Chaffetz: Durham expanding Russia probe is bad news for Brennan, Clapper

Chaffetz: Durham expanding Russia probe is bad news for Brennan, Clapper

100 thoughts on “Chaffetz: Durham expanding Russia probe is bad news for Brennan, Clapper

  1. I said it when this happened and I’ll say it again I feel sorry for Mueller because now he may go out in disgrace when he could’ve just gone away as a well-founded man I know how it is to get old and forgetful forget something every day it’s too bad you can’t just say I forgot but that does not go well unfortunately he had people behind him they were more than willing to throw everything under the bus just so they can get Trump

  2. Anyone else would be prosecuted for those crimes you can only come away with this is exactly why DC has become the most criminal infested place in the world because they themselves continue to show us crimes committed by these DC scum but everyone just smiles and grabs a mic and gets away scot-free and we must clean out DC and we must vote in new people and get all these mafioso scum gone

  3. Great watch how the crooked swamp rats 🐀🐀🐀🐀start to scurry and going to turn on one another because they know they are going down 👎🏾👎🏾

  4. Yea and complicit Briden ramping up his rhetoric, likely due to fear of his own culpability under obama. Obama might have him in place to be his scapegoat.

  5. So Trump makes a big deal out of pulling out US troops out of Northern Syrian when we only had fifty troops there anyway, The curds helped the US fight ISIS in Syria and were holding 10000 ISIS prisoners. Now, thanks to Trumpski, the curds will have to concentrate their efforts on defending themselves against the attack from Turkey. Thanks to his good friend Trump Putin has got exactly what he wanted in the Middle East.

  6. muller has been the cover up guy since kennedy of course at some point if we clean up the government he will not only go to trial he will be convicted in any fair court.

  7. Treasonous Trump (a Russian Asset) tosses our Kurdish Allie under the bus to make Putin and Erdoğan (both dictators) happy.

  8. Why won't Trump release his tax returns? If he's done nothing wrong why is he blocking people from testifying? Remember Benghazi? Hillary testified for over 9 consecutive hours.

  9. The Dems are clearly demonstration panic behind all of their bluster.  Judgment Day is coming.  Come quickly, Barr and Durham!

  10. 🎯❤️🇺🇸❤️🙏🏻 President Trump went to Ukraine with Don Jr. who was put on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian Co. with Jordan’s and Collins’ kids!! 😱 … oh wait, that’s Biden, Kerry, and Pelosi! 🤪🤣🤣 MORE corruption!!! 🤥😳😕 … na na na na Corrupt Dems – GOOD BYE! YouTube hiding posts?? 🤣

  11. If Muller wasn't appying for a job then why in the heck did the corrupt Obamaite land at Pres. Trumps desk ? Grandkids and yoga ?

  12. I just wish the military tribunals were already over and these Coup plotters were already executed so that the Republic can get on with it!

  13. Comradskis, I have big Russian probe for you. You like, da? Made of good stronk Stalinium steel. Push Reset button for to recharge battery. Tell President Bill we demand refund, he promise Hillary to win.

  14. Clapper is balder than the soon to be bald Brennan. 🏃 🏃 See Brennan run! See Clapper run! Run, Brennan! Run, Clapper! Run! Run! Run!

  15. There is nothing new here just an attempt to stir up FOX viewers The extension simply means they can’t decide what on earth they are doing and are simply wasting more money There is nobody from the US government visiting the EU related to this absurd case so that’s fabricated Like any other useless report there will be an incoherent incompetent conclusion and an attempt to implicate foreign democracies will result in an international crimes court case against the US and that’s going to be very expensive for the US since they have to pay all costs related to the case since they fantasized and promoted the case The case is simply about a few very very bad very dumb and arrogant US old intelligence dudes “ The Mica NOSTRA” cell Nothing else but you don’t have one single person who can contain them so you simply have to live with them and nobody else cares

  16. Yeah. sure. They will file charges early next year. Before the next election! Just watch. But unlike the lying Democrats, they will have all their ducks in a row, all the t's crossed, and all their i's dotted. They will have what we call call "solid evidence". Intelligence will slaughter impulsive lying. Watch it happen.

  17. So we have Obama clapper and brennan on the coup. Hillary for Rico and espionage. Destroying evidence. And Biden Obama Pelosi Hunter Biden. John Kerry. His son. Pelosis son. The two idiots in ukraine who were already charged with election tampering. It's all there. No questions ask.

  18. President Trump honest he tell the truth but people against him because he clean the swamp only these Commie corrupted really hates Trump.

  19. Did we not just see and hear Mueller LIE in his testimony to Congress. Isn't that a CRIME? How about some equal justice. I thought no one was above the law.

  20. 3.6 million sub. With most hits in the first 2 hrs. Each fox uploads shows same stats. Like… a machine. Ever make profile picture for 200000 people? I’m the old days it took us years to make proper toons that looked real and sold them for hundreds of dollars to thousands…depending on profile pic and followers. … organic growth looks a lot different than what I’m looking at. With this many subs… you should have 100-1000viewers every hour or so over the day. This I am not seeing.

  21. I'm sick of Investigations the Democrats have broken so many laws right in the Public's view it's not funny and nothing happens and then they take a hearsay conversation and turn it into an impeachment to hell with the Democrats I hope they all go to hell real soon

  22. impeach the con swamp rat…. trump is going down the tubes into the swamp water and does not know how to swim…the green slime of the swamp is filling his mind and spouts sheet on twitter he doesnt even know how to be an adult the gop are his nanny bitches…. the . poor kurds …trump is a criminal…and a murderer….. the gop incite violence and hurt people…. the gop are criminals ….the gop are the biggest mafia organization in the history of the world …the gop are ALL guilty of association of murderous traitorous act of violence againsted humanity…. the gop are genocidal maniacs for the good old fashioned dollar of criminal greed mafia caste system racism sychophantic traitors ….the virus of the swamp people with the green slime of crazy american cons republicon deplorables….. hillary is not the president assholez…..the gop are t r e a s o n o u s t r a i t o r h y p o c r i t e s

  23. The Durham investigations are why the Democrats push impeachment hard and fast. They are trying to at least taint the findings they know are coming.

  24. I don't care who is interviewed nor from which political slant, I'm exhausted and tone deaf to the term "bombshell". HaHaHaHa!

    All of these reports are just leading up to the next "bombshell" that never seems to detonate.

  25. FOX mentioned a report came out contradicting Mueller. If they're going to do that, can they at least mention what the evidence is, or provide any hint of the evidence? It would be great if FOX provided evidence for anything, ever.

  26. I have been praying for quite sometime that the truth the whole truth nothing but the truth will come to light. Let the chips fall and charge all of the corrupt people democrat or Republican. Remember a lie can travel half way around the world before truth can get his pants on.

  27. It's been established by the fbi, CIA, nsa, and Republicans in Senate that Russia helped trump win in 2016. What exactly are you investigating?

  28. Get this done. Prove who the perpetrators really are before it is too late. Putting this out will stop this impeachment nonsense

  29. The funny thing is…..every time Trump says something and he gets mocked he is always right. They freaked out when he talked about Obama spying on him, which was true. When he talked about Rosenstein spying on him was true. When he said the election was rigged and it was (Russian hoax). The time he said the migrant caravans would climb the wall to get into America was true and Acosta and the left mocked him for it. This time about Robert Mueller being denied the FBI job and having a conflict of interest. How there was no quid pro quo regarding Ukraine and that he didn’t pressure Zalinski. And many many more things. The communist leftist media and the Democratic Party has been lying to everyone. The only Russian Collusion was perpetrated by the Clinton campaign and the bureaucrats in the FBI and CIA and Adam Schiff was the one trying to get dirt on Trump. And the Democratic senators that pressures Ukraine and would not be given aid if they didn’t assist Mueller and keep the probe open.

  30. You all know that what they are talking about is rubbish. Because they haven't got anything if they release it now that would blow up in their faces. B.s.

  31. I don’t believe that they’re ever going to charge any of the Democrats. If they were they would have already charged several of them for lying to Congress under oath which has been proven! There is definitely two sets of laws in Washington DC one for the Democrats and one for the Republicans/conservatives

  32. WHY isn’t Mueller going to be prosecuted??? He imprisoned others for perjury! Put his rear end in a prison cell. He committed the same crime he judged and prosecuted others for! I tell you Republicans something, your say and do nothing approach to justice is hypocritical. You act like America having a two-tiered justice system is wrong yet you practice it yourselves by being lenient on criminal Democrats! PROSECUTE THE CRIMINALS!!!!!’

  33. SOLUTION for Stopping the unauthorized Impeachment proceedings:
    Simply demand to see the lawful AUTHORITY under the Constitution to proceed with the impeachment actions.

    1) The current impeachment proceedings by the Democrats does NOT have any form of Constitutional AUTHORITY.

    2) Without actual Constitutional Authority, such proceedings are Unconstitutional and therefore null and void.

    3) Those who conspire and act Unconstitutionally risk committing crimes against the People who hold the ultimate power in our Republic and it's form of Government.

  34. Unfortunately do to lack of previous indictments I have very little hope there will be any justice served. I hope I'm wrong however. We need to stop this 2 tier justice system for good.

  35. The Kurds are the only allies of force the USA could find against ISIS' Caliphate. The kurds lost over 10,000 lives fighting on the ground at the explicit behest of the USA.
    Trump promised He would always remember them (on film). Once he used them, he flushes them down the toilet. Every future ally in the world will know POTUS word is worth s***.

  36. Mueller is going to be in big trouble.
    Lets see how his so called (BULLDOG) better known as a man that survives on threats, handles the coming news. Mueller thought he would help his democrat friends, fact is, he helped dig their hole deeper.
    Went from HERO to a nuthin-burger. Thats a slam in the face.

  37. Giuliani's door will be kicked in by the fascist's brown shirts this week. Just like Roger Stone and Trumps other unprivileged lawyer. Tanks and helicopters and SWAT teams in pre dawn raid. CNN will be there because you know they leak at FBI as a rule. No cross examination allowed in impeachment. "Show Trial" Imagine two people going back to where they live. That is impossible. They are the first in history to ever as the Republicans call it 'Going home" Everyone lives at work and stays on vacation and up is down wrong is right in derangement impeachment fevered brains.

  38. Sorry Democrats. The Durham Report is Trump's Insurance policy for re election. Stroyk, Page, Comey, Brennan, President Trump's policy is much better than yours LOL !!

  39. The disgraceful Democratic Party and what’s left of it are self imploding with Trump Derangement Syndrome. They are terrified of the President pursuit of Ukraine and corruption. Trump 20/20 baby

  40. I’m sorry people but no one is going to jail. They will drag it out until everyone forgets about it or they die of old age


  42. More investigations that will go nowhere. Also if the left seizes power in the executive branch; this all ends. Actually if the left regains power it’ll be the last dance for the republic.


  44. Wanna be shocked? Go to any msnbc, cbs,nbc,abc online channel and read the comments. It is stunning there are people that think like they do. Have faith, fellow Patriots. We are absolutely positively on the right side of this in the context of "what is America?", and the other side has a very clear agenda; they wish to usher in socialism-pure and simple. This should strike fear in the hearts of any freedom-loving American. This we have never faced before. But it has ALWAYS been a dream of the Communists/socialists/marxists to cleverly utilize the very freedoms offered in our system to bring about domination. I truly believe there was a cadre of Patriots in our government…like , for instance Mike Rodgers, who saw the truth , and decided to do somethingf about it. They went to Donald Trump and asked for his help. They examined his life. They KNEW what was coming. They KNEW these evil incarnate socialists would stoop to any means to achieve their ends. We, the people, EVEN THE IDIOTS WHO SUPPORT THE DEMOCRATS, will be the beneficiaries of this successful fight to stop this covert coup d'etat. Jesus said it best "Father, forgive them. For they know not what they do." After this fight, justice must be meted out—yes–but let us always remember , the people were used and abused and misused, lied to, manipulated and their minds filled with exceptional propaganda programs. In his next term, during which the hard left will go completely off the rails, we must hold them accountable. Arson, rioting, plotting criminal acts, etc should not be tolerated. Civil disagreements, debate and the like should (and will) be encouraged. But the lawlessness must end. Even if we have to start putting mayors and police chiefs in jail.

  45. This is why Adam Schiff has manufactured this ridiculous impeachment inquiry. They're trying to muddy the waters before Durham's report comes out. The CIA and FBI stand to look foolish because they know they illegally obtained the warrant from the FISA court to spy on Trump's campaign. It was Obama's intelligence Officials like John Brennan & James Clapper, who were involved in this spying on Trump. Believe it or not these 2 guys have been working for MSNBC and CNN since Trump took office. They went on shows during Russiagate and told countless lies about Trump being a Russian agent etc, and all of them were debunked by the Mueller report. Durham is now investigating them, and they're still on these channels almost nightly pushing this Ukraine nonsense to muddy the waters before Durham's report is released.  Does anyone believe it's just a coincidence that this so called "whistleblower" is a registered democrat who works for the CIA? Please! This whole Ukraine thing is an intelligence operation by the associates of these men, who are still in the CIA. They are protecting their own, and the media is allowing themselves to be used by these guys. It's an absolute outrage that partisan former intelligence guys are being treated like everything they say is true by the media, even though they are trained in misinformation and lying.

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