City of Industry City Hall Part 2

City of Industry City Hall Part 2

hey Joe how's it going here they come here come the sheriff's everyone oh no I guess I'd be trouble pretty good I'm doing well no that's okay I don't answer questions thanks though appreciate it that's how you had to let everyone I don't answer questions I'm not a question answer I'm not a question answerer I'm more of a question Baker might make questions is that – that's two patrol cars everyone oh no for reason super trouble now oh no everyone I guess where he's in trouble they call – Popo zombie everybody they said one Popo can't handle furry we need to – how you doing pretty good huh don't do what they charge too much go to another bank mad hell I not a good one oh man I hate Bank of America when I had my business back of the day they'll rip me off for everything stupid Bank of America and now I'm poor and I go to Wells Fargo they ripped me off too damn bed well this sucks yep there's two popo's around the corner here to the left every one shall we Oh bad I don't want to answer questions I want to ask a ton of them but I don't want to answer Eddie I'm not a question answerer I just do the asking here we go not a beaten path every would don't there is Oh bad how's it going pretty good weather huh a nice oh man we got more everyone oh no that makes three vehicles everyone three of them see give me a 1 if everyone can see what I'm doing can they get a 1 in the house so there you are really you went in there oh thanks everyone good though he's in there the one officer the one deputy went in there the one that belongs to this car City Hall and the council the chamber is called the Popo on me everyone I wasn't even doing anything hey grant there's the other two get their plates in case they want to do something to furry for not breaking the law all right every wood Oh bad but that's how you handle it everyone hey can I talk to you though Thanks I don't answer questions appreciate it thanks all you got to do I didn't do anything wrong I don't wish to talk to you I don't talk to strangers my mom taught me not to talk to strangers stranger danger employs old me leaving them in the dust Joe the guy over there he's a cop-caller I'll show you he's a cop-caller everyone called the cops on me I didn't even do anything wrong oh they're security he was the first one on the scene let's go film him everyone shall we I'm gonna see about taking his soul too if he looks directly in the camera I'll have his soul how you doing oh I don't answer questions appreciate it though Thanks thank you you do the same you shouldn't wear a jacket it's pretty hot outside oh you know what I did a farmer's tad well you better hydrate sir because you're gonna get dehydrated get some water in you yes that's a violation – that's a license plate that's a license plate blocker that's so she doesn't get a picture ticket so it doesn't show up oh no here's a fourth vehicle everyone this is nuts pretty good I don't answer questions thanks though appreciate it man that makes for everyone there stalking Ferrari all for camera this is ridiculous everyone I got to tell all for whom I don't answer questions this is nuts this is the guy that called the cops on me the big guy the big Caucasian guy from in here he called the cops and wonder why you called the cops I'll be everyone just because I filmed their violations of the Motor Vehicle Code 5200 subsection a he's like hey we're breaking the law and Ferg he's catching us can you make her stop we need you to make her stop catching our violations it's not all we're trying to we're trying to break the law and she's not letting us we just want to break the law in peace hi gentie I blocked that individual by the way JT anyways she get around on me too I think she is like this she's from City Hall yeah she's from City Hall I remember her she didn't say to anything to me in City Hall but she's gonna like rat me out now Oh bad I just I got to go over there everyone I got to steal their souls look they still got all three cop cars over there still now they're all lined up blocking the laid all for a camera everyone it's just a camera I got four or five freaking deputy cars over here I got all these employees I got a Public Safety guy here security got here let's kind of walk they think they're gonna get away no that's the one she also called the cops on the everyone wonder why they got to do that it's not nice someone not breaking the law you're gonna get into trouble if I didn't know my rights I probably be have enough already every wood there's the other one that called the cops I'll be remember her with a violation that illegal license plate cover in the Eagle license plate cover every wood now we got the piggy huddle look everyone the piggy huddle I wonder how many more cars that can fit in that Lane seriously everyone here comes security from behind and here we got four deputies look at that everyone people could be committing crimes right now look at her over there she's telling that guy sup dude see she's going into City Hall City Hall she's going in it and so a security guy man I hate this unwritten rule that I have to wait for all the cops to leave before I can leave because it's hot and I'm in sweats sweating my ass off so now I got to find a place to sit down in the shade until these guys leave I hate that unwritten rule you got to wait for the cops to leave who made that rule I did it furry did it make that rule everyone see he's saying he's saying yes he was in the lobby filming bla bla bla bla bla so from what I can hear he's telling the truth that I was filming the lobby I was filming their motor vehicle transgressions looking another vehicle transgression city employee no front license plate but he has a rear one everyone I couldn't get his VIN number because he was a movie vehicle I'm not gonna win peed the travel hey Bryan qEEG oh so now I got to sit here and wait for four vehicles I hate this unwritten rule everyone I got ten extra pounds on my chest and my back's hurting Adam sweating my ass off I'm all full of complaints today dab it oh so we'll sit right here on this little planner see you look there's another sheriff way back there I just noticed so there's five vehicles man they are desperate they want furry bad everyone look at that that's a fifth vehicle hiding incognito huh I think this guy called me he wants to know why you got this plate every one this is gonna be funny how's it going well your work for the bake I just got to get your VIN number real quick there I got your VIN number I just needed your VIN number sir thank you appreciate it have a good day oh I need your VIN number I need to make sure it matches your rear plate let me get that again and just in case did I get your name sir he's all gonna go get the officer oh okay it comes the other sheriff everyone there's that guy he's gonna go race to get the sheriff's and here he goes this sheriff where'd he go here he is I think he's gonna come out over here oh there he is so he's he moved but he stayed in position real quick how's it going like you four-door sir I like your hat pretty sharp what's he doing the help he's over there he's tattle lead cop caller we cop caller cop caller we oh man let me go sit in the shade oh man you don't want to get farid leave for reload oh man my back's killing me there's my other buddy over there you got that right taught the team oh hi Joe I need a back rub need a back rub stat Oh bad that was funny huh no I want to get up I want to see how well his tattletaling is doing Oh bad nope didn't pan out for him everyone his tattling didn't work oh man I hope the cops suggested of that guy you don't want to be filmed put your car in the garage and put yourself in the house close the door and the blinds Oh bad but this guy's hanging out just in case look everyone this guy's hey get out the other five units already left oh thanks Avada hey Fred rocks oh no this is the guy everyone Oh No are you stealing my soul sir now you don't want it your face will be shown on the Internet no I don't oh no you already told the cops and they didn't do anything dub dub come on princess just go away go away princess see you see you cupcake see ya princess have a good one have a good one princess have a good one princess have a good one cupcake oh he was going to lunch and he just came back so I guess he's not going on lunch anymore everyone I hope he has snacks in there because it's gonna be pretty hungry by the time he saw his work day is over [Laughter] that's right mark like I just sitting on this platter this guy's over here breaking for his balls for no reason maybe I should go tell that cop that the guy filled me in public oh I should go tell that cop I'm gonna say hey hey cop that guy filled me I was sitting over there in public and he went up and he filmed me I want you to go arrest him man that guy was stuttering bad that's how you can tell he was nervous he's all shook oh man he mustered up a whole the strength he had just to do that oh oh hey our drift hey Eric more wood hoop yeah like aggressive aggressive panhandling that guy was aggressive filming Oh dad I know I did of Ida Chico would hoop hey Barry Jeff silver how's it going I gotta go I gotta go I'll go today I promise I go to be sober I promise hey Douglas J buddies at the house it doesn't really matter what he did I stole his soul his soul will be for sale next Saturday at my Saturday soul sale everyone please come if you could make it oh man I got it I will silver I promise so yeah try to make it if you can I'm trying to go to pride this week at everyone so come to my Saturday sole sale I will some cerebral vomit hi dark side I haven't seen you in a while how's it going hi Douglas harp Oceanside yeah I'll go there I have to wait till I heard somebody's all my money is going to pride so I can go up there this weekend I have a high yard sale on all those hey major slaughter I I'm gonna try JB Highgate or LAN Lee how's it go with Oh silver David how dare you why did you say Oh – far okay then that's okay yeah I dug illicit rules I heard the San Francisco ones off the hook hi Joetta blue fly what's up say I still got my babysitter I wonder how long I have to wait here before he leaves I hate you guys a stupid rule I have to wait for all the cops to leave before I leave I can be here forever oh nothing the LAPD was was tailing us for like frickin an hour they finally I guess got a real call to go do some real work so they finally left us alone oh thanks Fred why'd you say it's more oh man I remember get those oranges that water when I played soccer or the kid Thanks hey Thor what'd you say hey go in front of the new egg building I don't I don't know what that is yeah hey what's up water burger match go it alright I just got away from my babysitter to leave a babysitter over there I guess hi Texas what did it say Texas kilo eight how's it going yes hi Jorge hey Charles used now he's scared lighter what up little Sambo hey how's it going no not red well you son of a bitch it's monsters how dare you say red bull on my stream I gotta kick you in the nuts uh-oh alright I take the microphone off and plug my cab red plug my phone in so it charges everyone how's it going short e nice hold on it everyone all right everyone I plugged it in I gotta put my headphones back in my pocket they'll hold on everyone man look at this guy suit the Crips would be proud of this guy watch I'll show you right now everyone hold on hold on everyone I'm trying trying to do ten things at once please daizy and that's one blue suit the choker oh man hey Charles Eric how's it going electric blue ha ha Oh bad gate or yeah charger how's it going Scott cops here french fries yeah they are look over there let's go over there I guess I got a sweat my ass off every wood this sucks I hate this unwritten rule this dudes never leave heed which means I gotta stay here all day screw your guys is on red rules there's a high sky Hawk hey Caitlyn Romania nice bed I hope you're having good weather over Romania oh this is a potty look it's an executive party everyone it's an executive party nice Oh Syl Lois Jack I think that's how you pronounce it thanks from Holland appreciate it I bet a soda co-ed Oh No go you're from Africa Jesus I know you're having not nice weather it's probably hot as hell where you're at hey Baba highest power how's it going my bill is do not Daggett I just got a text from t-mobile every would do solid yeah that means it's locked poor folk like me aren't allowed to go in there that's the worst hey stole a jewel Jerry how's it going hey Alan Chris army rubber all I'm not gonna read the rest of your tapes but thanks for coming in on from Turkey appreciate it man he's burning that a/c every wood let's just make sure I just want him to know that I see him he just put it in gear I think just wanted him to know that I know he's there I see you peekaboo fer he sees you dice Oh bad he's not very sneaky he tried everyone he tried start that sneaky though Oh [Laughter] executive party everyone that means furry can't go no potty for furry damn it hey where's sgv he needs to pick me up I got too many babysitter's out here Oh bad oh mama I should go in there then cuz I want some gold toyline act should I want to feel like Trump sit on a golden toilet everyone that'd be neat oh there's my buddy left left left right or left right or left right left one two three four one two three four one two three four your left he's calling the cops there's a cop right over there you just called the cops he literally literally does go to the Cubs thanks Dale he literally just called the cops when he spoke to the cops over there he's calling the cops again and there's one right over there yeah he didn't like his first response from the cops oh man this guy is golden seriously this guy is just this guy they already this guy's too funny and he's the one breaking the law everyone I'll show you he is violating California's Motor Vehicle Code five two zero zero subsection a bi not just properly displaying a front license plate in a visible upright position he's the one breaking the law and he's calling the cops on me yeah you calling the cops on yourself see he's got his ring on look he's got a ring finger on your wife would be embarrassed sir she would be embarrassed and look at his window tint dad look a little dark to everyone I'd say that window tint is also illegal this guy is breaking all kinds of laws and he's calling the cops on me holy geez this is AB a Z to everyone illegal window tint no front license plate oh my goodness and the cops already won they the cops already gave him a pass by not citing him when he went and cried to them about me and now he wasn't satisfied with that so he's calling the cops right now he's when he was stepping inside the vehicle he's all yes I met the B of a oh yeah and he that's it major slaughter and he's on the cell phone he's driving on the cell phone look look who is involving this is gonna be awesome everyone he's a crybaby haha he cries a lot him yeah well what's the day to make sure he's the same guy what's his Dave Ben Ben's a crybaby yeah he cried I stole his soul by taking his picture and now he's calling the cops I'd be yeah I took a picture of him and he looked directly into the lens and I stole his soul and now he called the cops lobby Oh dice so that was Ben oh I'm not gonna get anything from the soul nothing but evil and ugly Oh yep I knew it that's what I kind of thought Thank You Babb you enjoy the rest of your day okay everyone that was Ben Ben is at the Bank of America in the City of Industry right next to the City Hall of City of Industry that guy's name is Ben like my baby's name is Ben and he works for the Bank of America right off of Hacienda Boulevard that's Hacienda Boulevard right there everyone Oh dad I might have to call Ben later have a conversation with him interview him if you will haha been that lady doesn't like him that that lady said you're not gonna get much out of Ben's soul it's ugly I was like oh my god the cops when it helped Ben so Ben call it that shorter petite lady to save him everyone you know little lady can you save me this person's taking my photo oh and that lady was breaking Ben's balls oh my god Ben that works at Bank of America off a Hacienda Boulevard in La Puente right next to the City of Industry city hall damn you've been asking some little lady to protect you come on Ben what are you doing Ben of Bank of America I can't believe you been a Bank of America how dare you hide behind a little pretty lady been Bank of America and Hacienda Heights that's very shameful Ben of Bank of America Hacienda Heights Oh Hacienda Boulevard Oh bad lady lady dissed him hard everyone and I'm not waiting for that cop to leave that cops never leaving his job is the babysit me yeah Bend the banker from Bank of America in Hoss in La Puente off of Hacienda Boulevard how dare you Ben from Bank of America in La Puente AHA Hacienda boulevard Oh dare you Oh dad Oh Ben Ben Ben Ben what am I gonna do with you Ben oh man my belly hurts everyone Oh No oh damn you Ben you talked to the cops then you call the cops and then you go ahead call the branch of Bank of America branch security they won't give you resolve so then you tell some lady that's like half your size to come and save you come on Ben from Bank of America off of hasta Boulevard in the city of La Puente come on Ben you can do better than that Oh bad fire at work look Oh bad damn you Ben you're an embarrassment all bed has some little petite lady to save you and then she breaks your balls says that your soul is ugly and I'm not gonna get anything good out of it oh man that's the worst that's what your colleagues think have you been ha ha they know you as a crybaby Wow fer he stole my ugly soul and she's gonna get nothing out of it and that's coming from your co-workers Ben from Bank of America in La Puente off of hasta in a Boulevard and Strafford Oh bed what am I gonna do with you oh damn you bed let's see so Ostia de Boulevard in Strafford Bank of America Bank of America been in the city of La Puente or City of Industry one of the other Oh been of Bank of America shame on you been shape Oh mad it's funny how many times and how many people he had to go cry to talk to the cops that arrived on the scene from City Hall calling on me and then he told security about me then he told Bank of America security about me then he called the cops on me again and then he told some petite little Asian lady about Oh ban of Bank of America off of Hostetter Boulevard and Strafford how dare you been oh is that the dumper eight six seven oh man I don't know Ben Oh bad chief all the way be short stuff I think was fall away be Oh where'd it go where'd it go hmm let's go this way let's see what's over here everyone I see of city vehicles like orange vehicles which normally mean Caltrans or city owed this guy this guy that was funny the big guy I'll put up the I'll try to put up the rest of the front video I'm getting real lazy with that though he was a you don't liked it all nice did he called the cops I be O'Dare here call a cops I'd be oh man look they're waiting for me everyone they got me surrounded hey in case you guys are watching you la sheriff guys of La Puente or City of Industry I parked in El Monte so I'll be taking a coober del Monte just so you know oh man I'm gonna film a few more places here but then I'll be over into hell money Oh dad this is hilarious and there's another one just went play this way it's gonna come out over here I think where'd he go oh I don't know where he went haha Oh bad green guy means go don't run me over green guy means go they're not very covert over here see like now they're break it out oh they do always got to come over here and break some balls everyone so they broke out Oh Oh dag it they left there they go oh man they're no fun yeah that's right Michael the lowly tater tots wid we don't break the law but these dumbasses is over here break the law they break the law and call in false crimes man this is the worst they were doing so well they didn't try to violate my rights they were like dodo no don't violate her rights make sure we get the cops to do it Oh bad oh this is horrible everyone that's the dumbing down of America it doesn't matter if it's legal or if they know it's legal what they do is they say oh I don't like it so I'm gonna call the cops and the cops will handle you or in Ben's case Ben of Bank of America Bank of America on Hacienda Boulevard and Strafford if you unless you're Ben from Bank of America you call some little petite lady to save you a bed of Bank of America Oh dad oh hi eared we walk over here there's nothing to film I'm gonna cut it loose and go get my uber I I parked my car and a sketchy part of town over in El Monte over at Mont they so I'm gonna have to get to it before it's no longer there it's on chalk there's on blocks or something Oh bad that'd be the worst that's it don't run me over sir Oh what's a chat say hi sir Dave hey Jamie hey Ebert hey J cap hey fat Dutch man how you doing breathe light go hey Lewis mama candy out to go it oh you're alive fat Dutchman that's a good thing as long as you wake up in the morning half the battle done this is a school there's nothing a film over here guys it's just a school to high school La Pointe a high school everyone man that was a lot of shares for a whole lot of Duffy man that was nuts oh man well thanks everyone for being on here I appreciate it thanks for the backup everyone you guys are amazing Thanks Oh what else is there to see we got a church on the right we got the High School in the park on the left yeah I think that's it everyone that was fun yeah it's lunchtime they got some taco trucks I think over there in El Monte so I'll probably just uber back them one thing and go get my car and get a taco or so maybe two tacos what here dude oh thanks told him to go and he didn't go I'm gonna cut it and call my uber and wait in the shade there's no shade on this side of the street everyone there one sheriff just went down there missed it they'll come out over here where is he dang it hey gay doll diamond how's it going Oh bad let's go over here sit in the shade all right everyone Dennis Doyle thanks oh yeah no problem oh do do do do do oh good stuff all right everyone no those aren't real tacos a Taco Bell those are the worst thanks Luis I'm doing pretty good all right there Jared hiya Harry hey Michael boy you're weak those are not good tacos all right everyone Jimmy how's it going oh I don't know eighter ever all right everyone I'm gonna go I gotta call my uber it's getting hot and I don't want my car to get broke it into over there and won't they cuz yeah it's not so great all right everyone later taters love you be kind to one another later taters

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  1. You should find ben a friend named bill then he can dress up as bill and ben the flour pot men.😁😁😁😁😁

  2. Furry I no its not now but you should make a calender with the poeple that put hands on you over the yaer.Thank you furry you made me feel a bit better my girlfriend past away yesterday.mikepaton Dundee Scotland.

  3. Can anyone help.I am looking for help to pay for a funeral even 1pound would help.If you can its at go fund me moira goff memorials Dundee Scotland United Kingdom.Sorry furry for putting this on here.

  4. Hey Fuzzy..with all that trekin around outdoors, you should get yourself one of those camelbak type deals … a small water carrying back packs …they hold up to 3 litres with a drinking tube you bite on and suck the liquid.

  5. At 5:39 is that a crosswalk that goes nowhere? And just beyond that is that a sidewalk with no crosswalk? Who designed this?

  6. I was in the Navy many years ago, I received $10,000 dollars for a reenlistment bonus. I deposited into Bank of America on Treasure Island Naval base. Several days later I tried to purchase a Sterio tape player at the T.I. Navy Exchange, however they said I had no funds in Bank of America bank. Angry, I went over to B of A and withdrew all my money and went to Navy Federal Credit Union and deposited it. I had Navy Federal write a bank check so I could purchase the $200.00 tape deck. I was a Akia 1720.
    Never use B of A.

  7. Brainless BEN is banking on becoming a youtube star…nope! thats BULLSHIT, now that will bemuse BEN, better believe it.

  8. Ben is a perfect BoA employee. Bankster of Amerikkka has had massive security breaches. Withdraw you money from BofA or it may be gone.

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