Chaffetz: Republicans are finally playing offense on impeachment

Chaffetz: Republicans are finally playing offense on impeachment

100 thoughts on “Chaffetz: Republicans are finally playing offense on impeachment

  1. RepubliCONs don’t have a spine .. because they are as corrupt and as much the swamp as DemocRATS. And add 1 more thing .. they cooperated with and supported the Coup attempt.

    not journalists but jokes
    I thought Geraldo Rivera had dried up and was painting house is somewhere in San Diego.
    Hannity is nothing but a closet Queen.

  3. Clinton is bat s*** crazy…
    She needs a pasture and chew her cude be gone whacko, be gone. The country has had it with you whining, you lost, get over it!

  4. Republicans better get into fighting mode against the ridiculous impeachment by the dems. Stop talking about what they are doing and start taking action! Everyone has heard enough, we want to see results! Our country is going down while republicans sit back and let it happen. Get moving!

  5. The Globalist are mad 😡 because President Trump WON’T …. play their globalist games….follow the money 💰 numbers don’t lie people do…….if you don’t love ❤️ the American biblical way which only deals through facts & fairness….THEN LEAVE…..just saying

  6. If you don’t want to work for the Clinton Machine in politics then Hillary says your a Russian agent ….. what does she have against the Russian people? We know she doesn’t like their leader…. but that’s not everybody…..she voted to sale uranium to Putin so she must like something about HIM ….. it all seems fake to me….just saying

  7. Its time someone in the Congress and Senate to call this for what it is. "TREASON" !!!!!! Its time for Righteous Indignation to rise up. The American people can see whats going on were not stupid. Pelosi and Shift need to be arrested and forced top step down and thrown in Prison or Hanged!!!!!

  8. The Senate needs to pass a resolution condemning the sham being conducted by the House of Representatives as just what it is a Kangaroo Court.

  9. After Trump, all presidents will be crap, because what normal person would want to deal with all of the democrat vicious attacks everyday?

  10. Why would anyone-in this case Jason Chaffetz- disagree with Tulsi Gabbard on everything politically, when her main message is to bring peace and prosperity!? Isn't this, what we all want, or do we enjoy practicing divisiveness, quarrels, bigotry and hatred towards other fellow human beings?

  11. that's how most of the left not all but most of them think is it that you're anything right of center means your opinion does not matter to them and they want power and they don't care about anybody else's opinions and I'm not left or rightI take the facts in the consideration and make my judgment based on those things they don't care about the facts for the American peoplebecause instead of working against the president they should have been working with him to help the American people because they've done nothing in the past few years to help the American people except for lining their pockets with our tax payers money

  12. As soon as a democrat gets elected (some time in the distant future). Republicans should IMMEDIATELY start impeachment proceedings.

  13. Secret courts, secret trials…This is not upholding the constitution at all! DON'T DO THIS! You had your special counsel you lost.

  14. And I'll tell you Mr. Chaffetz…the Americans are getting pissed over this whole thing. We have people talking about taking up arms and going to Nancy Pelosi's office. We are pissed because they are usurping the will of the people. We VOTED HIM IN OFFICE. NOT THE DEMOCRATS…the THUGS OF AMERICA.

  15. A lot of Rhino Republicans won't help Trump. They also needed to be voted out next time they run for election. Drain the swamp.

  16. Schiff and Pelosi and crew have gone Rogue. This is no longer about Congress. These people are literally trying to create tyranny. This is scary and anyone in the American citizenship should be worried about this. I am not always a President Trump fan, but these actions are really, really dark and scary. If this is allowed to happen now, imagine your future. It's not a good view. If this is what you allow in your government….shame on you.

  17. I was Republican until we ran this idiot, who is Russia best weapon they ever used against US, AMERICA! I had hope to return one day but if the senate doesn't remove Trump, I will become democrat, life long! I didn't give half my life to see my country under the thumb of Putin! Our soldiers why protect us, Trump has brought shame and dishonor to our country to the men and woman who wear the uniform! Russia is laughing!

  18. If Hillary Clinton says anyone is a "Russian asset" then I believe her………After all……..SHE WAS RIGHT ABOUT TRUMP!!!

  19. It seems there's a lot of words in the US Constitution that you find to be "dirty and disgusting", Trump. Maybe Putin has something more to your liking. Why not just happily live there because the majority of Americans take pride in our Constitution.


  21. Well the democrat's have finally reported the real news. We have to impeach Trump because he is going to win the election in 2020. Vote Trump in 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. He is fed up with it and we will not have it anymore. The civil war is coming to a full head. Libtwats will go insane when he wins again. KAG Trump 2020!!!

  23. Trump has demonstrated how lame liberal legislation and policies are. The democrats are desperate to be viewed as a good choice in government.

  24. Republican leadership has a severe case of …shall we say … Testicular Dysfunction Syndrome . Similar to Classic TDS , except it tremors and stalls like a blue tick coonhound trying to crap a peach seed 🤪 They could be so much better 😱


  26. I think if the TV producers want the biggest audience ever, they should get Jim Jordan, and Adam Schiff in an MMA cage fight. I'd put $20 on Jordan.


  28. Is Horwich holding back his report because the evidence shows that he has failed for years in catching unethical and corrupt activity he should have caught ages ago? Is he trying to cover.up his own failures to do his job properly?

  29. TRUMP is doing the same B.S. that Nixon did, despite the polls. The G.O.P. Is quick to resort to BROWN SHIRT METHODOLOGY like in FLORIDA during the recount of the HANGING CHAD. As a non-Democrat nor a Liberal, but a Marine Veteran, who held a Top Secret Clearance as an ELECTRONICS SURVEILLANCE OPERATOR, who did the same job as those who served on the U.S.S. PUEBLO and the U.S.S. LIBERTY. Trump's constant lying is sickening, and his gift wrapping all this foreign policy to Putin is really a serious threat to our National Security! Stop defending the PARTY, and support Country. Rudy turns up with two Russians making illegal campaign contributions, they cohort to remove a career diplomat, while resorting to Quid Pro Quo. Yet, you keep allowing Trump to eat your soul one lie at a time, while claiming get is doing nothing wrong. Trump faked Bone Spurs, committed adultery (more than once); admitted to being a sexual predator on tape, covers for pedaphiles, dies not pay taxes, and yet, the MORAL RIGHT refuse to call sin a sin. Stupid is as stupid does.

  30. Lying Adam Schiff here is a Flash back for hypocrite Democrats like you. Even as top Democrats rushed to condemn President Trump's comparison of their impeachment inquiry to a "lynching," footage and news reports have emerged showing top Democrats referring matter-of-factly to Bill Clinton's impeachment proceedings as a "lynching" in 1998. Among those Democrats are two African-American representatives still serving in the House, as well as House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y. Rep. Gregory Meeks, D-N.Y., called Clinton's impeachment a "persecution" and a "political lynching" on the House floor in 1998. And Danny Davis, D-Ill., condemned what he described as a "lynching in the People's House."

  31. Hillary is out on a book tour? Who knew———that she could write? How do you write a book when you can't string a thought together.

  32. Hillary is trying to make room for darling daughter Chelsea .George must have asked the Clinton's for some of the money back

  33. A corrupt president is a dirty nasty thing to have in the whitehouse.  trump committed premeditated blackmail and is being impeached.  Smart Reps already have a plan to go on without trump in 2020.  Remove all these Reps that broke the law with this protest demonstration, just like they do to all others that break the law

  34. Most republican'ts sold out to the globalist deepstate long ago in their own best interests. They were sure that a owo globalist system was America's future… Then Trump came along and against all odds, SHE LOST. LOL.
    It's too late for the deepstate traitors to turn back now… Many are exposing themselves in their desperation to gang up and remove the Man that is draining the swamp they so willingly jumped into… It's Do or Die time for them… and they are all desperately backed into a corner… Their insanity is proof.

  35. Of course, these old establishment Republicans don’t want the Dems to continue with what the American Constitution REQUIRES members of Congress to do.  This process will hold the President and all his enablers (cohorts) into account for their crimes against the American Constitution.  The enablers should be put behind bars…ANY OF US WOULD BE PUT IN JAIL FOR DOING THE SAME!  Democrats you must act in accordance with THE LAW in dealing with the interference of congressional hearings.  They are following the lead of this President who refuses to recognize and abide by the American Constitution. Lock them up.

  36. Thank God Democrat’s have a brain and spine something republicans know nothing about. I am so glad I finally saw the corruption and changed from republican to Democrat and voted for decency! Good luck Republican senators. As Michael Cohen warned you, Trump won’t take the heat without pulling everyone else down with him. Funny how his wives have all disappeared.

  37. It is a lynching! Fkn stupid bitches need to look up the definition of lynching! Doesn't say a black person that doesn't get a fair trial!

  38. To the democrat party you are on notice we the people will stop this abuse of democrat power. It is time the American citizens remove the democrats and arrest them and also remove the radical terrorists hiding behind the democrat puppets.

  39. I'm personally still pissed at Paul Ryan. He dropped the ball when Republicans held the house. Waiting for 2020.

  40. Is there is anyone out there that does not realize how corrupt Adam Schiff is about as thick ignorant and foolish as a person could be. It would be nice to see the Republicans get aggressive and go on the offense for once it gets a little old watching them do nothing.

  41. He has to fit the criteria in the constitution in order to be impeached .His conduct will impeach . Not anything else .

  42. Hillary is the real Russian asset. Her weak narcissistic brain just can't help but expose her. What she acusses others of, she in fact is.

  43. Republicans must go after them shut them down, they are a disgrace they most likely will bring Hillary ikn this is what Schiff. Democrats must get together and stop this, Pelosi and Schiff and Chucky must be thrown out they are stopping him from doing his job, this is against the constitution they are making up lies all the time, come on you lot stop this Schiff, Pelosi is off to Jordan how come she is allowed to race off to Jordan

  44. These DemonRats/DemocRats are all scum. I do Respect Democrats, Not the ones who are trying to ruin our Great Country.

  45. Pres.Trump is 100% right of course , it is obvious to anyone . The star chamber must be stopped immediately , it is an affront to the whole of America .

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