon.

  2. Ну че разрабы ПИДАРАСТЫ КАК ДЕЛА? Как рот ваших мамаш поживает после моего хуя? Суки ебливые. Я вас всех в рот выебу

  3. Scum you, I swear by all the saints that I will come to your city, find you and kill you in the most brutal way, this is MY WORD

  4. Son una basura no hay equilibrio en el juego y se cae a cada rato cuandi se esta en guerra o cuando esta en desafio en cambio en batalla normal nafa que ver no sirven sus actualizaciones

  5. I dont think changing the three musketeers elixir to 10 is fair
    Because if the enemy has rocket then you lose

  6. Nojo desse jogo lixo, só sabe roubar essa merda… principalmente nesses desafios bosta de estratégia onde uma pessoa não precisa de habilidade nenhuma pra jogar por que essa merda coloca cartas boas para outra pessoa "jogo roubado"

  7. te estoy ayudando con mi clash royal rey nibel 10 subire muchos bideos de tv royal y te superare bale
    ahi me bes en misant tv ok
    y ahi me regalas gemas para comprar cofres bale

  8. Nerf the hog, the Valkyrie, the royale giant and the ballon. Cards that need a buff are ice wizard, ice spirit, lumberjack, prince, firespirits, and the mega knight I don’t use any of these cards but I just think this is what needs to be done

  9. Hey clash royals team, can you take a look to the xbow. We have so much beatdown going around since a long time. The deploy time is just to long in my opinion.

    I hope that this could be changed in the coming balance changes.

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