Chris Evans on Being Cast as Captain America (2011) | MTV News | #TBMTV

Chris Evans on Being Cast as Captain America (2011) | MTV News | #TBMTV

– For a lot of people when
a role like Captain America is presented to them,
they’re gonna jump at it. They’re gonna say, okay sign
me up, when, where and how. I know you wrestled with this
– Yeah. – You took this very seriously
before you signed on. Did you go as granularly as kind of like
making a pro and con list? What was the top pro and the top con? – That’s exactly what I did. – Did you really?
– Literally. There was a pro and con. I mean, the pro list is
that it would hopefully enable me to do other things
that I would want to do. You know, I really would love to direct, and if this movie does well, hopefully, whether it’s via the comfort financially that I could fund something myself, or through notoriety, someone would be foolish
enough to trust me with a film. So it felt like one step closer to getting behind the camera, and you can really, you can do a lot when
you’re given a voice. – Yeah.
– If a movie does well and you have an opportunity
to get in a platform, if you have a passion, if you
have a cause you believe in, you’re given the
opportunity to make change. That’s rare, that’s beautiful. And not just in the world, in your immediate family too. You know, doing films like this help you help the people you love. The cons were just– – Yeah, what’s the top of the con list that you wrestled with? – Lifestyle change.
– Yeah. – You know, and obviously there’s pressure for the movie to do well. You don’t want to embarrass yourself, your family name, if the movie’s bad. All of that stuff came second to a lifestyle change. I really enjoy my anonymity. I like going to a ball game. I like being able to walk the streets. I’ve never had paparazzi
park outside my house. – Right. – But once that stuff happens, there’s no off switch.
– Right. – There’s no like time off from that. So, it’s a hard thing to
conceptualize, you know. Being, having made movies for 10 years, you deal with that sometimes. – Right. – The bigger movies you make, maybe you deal with it most of the time. If it ever switched over to all the time, dealing with it all the time, that’s something that you really can’t wrap your head around, and you can’t rewind,
you can’t do it over, so that was the biggest fear for me.

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  1. I LOVE this! He did exactly what he said he would want to do:informing people about social and political issues via his platform and directing for the first time💙 I really love how he remained himself through all these years and all the popularity and fame💙

  2. He CANNOT be 37. There's NO EFFIN WAY he's 37. Chris looks so younger than his age. He looks like he's in his late twenties.

  3. were not going to have to say goodbye to Captain America because Chris evans confirmed on GMA that he wants to renew his contract and he confirmed on a recent comic con that he's not done yet with captain america and that what he said on his twitter about the last day of end game was not meant for people to think that he was done with captain america. Also Kevin Feige, the Russo brothers, and MCU also confirmed that he's not done playing captain america and that we will see more of captain america after endgame. So this is not the end of the captain america. And we will se more of cap and bucky and falcon after endgame.

  4. I think in the beginning, Chris didn’t want to be apart of the marvel franchise of the Avengers and Captain America.. At the time, majority of the movies he did were flops.. Marvel movies is the best he has done so far yet. Also, I love and adore Chris Evans, hope he has more major successes in the future..

  5. I appreciate how aware he was of the disadvantages of being a star. Most people want to be famous and don't even think of how annoying the paparazzi is

  6. He/Steve Rogers will always be my one and only Captain America❤.No one can replace him, neither Falcon or someone else!

  7. To me there will be no other Captain America. It will only be just Chris Evans that best fits the role. Well done Cap! I wish you could've done it all day being Cap but I guess some good things just never lasts.. 😢😢😢😭😭😭

  8. civil wars 2, old steve rogers is offered a cure to getting young by hydra, he accepts and becomes a hydra agent.. fot short they kill bruce banner and captain marvel beats iron man really bad!

  9. He is soo hotttt❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍.
    I love chris evans ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  10. Ending up in the MCU is an actor's dream. You sign up for that 6 movie contract and beyond and you're set for life. Can you IMAGINE how good 'Captain America' looks on your resume?

  11. i love those videos, he had no idea 8 years later, he is the biggest star on the planet. well done Chris. love u 3k

  12. One of the best castings ever in the MCU, right along with RDJ. I was VERY wrong about Mr. Evans when he was first casted. He has become one of the most beloved respected heroes, he is the Superman of this generation.

  13. why did Chris Evans want to stop being Captain America … if I see me, maybe I will immediately …😄😄🤗🤗

  14. he needs to join up with that studio that the russos and marcus and mcfeeley started. they could actually make some great social drama movies and people WOULD watch it. that also seems to be a "space" that evans is comfortable in as a director and actor.

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