20 thoughts on “Chris Addison shows correct way of dealing with journalists

  1. Chris Addison shouting down and 'mansplaining'. I'm no fan of JGB, but my God do I wish she'd have got up and kicked that little weasles head in.

  2. Funny thing our constitution. Brown had no choice but to stay until the others had sleeted themselves out. In the end he threatened to break the constitution by saying “I’m going so hurry up”. That meant they had to finalise it and get going or face a second election.

  3. Never heard of Chris Addison until this video, I won't hear of him again after this video so I see his career went from strength to strength.

  4. Ian Hislop is so biased its unreal. The press and all media are meant to be monitoring the government and telling the truth. No one in this country could ever believe that the Sun, the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, the Guardian or the Times tell the truth. If the press are found to be lying. They should be made to put on their front page we are a bunch of Liars everytime they tell lies, or if they whip up hysteria by reporting that judges are traitors when they merely followed the law, they should be made to put on the front page we are traitors and we resign and apologise profusely. Press complaints what a joke. Don't really know who this Chris Addison is, but well done to him.

  5. I was happy when Chris got smacked down by Ian when going on his rant as he was wrong there. He was bang on the money earlier with the jokes about coalition and negotiation but that comment about Gordon Brown doing the right thing was incorrect.

  6. Just watch Paul Merton's face every time Chris Addison speaks! He does this every time someone steals the limelight.

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