12 thoughts on “Chicken Boy (Texas Country Reporter)

    MULLET WARNING (sirens blare) .. keep children away from the TV set

  2. Update on Chicken Boy…. his interest in chickens was obviously validated by TCR wanting to do a story on him because he stuck with it all the way up to today….he graduated from A&M with a degree in Poultry Science and a Masters in Poultry Welfare & Behavior and is now starting Huth Avian Services as a business (Google it!)…..thanks TCR!

  3. Two weeks ago I found a man who has free range chickens on his property. I had been looking for what I called, "Happy Hen Eggs!" I no longer wanted to support factory farming and it's cruel practices. I now buy them and the eggs are delicious! The hens are fat, sassy and very happy! A happy ending indeed! 🙂

  4. Free roaming chickens will eat scorpions, insects in your garden and other pest as well. It was one reason the first settlers brought them. They needed a stable food source for making cakes, bread and other things.

    They are very useful species.

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