Cities: Skylines Industries - DAM Disasters!! #37 (Industries DLC)

Cities: Skylines Industries – DAM Disasters!! #37 (Industries DLC)

28 thoughts on “Cities: Skylines Industries – DAM Disasters!! #37 (Industries DLC)

  1. I just started watching your channel recently and it has made me play this game. Everything I have watched up until now made it seem like you never make mistakes but this one some how humanized you for me. Glad to see we all make mistakes.

  2. This random youtube click has turned me towards playing this game on xbox. I wanted to let you know that when you set the height, it was adjusting the base height compared to the ground below it. So when you leveled it to the road it moved the base not the top

  3. The energy production of a dam is related to the difference in water level on both sides… If you place a second dam of the same height behind the first one, the production of the first dam will be almost nothing. You could do a cascade where each dam is lower than the previous one, but honestly that would just increase the upkeep and not increase the energy production. It's best to just have one dam with a large difference in water height. Around 18:00 minutes in you already had the best setup. Everything you did afterwards just made it worse.

  4. build a dam and build a lil channeling tunnel next to it, so that the โ€œexcessโ€ water will run through the channel and not over the dam

  5. Biffa. I find it very difficult to follow your series. They are named diffently and not in playlists. I followed when you started this city and now I find it in the middle of the works. I would like to be able to follow city builds episode by episode, Please. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Think of dams like the locks in channels. Energy is generated by the potential of water being held high, dropping through the generators. Look at the Waikato River in NZ, it has 8(?) dames between Lake Taupo and the heads, about 300km length.

  7. I don't know about the mechanics of this game but if you build two dams back to back in real life, the dam in the back won't generate any electricity because there's no difference in height of water across the dam. The next dam on the river has to be so far away so that it's basin when full, is still lower than the front level of the previous dam.

  8. some airports actually use trees as a cover for noise pollution and as protection against crosswinds near the ground.

  9. @Biff, Those holes you are making in the river can be very dangerous in reality. If the river is quick enough it makes those holes create suction forces that can capsize ships.

  10. Back in WW2 RAF won a battle with this strategy: blow up a dam and let all that reservoir water flush down the Nazi cities downstream.

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