Chris Wallace challenges Dem on not holding official impeachment vote

Chris Wallace challenges Dem on not holding official impeachment vote

100 thoughts on “Chris Wallace challenges Dem on not holding official impeachment vote

  1. Wallace is a Dramacrat shill feeding that con artist Dem the same softball BS that CNN feeds the commies. I wouldn't give Wallace an ounce off credibility as far as fair or unbiased. Wallace knows she's shoveling hyperbole and not facts. He's an embarrassment to FOX NEWS!!!

  2. Chris: "Thank so much, Congresswoman. Please come back."
    CongressW: "Oh, thank you. I will."
    Chris: "Let's do lunch where I can show more flexibility?"
    CongressW: "Why, that would be lovely."


  3. For such a hot shot she does not know much? Yes there are requirement to proceed with a whole vote on this! We are very concerned about the lies by the DNC! I bet she thinks everything is about race too! she is a real paper doll democrat!

  4. We should thank Mr. Wallace for not interrupting this "honorable congressman" every time she answers the questions because the more she talks the more she slowly disintegrates and self-shame. Notice her adlib at the beginning of her answers? And for Mr. Wallace, why don't you conduct investigative journalism regarding the alleged corruption on the Bidens? If President Trump is correct about it, isn't it the interest of the American people to know the truth about it too? And Chris do you really think Trump committed impeachable crimes? If he did, then let us impeach him and if he did not, I have to leave it to you on your best journalistic judgment.

  5. Lets not give both sides a chance, we just want to put what we, the Democrats want you to know. I would like to hear what both sides have to find out. Not just A democratic side.

  6. Where were they when Obama and Biden were embezzling money from the government they supposed to be helping, Ukraine. Hunter. America sees what is going on. Dems. are in full panic mode they will say or try to do anything to keep this hushed. It is already out though.

  7. I think the word "challenge" is the wrong word for this title. It should read Chris Wallace (yet again) provides air time for more democrat lies.

  8. Typical corrupt black person in politics, say anything to get in power and enrich yourself. Black people why do you elect these crooks?

  9. We need a recount on her election Just look for dead voters you will find them in ALL Democrat elections Remember the votes found in the trunk of a car in a Fl rest area ? HOW in the hell did they get to a rest area from the polling place ? That's how Dems win, cooking the votes when they know they will lose…….

  10. WHY are the democrats so tepid? Trump SAID "I would like you to do us a favor though". English is my 2nd language, but there is NO DOUBT that he is asking for a BENEFIT, which is PROHIBITED by the CONSTITUTION (by the way, no quid quo pro necessary). Furthermore, top US diplomat to Ukraine at the time, Taylor, texted: ""As I said on the phone, I think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign". Can it get any more clear?

  11. She wasn’t coached well enough to sound smart. After the first lengthy monologue she seemed ill prepared to discuss anything intelligently.

  12. meanwhile…al those cushy high paying factory jobs are making all those trump voters rich and happy….….

  13. investigating the origins of the Russian hoax in 2016 is NOT illegal – Trump was accused of treason and is fighting to clear his name and find out who orchestrated the frame up job which is now a coup

  14. Wow she ducks, dodges and re-directs like she thinks everyone is stupid. The contempt she has for people of this nation is ridiculous.

  15. We don't care about your resume, your first comment was a lie worthless! I bet she has sword fights with Michael

  16. In other words; her time dealing with blue collar, low level crimes, has colored her perspective to show that obvious evidence is the truth. Honestly while being a man who prefers to seek truth over what feels good, obvious evidence is usually just the tip of the iceberg for white collar crimes, and crimes that can be or are typically brought to federal courts. I'm not a lawyer and I didn't spend time as a police officer or 'Detective', however it's hard to just assume that everything we've seen Pres. Trump deal with is just cause "orange man bad", "Illegitimacy" and the like. We THE PEOPLE Voted him into office and we won't let him be impeached over hearsay, and/or BS politics. If WE THE PEOPLE decide he's done something to warrant Impeachment(I.E. Nixon, Clinton, etc.), then WE THE PEOPLE will vote accordingly.

  17. No requirement in the constitution? You're basically putting him on trial without letting him defend himself and last I checked we all, as Americans, have a right to a fair trial. The lady is spouting rubbish.

  18. what a joke of an interview. "chris let me say this" we have nothing at all so I am going to blabber into the camera for 10 minutes and answer 0 questions.

  19. She's a good Democrat, regurgitating the party talking points. I bet she was a dirty cop. She certainly did nothing good as chief of police in Atlanta. There is no whistleblower, just a Leftist Democrat operative who has an opinion about a phone call that we have the transcript of. Schiff is a liar from hell. He always has been and always will be. He should be impeached.

  20. This woman is obviously a dope…doesn't even know what a precedent is and she was a career law enforcement officer. Just another political hack on the government tit.

  21. As a Democrat, Demings responses are an embarrassment and reminds me of the kind of dissembling and mealy-mouthed non-answers we get from Republicans every day. We have to be better than they are. Her performance is the kind of scripted political obfuscation that makes Americans ashamed of and cynical about politics and politicians. What Schiff did, in dramatizing the subtext of Trump's communication to Zelensky, was unnecessary at best, and politically damaging at worst — although it was correct, Trump was/is shaking Zelensky down. Schiff is a brilliant strategist and is of the highest integrity but in this case made a mistake and Demings could have addressed Schiff's performance and explained it was simply a dramatization of the subtext and left it at that, instead she deflected and came off as a typical partisan hack. Wallace did a good job here. There was no reason to pin her to the mat because Schiff's comments are no consequence (anyone who heard the full context knows that Schiff was presenting subtext). Trump's behavior is the issue and this time he's managed to rattle many of his most sycophantic, unprincipled supporters.

  22. POLITICAL THEATER , They will never start an Impeachment Proceedings because this move will empower Republicans to subpoena whoever they want. Also the upper house (senate) will never remove Trump . TRUMP 2020

  23. More like 200th “whistleblower” 🤣 Translation: Corruption takes out Biden, so we’ll take out Warren so Hillary can run 🤣 … this is so predictable! 🤣 Trump dared you – why won’t you act 😂🤥🤣 … Let’s vote for impeachment so Biden can testify! 🐔 Those screaming the loudest against POTUS – are corrupt. 🤣 Let’s see how many fact posts You Tube keeps hiding 🤣 ❤️🇺🇸❤️🙌🏻

  24. Yep that old saying, "what a piece of sh*t", certainly applies to this woman as a political mouthpiece of the Democratic Party. She did not answer that very important last question that Chris Wallace asked and he completely let her get away with it but when it comes to other people he constantly hound dogs them and interrupts them until they squarely answer his specific question. But not here. So that saying that I just mentioned at the beginning of my comment here also applies to Chris Wallace himself. And why didn't he bring up the fact that the new Ukrainian president clearly stated he was not forced in any way when this lady here says it clearly is indicated in the telephone transcript that Trump was forcing him. But no Chris Wallace just let's everybody that he agrees with go on their merry way.

  25. I am painfully concerned about the democratic scandals, lies, abuse of power and manipulation just to undo what the American People want.

  26. Chris Wallace your a Hack. I guess the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree aye. I guess you can't help it you had a good teacher.

  27. Chris is not biassed left or right. The disgusting comments about Chris say more about the people who are commenting.

  28. I can't listen to any of these idiots anymore. How can any of these DEMON-RATS look at themselves in the mirror ?

    They spew the same " talking points " that all of them have been coached to spew and without any foundation or scintilla of real facts and just blatantly mis-representing what the evidence clearly shows.

    Are we supposed to believe the " spin " that these these DEMON-RATS are putting on the conversation with the Ukaranian president or should we believe our own lying ears ? Anyone who actually has a brain and is not a part of this seditious coup can read for themselves the full content of that exchange and see that there is absolutely no kind of " high crime or mis-demeanor and that the real story that any patriotic American should be investigating is the flagrant corruption and pay-to-play politics of Joe Biden who extorted 1.5 BILLION dollars from the Chinese and countless other millions from the Ukrainians using his son as a front.

    The DEMON-RATS have been looking for any pretext whatsoever to impeach the president from even before he took office because they cannot believe that he won even though they had the entire election RIGGED or so they thought. They did not anticipate that so many of their own Democrats, sick and tired of the manifestly CROOKED HILLARY would switch their votes to TRUMP….there is no other way that TRUMP could have won those " swing " states.

    The absolute priority in the next elections is to monitor the voting process very, very carefully to make sure that the DEMON-RATS are not allowed to engage in the systematic CHEATING that they were shown to have engaged in during the primary against Bernie.

    They did it again in the general election against TRUMP with millions of illegal aliens and DEAD people voting for Clinton and the corruption of the voting machines which " flipped " the attempted of people to vote for TRUMP over to Hillary and it all emerged even more flagrantly in the Mid-terms with the type of voter fraud and election rigging and ballot stuffing that we saw in BROWARD COUNTY where the uber corrupt election supervisor Brenda Snipes mysteriously fabricated 85,000 votes AFTER THE POLLS CLOSED and " magically " …all for the Democratic candidates !!!

    The DEMON-RATS have become the " enemies domestic " that the forefathers in their wisdom provided for and they have shown themselves to be traitors to the country, to the RULE OF LAW and to the constitution.

  29. WOW! I thought Fox was a sane source for the truth. Sorry to see that Wallace is hanging out with nutty politicians from the demons

  30. Trump is the biggest disgrace to America and our allies. Worst pres of "ALL" time… Hands down. He has a serious mentally disillusioned mind.

  31. YAK YAK YAK that was not the answer to the question that was asked !!! So once again a DUMBOLDRAT can not answer the question !!! I can tell she is lying because her lips are flapping !!! LIAR LIAR LIAR !!!

  32. You can tell that her greatest achievement in this interview was not to mess up up the word, ‘Corroborate.’ Florida must have low standards for their police department if she’s reached every position

  33. "Chris, let me just say everything under the sun, except for a direct answer to your very simple question. Blah blah blah blah blah, blab blah, and in conclusion: Orange Man Bad."
    Freeze the video at 7:58 to see proof-positive that looking upward to the left is a sign of lying… 'cause Mendacious is Adam Schiff's middle name.

  34. You are a democrat chris. What makes you so hung up on yourself? You're not you,re dad…
    You should find a job in the fast food sector…perhaps at Wendy's as a salad maker.

  35. There is nothing in the Constitution about taking an impeachment vote. It is not required in any way, shape, or form. But thanks for playing, your participation trophy is at the coat check. Having said that, there must be a special school that all politicians have to attend that teaches them to never answer a yes or no question with a yes or no. Of course, the President has engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors, the answer was Yes, Val!!

  36. Val, did you read the transcript? You mouth needs to connected to your brain. Yes we should be concerned on how your crooked team is the most unprofessional group to every represent Americans! You are a weak sister, think before you defend the people that are not thinking about the safety of America. Sad performance on show………..Glenn Anderson

  37. Are they reading the same script I read? They are so lost in hate they are blinded! It's not oversite its a continuation of the phony witch hunt they have pushed for 3 years! They need to get back to work for the American people, not tie up millions of dollars in wasted time! Chris just let me say this so I don't have to answer!

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