27 thoughts on “Chelsea Manning Jailed Again For Protecting Journalism

  1. The latest MSM "story" is that Manning gave real names. Whatever. We are in a fascist state. It isn't a joke. Still looking for the disappeared in Argentina. "It can't happen here". But did in Germany, Austria, Italy, Chile, Paraguay, etc. We are misled in our schools about the reality. So a false sense of security. Orwell has left the room. Don't share a plane with Jimmy. But still love him b

  2. I couldn’t stop crying in this video. It hurts so much not being able to help Chelsea, Julia Nasange . True heroes.

  3. thats what the talmud says destroy god.country.family...watch..Europa the last battle..watch and learn..it takes an open mind

  4. Not Subscribing…Your vulgarity is not worth listening to…There are other alternative talking heads who are more eloquent than you…

  5. One part of me admires Manning for exposing evil in our govt, one part of me loathes Manning advancing evil in our society by choosing to abandon his God given gender as a man. I dont think God is thrilled by this type of behavior. Anyone recall Sodom and Gomorrah? That didnt turn out well….

  6. Chelsea Manning informed American citizens of truth and she unjustly did her time for exposing war crimes. Now, they’re bullying this American Veteran (by imprisonment on AMERICAN SOIL) and I see NO American military members helping her. HEY Patriotic Constitutional Loving American Active Military and Veterans, WHERE ARE YOU?!

  7. I remember Chelsea back in early education. ( He was Bradley then), or maybe Bradley always felt like Chelsea. I can't really speak to that, but I do know Chelsea always showed an infinity towards literature and writing. He generally despised organized sports of all sorts.
    I remember one day we were on the football field during the fall where all the kids were forced to engage in calisthenics with the football players. We were running bungee exercises and the quarterback who ran a 4.3/40 thought it would be funny to get paired with "Chelsea." Needless to say, Chelsea couldn't keep up in the bungee pair, was dragged, knocked out and lay on the field un-conscience.
    She never participated in the after-school activity again, went under the wing of an eccentric math teacher, and became distant from the rest of the student body. I hope Chelsea eventually finds the tranquility merited apart from the forlornness she has encountered all throughout her life. Chelsea, if you happen to ever read this, good luck to you.

  8. Its a man and it needs to be put in front of a firing squad. I would be honored to be a part of that firing squad.

  9. So after being held in solitary confinement for years, which is known to drive a person insane, Bradley comes out as Chelsey….what a beautiful (and totally not related to mental illness) revelation….

  10. Wanna get the feeling you are talking to your dog…. Try explaining Obama to a heartland progressive. They won't believe you, Jimmy Dore or a million like you. CNN, MSNBC or fox is ALL they believe

  11. I live in a heartland college town. Assange and Manning are treated as traitors on campus. Forget the history department. They are pro war morons that still back the Iraq War… Still … after all the info has come out

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