China largest submarine suddenly surfaced
among Vietnamese fishing boats in the South China Sea. According to international submarine warfare
analyst H.I. Sutton, the Chinese Type 094 Jin Class submarine suddenly emerged from
the deep among a fishing fleet operating off the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea. As per reports, the photo was taken by a Vietnamese
fisherman in September 2019. Prima-facie it will look like China is trying
to intimidate Vietnam with this act but there is more to the story. Nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine
such as the Jin Class is primarily intended to remain undetected by staying underwater
for long periods of time and act as a second strike option against a surprise attack by
an enemy nation. Surfacing means giving up its location and
this highly unlikely that it was done purposely. In this video Defense Updates analyzes the
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bonus tank or aircraft or ship and three days of premium account. China claims most of the South China Sea. It said that it has “indisputable sovereignty”
over the area. Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, and
Taiwan have disputed these claims. The route is significant as about $5 trillion
in trade through shipping passes each year. Countries like the US, Japan and India have
no claims in the area and want ‘Freedom of Navigation’ as per international maritime
laws. China has tried imposing a unilateral decision
as per which all ships & aircraft navigating in the area needs to identify itself to the
Chinese Navy. Viewers may note that The Philippines approached
international tribunal for arbitration and argued that Chinese activity in the region
was violating international law. On July 12, 2016, Judges at Hague tribunal
completely rejected China’s claims over the waters and stated that China’s claim
that it enjoyed historical rights over the South China Sea is incorrect. China had argued that the tribunal had no
jurisdiction in the matter and rejected the decision. Chinese activities in the region have been
getting more & more aggressive. China has tried to change the territorial
status quo gradually, island-by-island instead of trying to capture in one go. For example, China first occupied the Paracel
Islands in 1974 and then slowly expanded its presence southward by attacking Vietnam’s
islands in the Spratly chain in the 1980s. This strategy known as salami slicing aims
for the slow accumulation of small changes. China has been using strong-arm tactics to
threaten its smaller neighbors time and again which include patrols by warships and aircraft
close to their borders. Ballistic missile submarines are generally
nuclear powered and carry long-range nuclear-tipped missiles also known as SLBM or Submarine Launched
Ballistic Missile. Nuclear strikes can be carried out from land,
air, and sea and this is known as Nuclear Triad. Nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines
are considered to be the most potent weapon developed by mankind and they are the most
survivable part of the nuclear triad. There are good reasons for it. A surprise preemptive strike might wipe out
a country’s land-based missiles and nuclear bombers, but it’s very difficult to track
and take out a ballistic-missile submarine patrolling quietly in the depths of the ocean. Since they can’t be taken out by ‘first
strike’ and can retaliate against an enemy with SLBMs, no sane adversary will attack
a country that possesses a Nuclear Powered Ballistic missile submarines armed with SLBMs. The importance of these can be gauged from
the fact that the 14 Ballistic Missile Submarines of American Ohio class together carry approximately
50% of the total US active inventory of strategic thermonuclear warheads. Nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines
are very complex and costly to develop. This is why the US, Russia, UK, France, China,
and India are currently the only countries to field a nuclear powered ballistic missile
submarine. Since the main purpose of these submarines
is nuclear deterrence their location is one of the most closely guarded secrets of a nation. The exact location of these submarines at
any given point of time is known only to a handful of people. Type 094 Jin Class is the latest and most
potent ballistic missile submarine in the Chinese arsenal. Type 094 succeeds the Type 092 submarine. As per reports, China plans to build 8 of
these subs and 6 have been completed. The remaining two are expected to be completed
by 2020. Type 094 now forms the backbone of Chinese
nuclear deterrence. These have a length of 135 m and displaces
around 11,000 tons. For comparison, American Ohio class has a
length of 170 m and displaces 18,750 t whereas Russian Boria class has a length of 170 m
and displaces 24,000 t Type 094 is armed with 12 JL-2 SLBMs. The JL-2 is a naval variant of the land-based
DF-31. The missile was successfully fired from a
Type 094 submarine for the first time in 2009. JL-2 which is powered by a solid-fuel rocket
has an estimated range of 7,400 km (4,600 mi) and each missile carries one nuclear warhead. The warhead is thought to be of 1 Mt To give viewers a perspective here is a comparison. Trinity Test in New Mexico in July 1945, which
ushered in the nuclear age, had a yield of 20 kilotons. Hiroshima’s “Little Boy” bomb had a yield
of 13-18 kilotons whereas Nagasaki’s “Fat Man” bomb had a yield of 20– 22-kilotons
of TNT. Type 094 deterrence patrols with JL-2 missiles
began in December 2015. A deterrent patrol is one where a ballistic
missile sub with a full complement of nuclear-tipped missiles sails towards its intended area of
deployment and is ready for a strike at a moment’s notice. In case of an attack by a nuclear-armed adversary,
the sub can be ordered to launch the missiles which is done by sending a coded message by
the high command. As of 2017, 48 JL-2 launchers are deployed
on Type 094 submarines The submarine surfaced more than 300 km or
around 185 miles from its home base at Sanya on the Chinese island of Hainan. China has many ways to bully its much smaller
neighbors and there is no reason to sacrifice the location of its most potent asset for
this. Speculations indicate that something went
wrong and the vessel was forced to surface unwillingly. As per submarine warfare analyst Mr. Sutton,
“Possibly the submarine had become entangled in a fishing net, or feared that it would
be. Surfacing may have saved the lives of the
fishermen, or the submariners.” Chinese like Russian never disclose anything
which shows weakness or failure. In August, an official state of mourning was
declared in the Russian city of Sarov after 5 elite Russian scientists were killed in
an accident. The radiation level in the city spiked after
the incident though as per Russian sources it was not hazardous for health. Russia till now didn’t come clean on the
incident. Same way, it is unlikely that China will provide
any details but it highly likely that Type 094 Jin Class had some sort of issue.


  1. Also the analysis of the photo starts at 8:45. 2 minutes of 10 minutes talking about the actual topic…


  3. my guess is that this is a show-off, to any future or current American assets in the area , especially since uss ronnald Reagan is showing off also

  4. The acoustic signature would be shocking with that hump on its back….a bit like having a brick on a wing….hope they pass on there expertise to little rocket man.

  5. All you wanted to know about U.S. Navy nuclear Submarine fleet….For you folks interested in our nuclear capabilities, this is a pretty detailed and fascinating look at our modern Navy. If you’re concerned about N. Korea , don’t be.  And how many subs would it take to eliminate all the hostile territories in the Middle East,Russia,China ?  JUST ONE (1) !!!                                                                                                                                                                    The U.S. Navy has 18 of the most deadly and feared weapons ever created. Meet the Ohio-class submarine. In naval terms, it makes up the Fleet Ballistic Missile subs (FBMs). These 18 weapons are also known as "Trident" subs because they're a part of America's "Nuclear Triad".  Our subs can also enter fresh water such as our Great Lakes (which already has the US Navy's USS Kentucky SSBN-737 & other smaller Los Angeles-class Attack Subs) However, there are more logistics to this equation … starting with its power source. They are powered by an internal S8G PWR nuclear reactor that turns the sub's 2 turbineswhich drive the rear propeller shaft. An Ohio-class has unlimited range w/1 exception…it’s limited to the vessel's supply of food for the crew.  Other than food, she can produce her own oxygen and water supply for her crew.  It actually moves faster under water than on the surface. Surfaced – max speed of 14 mph. Submerged – 23 mph, officially, but, unofficially, it's been reported to move up to 29 mph.  These subs (w/the exception of re-supply time) are operating underwater year-round. The Ohio-class along w/our Navy's smaller attack subs are nearly impossible for our adversaries to locate.  But they know 1 thing…  18 Ohio-class subs are lurking somewhere around the world. The firepower…  for defensive/offensive attack abilities against other subs, all 18 have 4 533mm Mark 48 torpedo tubes.  Mark 48 torpedoes have an effective range (officially) "greater than 5 miles". Depending on depth of launch, they travel at speeds up to 63 mph and detonate using a proximity fuse (when the torpedo senses the opponent's sub/ship).   14 of these subs are ballistic missile submarines (SSBN).   And 4 have been converted to guided missile submarines (SSGN).  What can they launch?  For reference, a kiloton (kt.) = 220,462,262 lbs.  A single kt. is over 220.4 million pounds.  The 8 oldest of 14 SSBN carry the following nuclear armament:24 Trident I/C4 missiles that cover a range of 4,600 miles. Each missile has Multiple Independently targetable Reentry Vehicle (MIRV).MIRVs are capable of being aimed to hit multiple different targets with nuclear warheads.  A single missile carries 8 thermonuclear warheads that can break-off to hit up to 8 targets with 100 kilotons of TNT (total of 800 kt. of TNT).    For perspective, “Fat Man”—the largest of the 2 nukes dropped to end WWII had a total of 21kt of TNT. The 10 newer SSBNs armament: 24 Trident II/C5 missiles that cover a range of 7,000 mi. Each Trident II SLBM missile can carry 12 MIRV thermonuclear warheads…these can hit 12 targets w/up to 475 kt. of TNT (total of 5,700 kt. of TNT). A single missile from these 10 Ohio-class subs: equal to 1,256,634,893,400 pounds of TNT as in -1 trillion 2 hundred 56 million plus lbs. of BOOM. Upgraded 4 SSGN Guided Missile subs armament: 22 tubes w/7 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles (total 154). Tomahawks are versatile. They can be equipped with thermonuclear warheads. In addition, the SSGNs can be used to deliver many other specialized weapons such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)…& 1 real cool group of weapons. They can convert 2 of the 22 tubes into swimmer lockout chambers which provide a dry dock shelter for Navy SEALS or Marine special operation scout teams. In the dry dock tubes, SEALs can prepare to get on their SDV mini-subs.  The Ohio-class is our largest submarine. There you have it, the most feared weapon on Earth! It's always ready, almost impossible to find, & can deliver SEALs or hit specific targets anywhere anytime.  This is only what's been unclassified. And the still classified, well…???  And then there's the worst case scenario, nuclear war… M.A.D. = (Mutual Assured Destruction).  US had  "squadrons"  of SR-71s,  B1 Spirit Bombers,  F-117s,  F-22s for decades before going public… try to imagine what US has now ???

  6. With the help of US made P8i maritime survelance aircrafts India is easily identifying enemy submarines in the Indian ocean & has kept adequate medicines ready for enemy subs.

  7. You must think you are talking to noobs, the way you explain everything, like what a nuclear sub is and what it does. If someone is subscribed to your channel, they are very familiar with submarines and other different types of these. I think you are just trying to maximize your talking time, with stupid details we dont need or want. Im not trying to be a jerk, but it is so obvious. People who subscribe to your channel are up to date on all the abundant and numerous details you repeat in all your videos.

  8. China is producing military equipments at an alarmingly fast rate. I have serious doubts over their quality control and intensive trials that every military equipment normally undergoes.

  9. Hey the sub surfaced for carry-out fresh fish home delivery is tough for subs!! Just hope the sailors left a good tip!!

  10. The CO2 absorber and O2 synthesizer were not working and the sub had to surface to temporarily grab some surface oxygen and then crawl back to base. While doing that, the captain decided that his crew should also dump overboard all the trash and catch some fish as well. The whole event was uneventful and the Chinese felt right at home since they own the entire South China Sea anyway… big deal to them….and they also show their prowess to the peasant Vietnamese to let them know who is boss….

  11. The communist Chinese really care about the lives of the fishermen. That analyst needs to learn about communism and authoritarian regimes…..



  13. To all the Yanks here: I wouldn't crow if I were you lot. After two CARGO ships whacked your WAR ships AND one of your nuclear subs hit an underwater mountain at 30 plus knots………just sayin……..

  14. "China is very secret about it's nuclear submarines and will likely not communicate to the entire world about what happen" No sh*t bruh ! I think, ALL NUCLEAR POWERS are keeping their secrets about their means of nuclear deterrence. China is no exception to this rule…

  15. Why any sub surfaces? Major reason:. Oxygen short supply or fire accident. Another reason could be possibility of implosion or damage to sub's hardware because of heavy water pressure.

  16. Another possibility, China was pretending that their nuclear submarines have some issues, to cheat the world about China's naval power.

  17. i believe those fishing boats are the vietnamese equivalent of food trucks here in the u.s. the one pictured with the sub is famous for its pho, so the captain surfaced to treat his crew to some after a long patrol.

  18. After it surfaced it was said a chinese sailor exited with a FRAM oil filter. He quickly changed the oil and the sub was on its way. Those v6 subs need oil changes every 3000 nautical miles.

  19. Don't be too cocky when it comes to judging Chinese quality. Sure they make the cheapest consumer goods. This is how they started pulling themselves out of the dark ages. Keep in mind cheapness was what the Walmarts and Black and Deckers of the world wanted to increase profits. They have become the factories of the world. Don't kid yourselves, the Chinese are a very smart and industrious people. Their education system is better than ours. The average Chinese kid is worked much harder in school than ours. They are graduating science oriented kids at a rate that embarrasses us. This is just now starting to generate results. The country is not burdened by unpayable debt. Their future is much brighter than ours and both sides know this. Overtly, so far they are sticking close to home but who says this will continue? Covertly, they are extending their influence as far as they can. Every year things get better in China.

  20. China starts war and start shootin nuclear. trust me when the war is over Chinese ppl will be the one Affected!! They will be hated by the rest of the asian neighbors n the future!

  21. The world has been navigating the South China Sea since ancient times.

    Here's something the Chinese need to know then: the moon belongs to the United States and has since 1969. Only Americans have ever walked on it; we planted our flag. It's ours. Stay the eff off, China, you commie SOB's.

  22. good luck Vietnam your the odd one out hope you guys have a good navy to defend yourselves against those Chinese because your on your own lol:)

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