28 thoughts on “Chicken Lady (Texas Country Reporter)

  1. She should know that there easier to catch when there on there roost at night and without roosters, there would be no chickens.

  2. Great Job from another chicken lady, and "Daljit Singh" below: YOU ARE USELESS !!! This is the kind of man she was talking about. Other men who aren't women chasers are all OK.

  3. We were enjoying this so much until men are useless. You should have used your editorial discretion to keep that out. Wish you hadn't included that in the video. My sons asked me is that bad? Yes it is awful thinking.

  4. She really is passionate about her chickens. Blue Star Ranch looks like a great place to shop for chickens. Its hard in life to find something that you love doing that you are good at.

  5. The Canadian Kids in the Hall Chicken Lady Vs. Texan "Chicken Lady" now that is a bout I would like to see…

  6. Hey Mary Ann, good video this is joe cheeseball your chicken is doing good and the chicks are doing well and getting very big thanks from joe!

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