Chris Hayes On Bill Taylor’s Damning Testimony Against President Donald Trump | All In | MSNBC

Chris Hayes On Bill Taylor’s Damning Testimony Against President Donald Trump | All In | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Chris Hayes On Bill Taylor’s Damning Testimony Against President Donald Trump | All In | MSNBC

  1. Really looking forward to the day Traitor Trump leaves office. Oh and Christian Freak Pence, Moscow Mitch and Lindsey "Putin's Boy" Graham and all the rest of the Republikkkans!

  2. West Point grad unlike Pompous Trump he served his Vietnam time in the 101st Airborn. Articulate writing skills and recall. Compare his opening letter to Trumps last letter! Lol

  3. They need to go ahead with articles of impeachment because these GOP congressmen will continue to lie to us about the President's intentions for a quid-pro-quo. Rep Mark Andrews already came out and lied to the public about what Taylor said.

  4. No collusion….turned into yes collusion.
    Mexico will pay for the wall….turned into US military will pay for the wall.
    No quid pro quo….you guessed it, turned into yes, quid pro quo.
    New day…same ol' t'rump! 😆😅

  5. Funny how that strip of land Turkey wanted so bad is now being patrolled by Russia. Trump is a traitor and is a puppet for Putin, it's that blatent.

  6. Inez Qtaish is suing fourteen evildoers , I will not take no settlement, I will not compromise and no deal with evildoers.

  7. Everything Trump does benefits Putin and Russia. This despicable man is a traitor, he is attacking democracy from within, he is precisely the nightmare come true that the founding fathers feared when they redacted the Constitution, the very same Constitution Trump attacks on a daily basis, calling the emoluments clause, the oversight of Congress over his misdeeds and crimes "phony" and much, much more, all the while calling himself a victim, and saying the the founding fathers did not intend for a president to go through such oversight and reigning of his ambitions, when in fact this is exactly whta those wise men intended and warned about.

  8. after all those months a trump it has people talking about how Trump and his associates had done more for the Ukrainian people did Obama ever did. That turned out to be a lie because hey was only released after pressure was put on the Trump organization. nobody mentions that. REALTALK

  9. If Clinton got impeached for doing it to Monica, what happens to a President who does it to a nation?
    (trump's defence- "I did not have quid pro quo with THAT country").

  10. 😉👌EVILANGELICONS…..🥳💬🙋‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    😏☹😊CAN WE GET A WITNESS..🧟‍♀️☻💬
    🎺😇👌Naaaa 💬

  11. The problem is that Donald Trump is putting his own self-interest, i.e., getting re-elected, before those of the nation. The Democrats are cowards yet the Republicans are hypocrites. So much for their moralising on patriotism and kowtowing to the military.

  12. Our president is making puppets out of foreign leaders for his purpose! All this against fellow Americans! But, then, Zelensky was a comedian before becoming president!

  13. Again, Lindsey Graham shows his hypocrisy. He said he would consider supporting impeachment if evidence of a quid pro quo outside the July 25th phone call was revealed. Now Mulvaney publicly admitted to it AND Bill Taylor directly confirmed it beyond any doubt. And Lindsey is still making up excuses for Trump. He is even worse than Mitch. At least McConnell publicly denounced Trump's lynching comment.

  14. Trumps stupidity is rampant, HOW?? does his base still support him??? I have no respect for anyone who supported him.

  15. Let’s zip over to Fox and Traitors, the American version of Der Stürmer, to hear how they are spinning this. Fox, helping billionaires to rule the world and control the masses.

  16. It is so outrageous that GOP leaders, like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, can't stand up to this POS POTUS and call out what was done as wrong, criminal and grounds for impeachment.

  17. "Quid Pro Quo" was one thing. But worse is the withholding of needed military equipment from an ally under attack to advantage the attacker – who is, well whattayaknow. The Putin gang.

  18. Dummy bone spurs Trump corruptly asked Ukraine to investigate a conspiracy theory. What do you do when the most powerful person in the world asks you to investigate a fairytale. …

  19. Chris Hayes – I love your show and try to catch it often. But what is up with having Debbie W-Shwartz on your show? She is one of the reasons we have tRump in office. She made it so Hillary instead of Bernie won NY – by any means necessary, if I recall. I'll keep watching because your show is thoughtful and offers true quality, but please, don't have someone so compromised. She is the worst kind of politician. She thinks she knows better than the voters. Like a bad Republican who thinks the ends justify the means. Other than that, THANK YOU for your excellent voice.

  20. I find all this interesting because there are no people of color involved just rich Anglo Saxons an I'm sure many are not willing to go down with the ship regardless of their nationality with President Trump and his henchmen, which many have quit and left their jobs in the WH because they're more than likely trying to not get caught up in all the scandal! They can't run away far enough! This is a shame that our USA is having dirty laundry washed before the world!

  21. Biden should be tried and convicted then , as well as Obama . Got em on video boasting about it . You do something for us or we don't pay you .

  22. So what is actually said: trump has numerous puppets everywhere with private channels to secretly (avoid of american peoples knowledge and his own security counsel) pressure or deal with other leaders for his own gain…. wow I'm really REALLY surprised.

  23. Good to know there are still people who will still stand up for democracy. Hard to believe there are still people who support and defend Trump. Even though some are just trying to protect themselves and get out in front of it.

  24. It's called a quid pro quo when first you ask for a personal favour before you pay the money what's needed for Ukraine to protect themselfs from Putin.

  25. Remove Trump from office — arrest him — try him — imprison him for life.

  26. Youse guyz! Da BOSS said "NO SQUID PAROLE K'WHOA ! "
    So whats a matta you !
    Faggit 'bout it !
    Sheesh, youse knuckle heads needz a knuckle sammich !

  27. I love how trumpelthinskin try's to get another country to dig up dirt on a political rival so he could use it as a talking point for his self adulation rally's and it all blows up in his face.
    Well now everyone is talking about #45 and not in a good way. Greedy gut gets what he deserves for something he did not have to do in the first place. Just shows trumpelthinskins
    motives were not altruistic, far from it, his true colors are bright as can be, you might say he is radioactive glowing for all the world to see. Impeach and remove this horrid individual
    from an office he should have never been placed into the first place.

  28. That's nothing new. We read the text messages and W.H. released part of the conversation it was revealed on them that the president wanted a public announcement before releasing funds and letting Zelensky meet with him at the WH. It's all in writing. He wanted a public announcement. In other words, make it a 3rd party scandal for the Biden's, not just something that Trump and Chump wanted done.

    The testimony just confirms what we already know is true.

  29. Ambassador Taylor is a true patriot who has served this country for over 50 years.
    Bonespurs is not fit to shine his shoes.

  30. People with just a little bit of common Sense. Didn't need to hear From Taylor. To know it was a quid pro quo. Donald big mouth bass trump. Can't keep his mouth shut!

  31. Just like Cohen said under oath to Congress — Mob boss language. That's how the shakedown is phrased in that world. Extortion would be a kind and generous word for it. Let's get rid of a career white collar criminal in the Oval Office.

  32. As opposed to the flamboyant style of treachery and lies that the American public has been getting from Trump, the House inquiry has been building and refining a case (as said by Rep. Andy Levin) brick by brick. It will be coming from nonpartisan and partisan witnesses alike who shared the same experience of a presidency that has gone "off the rails". Unfortunately, a limited presidential understanding has led to serious compromised national security. The personal goals and objectives of Trump have been pursued at the expense of both short and long term goals of America and her allies. That might be fine if Trump were still simply a failed businessman that no one had ever forced to account for his actions (Note: 5th Ave. statement). Trump's dogged determination to refuse to use the education, expertise and experience available to him has made him attract the attention of foreign governments and leaders who have successfully manipulated Trump into using American financial and military strength to achieve their own goals. If Republicans have any hope of saving their party from the treasonous actions of both Nixon and Trump, they will take this impeachment seriously when it reaches the Senate.

  33. Sondland is in way over his head. His teacher should make him go sit in the corner for a time out. Have we ever had a president who hired less qualified people ?

  34. This is good news 🙂 it made me smile, " it's NOT a quid – pro quo" Trust me, I'm kinda like a smart person, I know a lot of big words, I'm kinda like the second coming of Christ. Just do exactly as I say or you will Not get the assistance that you have been approved to receive.

  35. The russians are running out of money to dislike these videos because they're coming out to quickly! Hold off so the ruble can gain some value Chris

  36. Theses brave people need to keep coming forward with the facts. There is no conspiracy to “ bring down Trump “, He’s doing just fine bringing himself down.

  37. Its amazing how those witnesses are willing to take the stand for hours. Trump being a self-proclaimed innocent man won't even take the stand for even one minute

  38. Their latest defence 'unless someone speaking Ukrainian knew about it, there can be be no quid pro quo' 🤣🤣🤣
    I hope to live to see justice.

  39. So there would be no quid pro quo , but you see sir your contact will be at a stalemate unless my son gets that car. No bribe here.

  40. One question though, are Trump supporters still too dumb to see and read what’s right in their opioid-dazed faces? God, are people this stupid?

  41. You realize this man, this unhinged, treasonous, delusional criminal, has the power to end all life on Earth in 8-12 minutes, right?


  43. 10 hrs and receipts, notes, well done Sr. Great opening statement. Sonland has a few things to clear after this.

  44. "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other" John Adams. That's why they'll all lose to Trump.

  45. After President Trump becomes President again in 20/2 his next term will be to restore rule of law and thrown many of the democrat corrupt crooks In jail

  46. Why did nobody ever say anything about Obama shipping 150 billion dollars in cold hard cash to Iran the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the Middle of the night.
    You are fake news. This is why only the lunitic sheep on the left believe your Democrat talking points.

  47. Why Dont you talk ABOUT the Real Crimes by Obamas & the Biden crime Family …..? Are you Blinded BY your own Fake News ………? Do you think WE ARE stupid because We support our President Donald Trump …..? LIARS !!!!!!!! THANKS AND GOD BLESS #2020

  48. As damning as Stormy Daniels? . . . as damning as Russia Gate? . . . as damning as the Mueller report? . . . . somebody better tell chicken little that the sky isn't really falling! #MAGA 2020

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