China Wants to Govern the Arctic

China Wants to Govern the Arctic

Hey Chris, what are you doing? You know how China used a nine-dash line to stakes its claim in the South China Sea? I’m just counting how many dashes it needs for its new claim in the Arctic. I think it’s a…52-dash line? Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. What was that thing they said about winter in that totally obscure TV show that nobody’s ever heard of? “Winter is coming.” Oh, yeah. Well, that’s just make believe. Because here in the real world, winter has been leaving— at least in the North Pole. “The Arctic is melting so fast, the North Pole could be ice-free during the summer within the next decade or two.” But that’s old news. Seriously, that news report was from a decade ago. And guess what? Ten years later, a lot of the ice around the North Pole is actually gone. But what’s a loss for polar bears, is a win for the Chinese Communist Party. Because it means new access to natural resources and shipping lanes! Hooray! The US geological survey also estimates the Arctic holds about 13% of the world’s undiscovered oil reserves and 30% of the natural gas reserves. “All in all, the Arctic holds about 22% of the world’s undiscovered hydrocarbon
resources.” Wow! Shipping lanes and natural resources? No wonder China has just declared itself a “near-Arctic state.” China is definitely near the Arctic, in the sense that the northernmost tip of
China is a mere thousand miles south of the Arctic
Circle. Which is like saying that New York is a near-Carribean city because it’s only 1,000 miles from the Bahamas. Beach time! Of course, it’s actually snowing outside. People who can read maps might notice that England and even Germany are further north than China. China is actually much closer to the equator than to the north pole. But China is definitely on the same planet as the Arctic, so I guess that’s something. At least it’s enough for the Chinese Communist
Party to have its own ambitious strategy for the
Arctic. “China is determined to better know the
Arctic, protect the Arctic, utilize the Arctic, and participate in the governance of the Arctic.” Yes, the CCP wants China to be one of the countries calling the shots in
the Arctic, and wants to quote unquote “utilize” the
Arctic. And that means using its seafaring shipping
lanes and getting its hands on Arctic resources. Like Santa’s workshop. Then all the toys will be Made in China! That’s the gist of a new white paper on China’s Arctic strategy, recently published by China’s State Council Information Office. Ok, except for the part about Santa. That’s still top secret. Here’s what the white paper says. “It stresses that China should be firm in defining itself as an important stakeholder in the Arctic, for its geographic adjacency to the area and its participation in the regional and global affairs.” A core component of this new plan is to become a shipping powerhouse, as the warming waters open up faster and cheaper routes through the ice-free Arctic. “A milestone was set in 2014 when a cargo vessel went through the Northwest Passage without an ice breaker.” The most important arctic shipping route is the Northwest Passage. It runs through Canada, and links East Asia with the Eastern US during the summer when the ice is melted. It’s about 40% shorter than going down through the Panama Canal. It’s also much cheaper. Hmm, cheaper and faster than the Panama Canal? I sure hope Panama doesn’t regret dumping
Taiwan for the Chinese Communist Party. The second major Arctic route is called the Northeast Passage or the Northern Sea
Route. It runs along the coast of Russia. Just 10 years ago, no ships ran here because of the ice. But in 2016, 19 ships crossed through the Northeast Passage. For China, access to these shipping routes has become a part of Xi Jinping’s One Belt One Road initiative, which is made of trade corridors across land and along the sea. One Belt One Road is the CCP’s massive scheme to transport goods between China and the rest of the world— and in the process, give China access to precious resources. Now in its new Arctic strategy, the Chinese regime is careful to point out it has no territorial claims in the Arctic. In fact, “China supports the peaceful settlement of disputes over territory and…blah blah blah… efforts to safeguard security and stability
in the region.” Because when the Chinese regime talks about protecting “peace and stability” in a disputed region, you know what it’s code for. Send in the soldiers! …of peace! Look, there’s enough countries with claims to the Arctic already. Do they really need another country involved? Especially one with a history of building fake islands and putting real missiles on them? Even without China, competing territorial claims in the Arctic already make the North Pole an explosive powder keg on thin ice. Not long ago Russia tried to show who’s boss by running the biggest military drills in the history of the Arctic–– over 155 thousand personnel, thousands of jets, tanks and ships. “The training scenario was such that an armed conflict had erupted over the South Kryll Islands with Japan and the Russian Arctic army was tasked with defending the Arctic territory against the American army.” So if the CCP really does get involved in Arctic governance, it’s going to have a lot to deal with. So could the Arctic become the new South China Sea? Maybe we could call it the North China Pole. If that happens, I know what I’ll be doing. So what do you think? Will China join the race to control the Arctic? Or will it chill out? And who wants me to ride a polar bear? Leave your comments below. Thanks for watching this episode of China
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43 thoughts on “China Wants to Govern the Arctic

  1. China is not a Artic nation and it has nothing to say or influence there.
    But Canada. Russaia.America.Norway.Sweden.Danmark.Finland are all artic nations.

  2. Countries who want more oil are #****@@/(***** as they just want to earn money and when global warming will cause destruction then they will bark for planting trees and using solaretc

  3. These **** countries who are claiming arctic should be forced to relocate the polar bears and seals their if all ice melted by all the other countries like india, uk , france.

  4. F…king developed countries are f…kers as are they mad ,are their officials mad and blind. They want more oil from arctic woow whata nice idea **. If more oil will be pumped in the economy then usage renewable energy will slow increasing the global warnming. Oil companies are*@*@*@*@************************

  5. Yes, China wants the Arctic. What you gonna do about it, you hypocrite arrogant deceitful self-serving lawless uncivilised white Americunts? Go break your backbones, bend down, suck your pathetic racist dicks and gag yourself to death. Suck it up, your fucking white albino morons.

  6. Wok with Yan was a cooking show on television once. Therefore China owns all of Hollywood. Oh yeah, the prevailing trade winds cross China first…….so they own all the air on this planet.

  7. China wants to become a player in the Arctic yet they think there are penguins in the Arctic. Perhaps they have their sights set on the Antarctic as well. Makes sense.


  9. If the PRC claims the arctic as their territory, when will the they claim the moon as their territory? And from there the whole universe is theirs?

  10. The CCP are pretty vindictive and far reaching. I imagine you must live in a bunker Chris just for exposing the CCP's evil. Thanks for your sacrifice…

  11. China wants to rule the world and is having a world of trouble ruling their own country due to financial problems and if the people really knew how bad it really is there would probably be another revolution there. They need to get their own house in order first before trying to get anything else. The foreign companies are moving away faster due to the increased regulations and pollution, and they are spending so much money trying to acquire more seaports abroad for their cargo ships, and loaning money to many countries which can't pay it back.

  12. north pole shouldnt belong to anyone. its should be human free and governed by the UN… no state has the right to claim a part of it for it. that make 0 sense. not even russia should have the right despite its so "close"… no russian has to do anything eith the arctic. not today. not in the history ever… arctic is very important and we dont know yet which negative effects it ll have to pump out every ressources out of arctic…

  13. Greed will fuel the CCP to acquiring the Arctic just keep on showing the petroleum resource under their noses and the CCP will move in.

  14. Fuck we are sick to death of China’s bullshit, fuck Communism, and fuck China’s Totalitarian Dictatorship.😩😩😩😩😩 Here’s my White Paper, fuck You China, and fuck your Totalitarian Dictatorship.

  15. The Soviet land claim was "world domination, by any means." I do not believe the CCP agenda is even slightly different. Islam may object, as the Quran commands them to take over the entire world. Islam might wait until China and Russia beat each other into the ground. That's how they got Persia and the Byzantine Empire.

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