Clash of Clans – October 2019 Dev Update

Clash of Clans – October 2019 Dev Update

Hello, Clashers!
This is my favorite time of the year. The air is getting cooler,
the leaves are turning orange, the nights are getting longer. Do you know what that means? It’s time to bring so many quality
of life changes to this bad boy. That is so unfair, you stole my line. CLASH OF CLANS
OCTOBER DEV UPDATE Heya. I’m community manager Darian,
and with me is my trusty minion. Eino. We’re here to talk about what’s going
into the October update. But before we get into the details,
we did want to talk about one thing. This update is going to be
laying down the groundwork for a very massive update we’ve got
planned for the end of the year. So… It may feel like this content might
be a little on the light side, but there’s a lot of the content
that’s happening behind the scenes, or under the hood, if you will. Yeah. The biggest thing that we have been
working on is Clan recruitments. It’s actually both ways, from Clans to players,
and players to Clans. – Why did we actually start from there?
– Right. As you may have heard
on our various channels, we are going to be sunsetting,
or closing down, the global chat channel. What this means is that the global chat
will be leaving the game, but we wanted to make sure
that we had something, a tool that players can use,
to recruit clan members much more readily, and something
suited to their playstyle. Yeah, to kind of facilitate this, we’re adding labels, so the players
can categorize themselves. Like, Darian is obviously
pretty friendly. He’s Clan War player, he’s a newbie. And then we are also
enabling Clans to do the same, so that they can do that. And then… These parts will be taken
and fed into the recommendation engine. Is there a label for your Clan?
If there’s a clan that never wins? Yes, yes there is. Is that the underdog one? – Yes.
– OK. It’s the underdog label. And, yes, my clan has it. So what you can do
is set labels as a player. If I’m looking
for a particular playstyle, such as whether I’m a social player, Clan War League player,
Clan Games player, there will be a variety of labels
you can set to yourself, and look for clans who have similar
priorities in what they’re looking for. And the other way around. If you are
a Clan that’s focused on Clan Wars, you like Clan Games,
and then you also do normal wars? – Or base building.
– Or base building, whatever. Every clan is different, you have your preferences. We also are giving you a player search, so Clan Leaders and co-leaders
can actually open up a menu that recommends players
for you to recruit. So no more trawling the League
leaderboard, for example, for recruits. Now you actually will get
a list of potential recruits that actually fit your playstyle. And as a player, I can turn on
the ability to receive Clan invitations even if I’m already in a Clan. So it almost acts
like a job headhunting service. If I see a star player in another Clan,
if I’m a Clan Leader, I might try to recruit him, based on what our clan is like
versus what he’s like as a player. What else do we have in for this update? Some Season Challenge changes. Season Challenges, we’ve done
quite a lot of UI work on it. Just to make it easier
to understand, easier to play, more exciting and more fun. Streamlined the workflow a little bit. Quick Train slots! We expanded the Quick Train slots
from three to six. So, instead of having just
three army compositions saved, now you can have six. And these extra ones don’t
come at any Gem cost. So we’re giving you extra
slots to build armies. The other one is changes
to the Clan Games. One of the big things players
have been asking for is how do we reward players who consistently perform at the top
of their Clan every season. What we’re doing is, if you are someone who reaches
a high-enough threshold, and we can set that threshold, “well, that’s 4000”,
or if we want to set it midway, you’ll be entitled to one extra reward
from any tier that you’ve unlocked. For example, sometimes we’ve had
two exciting prizes in the last tier, and it’s been a hard choice.
Which one do you pick? Now you don’t have to choose anymore.
If you work hard enough, that is. – What if I want all three?
– Well… I’m being greedy. What else, Darian? There are some changes
we’re adding to the Legend League, more specifically towards the base
cooldown of when you edit your Village. Teslas and traps won’t trigger
the cooldown anymore. And we’ve also done some tweaks on how
the cooldown works in Legend League. So the new timer will take into account how much time is left in the matchmaker, and adjust the cooldown
period accordingly. Also, the Builder Base season reset
is now set to 5000 trophies. That’s something you guys have
been asking for for a long time. Speaking of autumn, we do have a special Halloween-themed
event this year. If you haven’t already seen
the social media posts, this month’s Season Challenge skin is the Skeleton King
for the Barbarian King. It’s really cool looking, so make sure you sign
up for the Gold Pass, and don’t miss out on this awesome skin. But also, we’ve got some fun, phantasmagoric,
spooky Halloween-themed stuff. Yes. But maybe
we’ll save that for a bit later. In this update, we didn’t add
any troop or building levels or anything that would have
changed the gameplay, largely because we’ve got
our World Championship just couple weeks away. – Yeah.
– So… Any kind of changes like that
would have an effect on the competitive landscape, and giving these Clans just
a couple of weeks to adjust isn’t really fair to the competition. Like I said, we are saving
a lot of this stuff for the update
towards the end of the year. And it’s going to be a very big one. There are a few other quality of life
updates going into this content release, so make sure you keep an eye out for the full detailed patch
notes on release day. That’s the end of the video, make sure
you click “Like” and “Subscribe”, to keep an eye out
for official Clash information, especially as we get closer towards
the end of the year’s massive update. – So thanks for joining us. I’m Darian.
– And I’m Eino. And until next time, Clash on! Nobody loves me. It’s because of your hair. Let me love you! No! Sorry, our singing
will be slightly off key to fool the algorithms. Here it goes! That better be in the blooper.

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