25 thoughts on “Charles Koch: Political System 'Rigged,' But Not By Me

  1. So then this means Mr. Koch will be funding Sanders then right? I mean since he is so concerned about the little guy right? No? Didn't think so.

    That ABC let this scumbag sit here and spew this BS to try and convince people that deregulation of mass pollution businesses like theirs is what will stop the massive wealth inequality. I'm sure he'll be turning down all subsidies for his multi-billion dollar companies this year. I mean no one forces you to take them.

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  3. I understood the Libertarian perspective of The Koch's or Ron Paul but like most libertarians they are short sighted and ideological.

    The blind spot is that don't understand what all the forms of socialism really are.

    In general they believe it is either government control over the means of production like USSR. Or they believe it is FDR Keynesian economic models.

    Another model are cooperatives. Their are 29,000 cooperatives that are structured in different ways in every sector of the US economy.

    Not for profit Health Insurance cooperatives would increase quality and bring prices down.

    But in order for not-for-profit Health insurance cooperative to exist they would need capital to start up and need to develop a sustainable model.

    If you describe this model they may find it reasonable. If you tell them it's socialism they reject it. But it is the original socialist model.

    The other thing they don't seem to really understand is what the general welfare clause really means. They are right, Jefferson opposed big government control and objected to the way other politicians of his day interpreted "general welfare".

    But Jefferson also had a proposal that money from federal taxes should go towards building interstate highways (which he implemented) and should also go to education.

    But his ideas of education were specific he felt the money should be evenly distributed to the communities to educate their children. He also firmly believed in a rational enlightenment education.

    So Jefferson favored federal taxes to be evenly distributed to promote the general welfare, but would oppose government restrictive and dictatorial policies like "no child left behind".

    A Health cooperative could be subsidized by the government through individual grants per capita but then the government has no say in how the cooperative is run. The shareholders which are the people control that.

    The United States has the perfect governmental foundation to both increase citizen welfare and preserve the greatest liberties and freedoms.

    The left tend to underestimate government control and interventionism and the libertarians and the right tend to have two much faith in corporatism. But their are other models that actually empower citizens.

  4. I think people misunderstand this guy he has more money than you could ever spend but he is trying too change the two tier society that benefits him tax breaks etc

  5. Now that the kochsters have amassed enormous wealth. They admit the game is rigged.
    What they don't admit is playing a major role in rigging the system by buying the GOP.

  6. This Jonathan Karl guy seems impossibly obtuse. He doesn't seem to hear anything that Koch says. He keeps on questioning Koch as though he's getting the answers that he expects from him, when in reality, he isn't getting those answers. Koch has stated here that he's fighting against things like tax breaks for the wealthy even though those tax breaks benefit his company. Karl goes right on acting as though Koch is in favor of getting tax breaks that benefit his company. What a moron.

  7. He's really good at self delusion because the Koch Brothers are actively engaged in rigging the system even further.

  8. The rich and powerful also own the legal system just like they own the political system. Having enough money buys you favorable outcomes in the legal system that the poor and middle classes don't get. The rich can lie, cheat, steal and violate contracts and then buy their way out of legal trouble and end up even richer. This is a major factor driving income and wealth inequality in America.

  9. When the left vilifies him, and he’s critical of the right, uses quotes of Fredick Douglas and speaks of freedom of choice; you know he’s a patriot that believes in the founding principles of our nation. Not only is he not a villain, IMO he’s an American hero. If you lean left you especially should watch this, you’ll be shocked how many things you agree with him on and will learn where the corporate favoritisms he speaks of come from and who is to blame for it. It lands squarely at the feet of government. Of course corporate America seeks it, but only government can grant it. In that regard as well as others,big government is the enemy of the people. Not “government”.. big government.

  10. At 4:10 of the interview he is absolutely correct as regulations across the board prevent land development of a more robust society. I could lay out examples but it would be paragraphs in order to understand so many governmental regulation examples.
    Trust me it is not common sense

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