CCUSD Governing Board Mtg  05 13 2019

CCUSD Governing Board Mtg 05 13 2019

good evening I'd like to call to order public hearing for the Cave Creek unified District School Board governing board this public hearing is to receive comments from the public on the revised 2018-2019 district budget do we have any comments on the budget how variously Deeping any comments going once going twice do I have a motion to adjourn from the public hearing tutor business meeting so moved second all those in favor aye any opposed okay again now I will call to order this business meeting of the Governing Board of the Cape Kirk Unified School District number 93 roll call the governing board is present the executive leadership team is present do I have a motion for the formal adoption of the agenda so moved second any discussion I'd like to ask that item 4.1 be pulled out of action consent I can go that can be the first thing under number four or it can go right after 3.5 whichever so close the 4.1 out we typically put any pulled items after the action consent is that joint okay so I would I would suggest that all right do I have a motion for the amended agenda so moved our second all those in favor aye the opposed Hey you can join me in the Pledge of Allegiance [Applause] okay first I'd like to offer we have two ways to speak to the board tonight we have a purple forum that's to address the governing board on a non-agenda item and we have a blue form that's to address the board on a on an agenda item if you have something please hand it to miss Scott oh we do have one purple so uh if I could have him I am so sorry all right um let's go back to one point six presidents report I don't have anything how many board members anything to report I do on Wednesday on Wednesday the Qantas Club of carefree is awarding 34 scholarship and merit awards to high school seniors and 31 of the recipients are kept as Shadows seniors anything else yeah I just want to say I last week I got the chance to attend the 8th annual Cave Creek Band showcase that was up at the high school mr. Callen mr. Jackson and mr. Brady should be commended the band program in our district is alive very much alive and doing well it was a great turnout the elementary band was fantastic the middle school band also fantastic both 7th and 8th grade and high school both the symphonic in the jazz ensemble and the jazz ensemble was 3 really nice really to say smooth for jazz is a good thing so like so again a great turnout and it was a nice showcase for the for all the students that we have in band and then I was also fortunate enough to attend the last Wednesday on the half-day the Teacher of the Year program that dr. Miller hosted up at the Fine Arts Center congratulations to mr. Devore's being Teacher of the Year and it looked like it was very well received Award winner from everybody that was in the facility so again another great staff member for us excuse me and again a very neat program lots of excitement so well done dr. Miller okay I'm one-point-seven superintendents report Thank You president Hill governing board members and I want to also start out by congratulating mr. Devore who's our Teacher of the Year for 2019 as well as the honorees friend of Kendra free guard third fourth grade combination teacher at desert willow and Donny Nasser Spanish teacher at cactus shadows High School and I always say this she's my son's favorite teacher still and CC USD Teacher of the Year program is made possible by two community members who approached me quite a few years ago were on a different board together and they asked if they could give us money for a Teacher of the Year Program which of course we immediately said yes so mr. Devore received a three thousand dollar check and Miss free guard and miss Nasser both received a $1,000 check as honorees and what we will be doing next is getting their pictures taken and putting their pictures on our school bus on each will be on one of our school buses so very exciting so look for them as you see our yellow buses also our symphonic band received a rating of excellence the symphonic band at the high schools also the marching band and they had a rating of excellence at their first ever trip to a boda state concert festival in early May and so this has been a year of our bands having awards over and over again and we're very excited and as member Brown talked about the festival where we could see our youngest students all the way up to our most accomplished students was something else and the youngest students can really play the drums I just want to mention that CC USD celebrated Administrative Professionals week national teacher appreciation week national substitute appreciation week and national school nurse Day this past month actually in the past two weeks and the Sonoran trails eighth grade softball team was crowned champions and the Sonoran trails girls and boys track and field teams also won conference championships so a lot of things going on this is only a snapshot congratulations to everyone we mentioned okay item two because I went out of order did we have any other additional public comments that were not agenda items item 3.1 excelling website Awards presented by dr. Miller and miss Pratt president Hill governing board members and dr. Burdick add this evening we have an opportunity once again to celebrate our teachers who have maintained excelling levels of upkeep on their websites and are seen as exemplars for their school and our district so mr. Pratt if you would like to come forward Nancy Pratt is our director of instructional technology and just so everybody knows she's keeping an eye on your website including ours come on up okay so this is the second semester excelling website recognition the CC USD excelling website designations are awarded each semester to teachers who sites are exemplary they receive a small token right there of appreciation as well as an excelling website badge on the front of their website announcing their award tonight we have 32 educators receiving this award for their website development we're grateful for their dedication and their hard work and I have to say a lot of times we have repeat offenders they keep coming back and they keep doing such a great job so and I know that our parents really appreciate everyone all of you who keep your websites up to date for them so thank you very much and with that we will start dr. Burdick you want to come on down sure so we'll call you up and if you can just wait up here and we'll get a group picture okay okay and we'll see uh-huh we'll start with Black Mountain elementary school and our first recipient is Barbara Magda bye [Applause] and next we have Erika Oliver [Applause] and Susan spinner le way to go Black Mountain you know mister owlsley will be making a video of this he's already doing it okay for Desert Sun Academy we have Christine Paul and also from Desert Sun West Fleming from desert willow elementary school Michelle melona [Applause] horseshoe trails elementary school Kristy Frederickson [Applause] and also from Horseshoe trails deaf Ibis [Applause] and from lone mountain elementary scopes one more oh I'm sorry and also Briana Reese and lone mountain elementary school Karen rody and from cactus shadows high school Kathleen Roberson and also from cactus shadows high school Kristin Rotenberg [Applause] okay mr. Pratt if you want to come up and we'll get a picture Julia's going to take a quick picture [Applause] okay item 3.2 Black Mountain elementary school excellence awards and presentation presented by dr. Miller and mr. Tousley president Hill governing board members and now we get to see that video this evening we have the Black Mountain Elementary School Excellence Award presented by mr. owlsley mr. Al's later on well this is the best part of our meetings when we get to honor fabulous folks that are parts of our school community so we're gonna start first with a student from Black Mountain elementary school are these surprises they're all surprises so Eileen the gancho come on down [Applause] all right helin is just one of those people she makes connections she builds relationships and leaves everyone with a smile this is easily illustrated when reading the words of the people she sees on a daily basis we asked her teachers to describe what makes her so special and here's what they said she is one of the kindest sweetest and most talented kids I know she's wiser than most adults and has a smile that can light up a whole stage and those of us that have seen her on the stage believe that well not just a stage but life in general Aileen is one of a kind she's a model student in every aspect she lights up a room when she walks in she's strong academically by always challenging herself to be the best student and she sets an example of how to treat classmates with respect and understanding and what makes her special is that she shines like a gem when she sings not only shares her beautiful voice but her presence and love of what she's doing shines through we have watched her grow into a beautiful young lady both inside and out she gives her all in everything she does and is always willing to help and support others she's a born leader and when working with a group she uses her positive energy to guide group projects to a creative end and when she sees a problem or a student who's sad she's the first to comfort them and work to create a solution to the problem her huge heartwarming smile is only matched by the size of her wonderful personality thank you from the bottom of the Black Mountain elementary school hearts [Applause] next we are honoring a teacher black mountain elementary school teacher Madison Jones come on up here all right in the middle of last school year Black Mountain had an unexpected opening and faced a major challenge they were wondering where are we going to find a mature organized highly talented teacher available to fill this teaching position in need 6th grade halfway through the school year that's a lot to fill mister Ousley made countless phone calls and reached out to every corner of the state to find such a teacher and then from out of nowhere one phone call came through and somebody said I know an amazing teacher this award winning teachers dedicated organized great with relationships and mature beyond her years and enter Madison Jones Madison has lived up to all the hype and more her colleagues described her as an organized tech savvy teacher with high standards who builds strong connections with kids and Madison is a teacher who keeps her students focused in driven and we are blessed to have Madison here at Black Mountain Elementary and so thankful that one phone call came through congratulations [Applause] you didn't have to run now we are going to honor the be mas parent volunteer and it is Jane Jane Jane has been volunteering at be mes since 2010 she's the person who's always at school and one wonders why she's not collecting a patron Jane's son Liam had moved on to Sonoran trails two years ago and now her daughter Lily will be moving on to Sonoran trails at the end of the school year however they are not letting Jane go sorry Jane you are being retained Jane is such a valuable asset to our family at Black Mountain she's worn many hats during her many years of Black Mountain from being on the PTO board to volunteering in the classrooms to running the very efficient copycat room and Jane thank you for all your hard work countless hours of volunteering at Black Mountain and please don't change your phone number [Applause] thanks Lori okay president Hill dr. Burdick members of the board students staff visitors and the millions of people watching me now on the world wide web I'm so excited to be able to talk to you each year be able to talk about the amazing people and programs that we have a Black Mountain the connections that are made the hearts that are touched the skills that are developed and the opportunities provided however there is something else that I'm sure that many of you don't know might be a shock but I do not have any formal performing arts training so even though even with those videos so it's true they're for public speaking for me is extremely difficult people who get to be around me when I do that my face gets flushed my knees feel weak I get jittery my stomach is turning and then I ramble a lot so this is an hour-and-a-half presentation it's in moments like these that I wish that I had some type of formal training that would help prepare me for this stage but it's also in moments like these that I'm extremely proud that at Black Mountain we provide the skills and opportunities to prepare our students for the stage that awaits them so just like I do each year I did make a video so enjoy [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I think the singing was so good the microphones wanted to do that twice so in in the background of all of that just because they each one of those shows is is it a lot more as to that than what you see in all of the work and everything that goes into it it's a lot more than I realized in in first even thinking about doing this at our school so but one person continued to come through in the background of all of that if you saw and that's Cindy push ACK and so anyway so she her kids were singing just just wanted to say something about that because she's awesome so I just think it's the best five dollars anybody can ever spend is attending any one of those shows it's the the talent and the dedication of the students is incredible and when you're watching it you even forget that the oldest person on stage is 12 you're just you're watching it and it's just amazing is just to see their level of talent and it's it's just it's a great experience to attend one of those shows so thank you all thank you okay thank you mr. Aziz and ask me as we usually do when we have a presentation if you're a from Black Mountain and you would like to take this time to if you would like to leave if you don't have to but we always give you guys an opportunity so we'll just take a minute or two to let everyone who's choosing to leave make their way out okay item 3.3 CC USD financial forecast for 2019 20 in 2020 21 presented by dr. Friesen president Yale governing board members and dr. burning bringing to you for really the last time this spring the forecast model that we've been using for the past few months trying to get an idea of what our budgets will be for the next couple years we look at it real quickly there were really only two changes to the documents that we brought to you in the past one is here at the top of the column 1920 we increased the budget by a small amount to coincide with the revised budget that you'll be hopefully approving tonight for the current school year and the other thing that we did was provide the we had estimated the the reduction of eight teachers to our budget at $400,000 because typically we use about a $50,000 total cost of a position and we costed out the eight exact people who will not be with us next year and that was four hundred and thirteen thousand seven hundred and seventeen dollars so there's just some slight changes the beginning budget went up the expenditures also enough so those are the only two changes to this budget projection for the coming fiscal year do you have any questions okay thank you dr. prison item 3.4 world language presentation update presented by dr. Miller and Miss lattice president Hill governing board members and dr. verdict this evening we have an update on our world languages program programs preschool through high school and we also have included an update questions that were asked by board members about middle school electives and the changes that were made for immersion classes for this upcoming 2019-20 school year and so we have Christina lattice our world language coordinator here to present Christina thank you good evening president Hill dr. Burdick governing board members and Cave Creek community I've been asked us to give you a brief overview of oral languages in the district so with that we'll get started this first slide just has some statistics that are I thought would be interesting for you to see everything from 100% of our k-8 students learning another language some pretty impressive statistics I think but after 16 years of building these programs I think we're we're pretty well on our way to full articulation you can see we have I've also noted there how many educators are involved in the world language and immersion programs we have 40 48 so we are really growing by leaps and bounds desert willow is accredited by the Embassy of Spain I didn't wasn't sure if you all knew what that exactly meant but I thought I'd put that in there because that's kind of a very nice feather in their cap that means that they are not only accredited by the Arizona Department of Education but the the Embassy of Spain has a select network of schools across the world that are that they vet and award this status to and desert willow is one of them so that's a pretty nice accomplishment we have Confucius classrooms for our Chinese those are tied to ASU and sister schools i we have so much going on that I just tried to put a few of the highlights on here for tonight I think that also in Cave Creek community we've been doing languages long enough that we know the benefits that are behind learning languages we know that it there's academic cognitive multicultural there's socio-emotional there's so many benefits to learning languages especially at an early age and then we know that the global economy out there and businesses are really looking for students that have these what they consider soft skills the ability to get along with other people who are a little bit different the ability to communicate doing business with other countries so we're we're not only helping in the moment but we are also helping prepare our students for college and career by giving them these skills and starting early when the brain is ready and primed for learning languages so with that I'm just going to run through a little bit of each program model so that you can have an understanding of the different program models that we have going on so the first one is called the Elementary it's called a foreign language exposure I'm gonna give you kind of the research language that's used out there in the research these program models are defined by the number of minutes that they're taught in schools and so this one is called a flex model now that isn't really a great name so we kind of change it we call it we're a Lange world Spanish world Chinese when we're at the elementary schools and you can see that anything less than 90 minutes a week is what's considered to be a flex model you can see the schools that are listed there and what this does because it is the the the lowest amount of time in any of our models it is really more of a foundational more of an exposure type program that helps build those neuronal networks in the in young children so that when they do continue with this we like to we like to have this program be a k-8 span and when they do continue into their adolescent years they have such a solid base that the rest of the language learning becomes pretty easy we also have another elementary school language program that's called bless foreign language in elementary school that's the research name again and that's anything that's less than 50% of the day but more than 90% of the week so that one's kind of in between flex and immersion so there's one school that's doing that and that's kind of evolved to out of grassroots from a grassroots perspective and there's a sixth grade class at Desert Sun Academy they have a teacher there that's been there for 12 years and she's got such a following that in sixth grade the students have the option to give up their specials if they want to go see Santa Maria and take classes with her every day so there's a group of a group of sixth graders over there that take it we call it a Spanish humanities class and we actually usually kind of skim about six to nine students from that class that have really just developed their Spanish skills so well that they're able to merge into the Spanish immersion pathway with the middle schoolers in seventh grade so it's kind of a fun way to to push this out to other schools and that are asking for more at the middle school we have a secondary language world Language Program that is a daily core class that is not very typical of middle schools initially we had it was more of an elective on a wheeeeel way back when which meant that students would take a language maybe for a semester and then not take it again for a year and then they would end up repeating the same thing because they had forgotten what they were doing so way back went that way back when the governing board actually approved us to move forward and put in this model which is more aligned to the research and actually allows students to get some get their legs under them and actually move on that path to proficiency and not lose ground and not have to repeat things and then subsequently not enjoy the class because they're repeating the same thing so this particular model covers the high school 1-2 curriculum over the course of two years since they are middle schoolers we want to just give them that extra time to go a little deeper and to do more skits more presentations more communicative activities and the letter grades what you see down there is the letter grades are somewhat aligned to proficiency levels we're working on this this is this is something that we call a being on the path to proficiency we're all kind of on this path to becoming more proficiency based when we teach languages and so at the middle school they've been working on that for the past for the past really two years and it's something that I don't think ever really truly is completed is it's kind of a lifelong learning but from the teachers perspective but it's really trying to get away from the old paradigm of teaching from a grammar perspective and moving to a communicative focus so when you when you start talking about that you start realizing that letter grades really don't mean a lot because if you have a B in Spanish what exactly that is does that mean so what we're doing is we're trying to align the grades with the proficiency levels and we have a whole proficiency scale that is used in the United States and out in the professional world we use that same scale here with the students so that our students actually are already familiar with the scale that their future job employers might be using to measure proficiency so we're working on that and the high school is also been working on that that's a pretty progressive kind of concept let's say we have a Spanish immersion pathway at the middle school as well and all of those classes are taught at a higher proficiency level than the daily corps that the previous slide that we just saw and we are having some changes some shifts in the middle school program the middle school is moving to a teaming model and that means that social studies is going to be put onto a team in the past the Spanish immersion students have had two periods a day one has been Spanish language arts and one has been social studies in Spanish and so now that social studies is going back on to a team and I'm not sure if they have the background on teaming but it's just a little bit of a different structured model it's the middle school model yes yeah we don't have that model in the past right and with a little bit of added staffing they're able to move back to that yes so in order to to fit immersion into that and also to take into consideration some of the reasons that you know students in middle school especially immersion students they've been in this program now for right all elementary and going to a teaming model would really kind of take away their ability to be able to choose other electives they would have had to have chosen a Spanish elective so we kind of started brainstorming and went to some conferences and talked to other schools across the country that we're doing that were kind of running into the same thing and at middle school we want to retain the students we want to keep them in the language and and also let them have choices to do some of the other electives that they are interested in so we came up with a few options the first option is you can see Spanish language arts that is actually the required option so if they're gonna stay in Spanish immersion they have to do option one and that is going to be a Spanish language arts class that's a daily class however it will move at a faster pace it'll cover the first year of high school language in one year and then and then when they're in eighth grade they'll cover the second year of high school language but they will be every that all classes will be taught at a higher proficiency level so it's just a real specific class for those students and immersion option two is they can take the SLA the Spanish language arts plus a digital media elective which is an every other day elective or option three they can take Spanish language arts and a history and culture every other day elective or they can take all of them so for those language kids that are really language kids they can just take the full two days of Spanish which is what they would be happy with what they've had in the past here or if they have band or PE or desire to do art this structure is now going to allow them to maybe choose do the Spanish language arts and then maybe choose digital media and art so it's going to give them a little bit more choice in some cases it a little bit less Spanish but we think we can we we know they're doing so well that cutting back on a little bit of the Spanish is gonna be okay especially if it keeps them in it and keeps students happy allowing them to have choice so that kind of explains where we're going with middle school school model and at the high school the Spanish immersion students we attempt to cluster students when they the Spanish immersion students when they move into the five six class we don't really have a true immersion pathway at the high school but what we can try to do with scheduling and becomes really difficult with having uh having them all try to get into one period a day so we try to cluster them into the five six and then the teacher knows that generally those students are going to have just different skills then students that have come up through the more through the regular secondary model and maybe started learning in middle school or high school so that's how we address the Spanish immersion going into high school the other thing just to note on high school is we have the Arizona seal of the state seal of biliteracy last year we had 49 students that applied and were granted that seal they have to go through a whole series of checklists and things that show that they are truly by literate and bilingual and we also have a higher level than what the state has set that we call the CC USD seal loved by literacy so that one actually has even higher standards and we always have a good number of students that reach the higher one as well especially with students with that immersion background and we now also have reached the point where we have AP and IB options for all three languages so I think we have really done a good job of rolling everything out and obviously always appreciate the support of the governing board on all of this so the last slide I have here is just to kind of give you the definition for proficiency you've probably heard me use that word a few times it's a very important word to us because it stands for the ability to communicate spontaneously in a culturally appropriate manner that is really our goal and we have to just always kind of keep reminding ourselves of that because most of us did not go through a program where that was the focus where proficiency was the focus the focus was on learning your conjugations learning your grammar and being able to kind of regurgitate it and put it on paper so we really use the scale to measure where students are and how they are progressing it's a really nice mind growth mindset approach to learning where you're always reaching a certain point and trying to get better and you have to learn what the characteristics are in order to reach the next level so it constantly keeps moving them up and with our end goal being professional proficiency so that they can go out and get great jobs when they graduate so with that I have just a little bit of time maybe four questions do you know how many students that will graduate here in a couple of weeks we'll have that Arizona seal of biliteracy we don't know exactly yet we're still waiting for some of the Spanish Chinese and French evaluations to come in one of the measures is is a test the acronym is Apple but it's from the American Council for teachers of foreign languages bless you and so we're waiting though they the students actually take some speaking tests and those those samples actually go and they're rated at the national level so we're waiting for some of those ratings to come back so I don't have the final results yet but it has been I'll say it has been growing exponentially every year since we've done it and actually we were the first cactus shadows was the first school in Arizona to do it so we're pretty proud of that now at the circle back to the middle school program what are we that's also for our Spanish and Chinese students too so currently the Spanish immersion program is the only one that has reached the high school the met up the middle school actually the Spanish immersion first cohort class is graduating from college this year so 16 years other than that the Chinese immersion is rolling up to will roll up to fifth grade next year and the French immersion will roll up to fourth grade and every year those will continue to roll up so this model is also opening up some options for us to prepare for the Chinese hitting and the French hitting in a few years yeah I didn't even mention that that was another reason we're already planning for those other languages to arrive here and then this type of a model is going to be much easier to implement in terms of teacher certification it's been very challenging to try to find native speaking you know with a high level of proficiency that tend to be native speakers and they tend to come from other countries and to have them teaching social studies has been a little bit challenging just because they're not always familiar with our social studies because they've been there their schooling was done in another country so this is really gonna allow us to have some fun with learning a language and really just focus on getting that keeping the interest and keep moving that proficiency level forward thank you very much that's a huge project I know and to be able to give yourself basically two years to be ready for the Chinese and in the French immersion students to circle up so that's good be able to get all the bugs worked out yes we are ahead of time for sure Desert Sun is a French immersion school correct correct then why is there flex model Spanish and not French so there there's been a Spanish teacher there for 12 years and she has just done such a fabulous job that we just figured we were gonna make that school and trilingual school so all of the students including the French immersion students actually go to world's world Spanish k5 and then obviously the sixth-graders have the opportunity to do the Spanish humanities class over there so it's been a marketing piece that we've used as well with Desert Sun as being this is this is really our only trilingual Elementary School in the district it's been really interesting too I'll just I'll just tell you on the side that the Spanish teacher has noticed too when she receives the French immersion students for the little time though the two 30-minute classes a week she says the French immersion students you can already tell their brains are being wired differently they're learning Spanish so fast cuz it's a similar similar language to French so all we're doing is just opening up more more brain waves more more neuronal networks in the brain thank you welcome any other questions okay great thank you so much okay thank you item 3.5 human growth in item three point five human growth and development curriculum from 2002 to president presented by dr. Burdick misterben and mr. Keith Thank You president Hill governing board members and community I'd like to ask mr. bean and Miss herkamp to the podium and we will have a presentation tonight that shows changes in the human growth and development curriculum from 2002 to the present Thank You president Hill members of the governing board and dr. verdict in your board packet I went through and I went from 2002 to the proposed 2019 and highlighted the things that at the front it says the why the changes so I'm just gonna go through those because I am the one who was there in 2002 so I feel like I have a um hopefully a good memory and from way back then but initially and lessons were reviewed and approved by the governing board since then Leslie's have been expanded and enhanced based on the updated and current information for example so Media keeping in mind that our curriculum isn't just sex education it's human growth and development that focuses not only on sex education but also about keeping our students healthy and making healthy decisions and having healthy relationships also just a little history back in 2002 it was a scripted curriculum I have it here and so what the teachers would do they would say the same thing read the script every single day and they would always say at the beginning if you have questions regarding the curriculum you need to write your questions on a piece of paper then that night I will look at the questions and if it's a part of our curriculum the next morning I will answer those questions and any questions that you may have asked that I can't answer I'm asking you to go to and talk to your parents or another trusted adult so that was part of what we said back then so teachers and other curriculum are constantly answering questions that the students had as long as it related to the curriculum also I'm handout slides from 2002 obviously you got to think back then we had transparencies we had overhead projectors we did not have PowerPoint and so those things were updated presentation again went from script reading then it went to be putting on a PowerPoint which we did same script was put on a PowerPoint but it prevented the teacher from just having to have this book in front of them so they wanted to read from a PowerPoint and then eventually it was put on the flash drive and each nurse kept one copy of the flash drive and the videos and then they would check them out to the people who taught the the curriculum which was basically at that time it was our nurses our PE health teachers at the middle school because again sixth grade was at the middle school then we also obviously put in the embedded videos now because most of those videos from way back then they don't even they don't even exist anymore the current diagrams and pictures and videos were are inserted now into the PowerPoint changes were made to day a lesson was presented again it was based on questions that were being asked by the students and the teacher made that change as long as it was something that was still part of the curriculum they switched some of those days some lessons were moved to a lower grade and then when sixth grade moved to the elementary school what the middle school teachers were finding that some of the students because basically sixth grade teachers taught that curriculum when the when the curriculum constitutes being one sixth grade went to the middle school and what the middle school teachers were finding that there was a lot of gaps and information from the stuff that they should have gotten sixth grade so a lot of that was retaught in seventh grade so you'll see those added into the seventh and eighth grade curriculum and and obviously already said that the videos were updated as many are no longer available so those were why the changes were made back then and I went through and you should have those where I went by each grade and I said how many because I had all three of them out there and I said what was changed and mainly it's things that were updated or expanded for example there were you know there wasn't anything on Twitter or Facebook because that didn't exist back then there's more more slides on menstruation for example from what was in 2002 on same way with acne so it was all based on questions so what they did is they took those and they just added more information for the students so that's basically I don't know if you have any questions just regarding that list that I provided for you I didn't go into a lot of detail but I did try to point out every single thing that was changed from 2002 to the proposed 2019 curriculum any questions on that handout okay do you have any questions and then and then the objectives there was a question about the objectives and in that the objectives that are for 2019 they are not fundamental changes they're just changes in semantics so what I did is I gave you a list of all the 2002 objectives and the proposed 2019 I put I don't know if it showed up in color on yours and red but basically I fit it under some of the semantics were changed in the wording but it fit under the existing 2002 original objectives any other questions regarding those two handouts or anything I can clarify for you I had a question on a couple of the slides uh-huh so words is a slide up here now that has the three the the three types of intercourse sixth grade and it was it was in seventh grade and even now when I looked back and had to do this task of looking at all those the last day of sixth grade and I'm talking about 2002 we talked about in a pro appropriate and inappropriate boundaries we define rape we talked about hey if anybody ever touches you or does anything inappropriate and we define that and we're talking to the kids how you need to tell somebody no one ever has a right to do this to you and then I realized why we say that but we didn't even really define that back then so that was something that I caught what 17 years later so I think it was a great move and changed to put that in a lower grade I understand wanting to to cover those I I feel personally that seventh grade would be better only because it's there's no much of a difference between sixth and seventh grade but the the the peer groups surrounding seventh grade that's middle school students versus the elementary school students down to kindergarten that are the in the peer group for the sixth graders I'm just concerned about I think there might be one of the concerns people have is that younger students may overhear conversations of sixth-graders talking about things they learned and you know sixth grade versus seventh grade isn't much of a difference but the the ages of the peer groups are very different I would suggest that we move that to seventh grade and I understand what you're saying member engine and I guess part of it again was based on questions that sixth graders are asking and that slide is by definition only they don't really go into that but it was basically questions that kids were asking and so that's why it was moved but certainly I will jump in there and say that spending the last few months at an elementary school the grade levels k3 and for sex are pretty much separated the only time that those grade levels are together might be in the morning when they have drop-off at 8:40 and so from 8:40 to 855 but usually they stay with their friend groups and member rich and governing board members just remember this is a presentation so any changes that you would entertain would work at the actual action item not during the presentation so any other questions regarding just the materials that you are provided I have one other question about what we talked about mr. camp about the expanding that the one slide about homophobia and covering all the different areas under the school districts anti-harassment policy to make it a more inclusive discussion to cover all those characteristics that people might be discriminated against like rigid or religious affiliation or just differences and maturity size difference between students appreciate that comment and that recommendation I think that we cover those areas of discrimination within our second step program and I understand your recommendation to include that in the human growth and development so thank you do we have any other questions okay thank you thank you thank you item 4 action consent do I have a motion to approve the items as presented so moved second all those in favor aye any opposed any abstentions okay item 4.1 meeting minutes from April 7 April 8 and 17th of 2019 the recommendation is that the governing board of take the following action move that the governing board approve the minutes as presented we need to make an emotion in a second and then we can discuss I said they've been pulled second okay any discussion yeah this is where I asked to pull this out excuse me for one was the the Monday April 8th was the business meeting where we actually had the long discussion with the human growth and development program and a lot of the parents make comments for and against and whatnot my issue as you go back and look at the video of that meeting there's a few times where members rich or member Hill that made a question but that question doesn't appear in the minutes there's actually three three times that I'd notated as I'm back watching the video the questions were at that time important and actually flowed with our general discussion if we don't include them the minutes it seems like in my opinion were we're not being truthful on the minutes of what was actually said and discussed at that meeting I guess if the minutes are going to be what the community will refer back to first and unless they also then go back and watch the video of the meeting I would note I would think that if I'm sitting here and I heard the questions I heard the answers but then I see the minutes after we approve them I would say well wait a second remember rich asked the question but that's not in the minutes I I don't know what everybody else feels if you think I personally don't like that we're leaving out information to the community so I that's why I asked to pull this out um governing board members I'm president Hill and governing board members I just want to make a comment there was a time in the past with previous boards and different boards secretaries were the board minutes were verbatim very very long pages and pages and pages of verbatim minutes we were it was suggested that at that time that we try to get the gist of the meeting and that does mean that Muscato has to make decisions on maybe not repeating always every comment etc but we moved away from verbatim minutes and tried to move towards more generalized comments so just that's the history of how the minutes had evolved they were at one time verbatim minutes and you know we as administration would do whatever the board suggests is best for them I mean I grieve remember Brown a does seem like their condensed would be just to owners to put every word I don't know if you put every question or maybe every organized that the challenge would be then I think if we want everything included we don't want Julia although she's trying nice now to decide what is the things that need to be put down but you know again we're we're gonna need some specifics on that if we're gonna change the way we're doing it now because that is the judgment call on her which things are maybe something that's already been stated even by another member or whatever so again we'll do whatever the board wishes well I would assume that we the whole point of approving the minutes is specifically for this Scott you've identified something that was relevant or important that was left out I have three three instances as I watched the video again today this is video part two this is a three part video because the meeting was so long members Hill and rich both ask questions at the twenty four minute 58 seconds show up in two minutes members rich and he'll also ask questions at the 37 minute twenty four second mark that doesn't appear and member rich asked another question at the 42 28 minute mark the only way in watching the video you see how our discussion flowed and without those questions in the text of the meeting it gets real choppy and I don't think we showed the community with with this being such an important item obviously I don't think we show the community that by the missing information in the minutes that maybe we didn't have a good enough discussion or we didn't have our follow-up questions to each other what are the questions that were left out well that I didn't write down I'm sorry wasn't it there was a did seem like it was a couple questions missing that led up to the one we ended up tabeling it yes the question about what was added or something you were interrupted by Ms McLennan and I think that was inappropriate to on her part the original motion that that President Hill made was the true motion in the minutes we say it's an amended motion it really wasn't she made the original motion that motion was current on the floor member Busby through our discussion member Busby then asked for a amended motion which is appropriate and that was made and seconded so we actually still only had the one motion on the floor Ms McLennan came up was asked to come up to the podium and pretty much gave us her direction to what she thought was going on which she was an error if you go back and look at the video and in her suggestion basically she's the one that decided to table the motion and not being an elected member of the governing board she was way out of line for that was she's I think the discussion though is are we wanting to do something I mean this is what we do with the minutes as they were recorded so we need to decide could we table this and then Scott you come back with the missing questions so that we could approve it with whatever missing information that you identified in the video we could improve the next time around okay so just this set of minutes here from April 8th yes the April 17th which was actually the work study meeting although it was kind of hard to follow sometimes with the sound on the video seemed to have captured most of our discussion with the ASBA facilitators that were here with us that night it was just mostly my concerns with obviously the April 8th minutes in regards to the human growth and development piece so then I'm president Hill you would need an amended motion the motion on the floor right now is to approve the meetings that's presented so we would not need to have an amended motion I would like to amend it and we tabled the approval for further information to be added second for the April 8 meeting minutes okay any discussion all those in favor any opposed any abstentions okay so would we then have to individually approve than April Simas you need to go back and prove ok so then do I have a motion to approve the minutes as presented for the April 17th so meeting second any discussion all those in favor aye any opposed any abstentions okay item 5 old business and a 5.1 2018-19 budget revision number 2 presented by dr. freeze on president Hill governing board members and dr. Burdick this is the time of the year where we bring to you our final revision of the current fiscal year's budget in your cover page you'll see that there's some reference to the items that were changed we adjust the budget based on the updated information from the hundredth day average daily membership for both regular and special education grouping add-on weights we've added in the transfer of the mio funds to the energy and water savings account and we made an adjustment to the district additional assistance district additional assistance changes in coordination with the increase or decrease in ADM also there were also some budget revisions to the federal and state grant funds and some other minor changes to to align the budget to the actual expenditures administration would recommend the Governing Board approved the revised 2018-19 budget as presented so moved second any discussion all those in favor aye any opposed any abstentions item 5.2 approval of human growth and development curriculum for grades 4 through 8 presented by dr. Burdick miss her camp and misterben but we have some people that would like to speak before hand so as I call it I'll call you up by name and then you'll have three minutes to speak first person is Sylvain Duran thank you I came here today to protest against the content of the human growth and development curriculum portions of this curriculum should not be taught to young children they will lose their innocence by learning about the three types of in Casas intercourses all the homosexuality some of the materials covered in this curriculum will make a movie rated for mature audience which is 18 plus I do not believe on the opt-out options as kids that do not attend will be made fun of and we learn from the one that attended the class I believe that the parents should total stop excu is not a substitute to parenting there is a very simple solution provides education materials to the parents and have the parents decide which topics they want to teach and how it should be taught in the confinement of the home my wife my two boys aged six and seven moved to carefree Arizona from Illinois for the school district and we want our our school to educate the kids well not to learn those topics the term of human growth and development for some of the content is very deceiving there is a saying they say that from where I'm from that garbage in the sixth King Steve garbage I request the boards to review the human growth and development and remove the topics that I mentioned from the district thanks for your time okay speaker number two is Robert Chevalier and I'm miss praying the first time I know I did it again Chevalier a good evening president Hill governing board and dr. Burdick thank you for the opportunity to speak tonight my name is Robert Chuvalo I live in the district and I have two daughters that attend your schools I'm here that you asked I'm here to ask you to please vote yes and approve the human growth and development curriculum without amendments at the last meeting some opposed to her to this curriculum cited to regulations that and they said that it would be illegal for the district to roll the curriculum out to our students since that meeting both of those cited regulations have been repealed and there remains no legal ambiguity this is a curriculum that is appropriate and legal to deliver to our community during the last board meeting president Hill you proposed that the board removed two vocabulary terms oral and anal sex I ask that you reconsider and withdraw that proposal as was noted at the last meeting those terms are presented once on one slide during the lesson on sexually transmitted disease these terms serve to educate our students on how STDs are transmitted STDs can be transmitted via oral and anal sex that information is perfectly appropriate for that lesson as an analogy I cannot imagine our school is giving a health lesson on the flu or the common cold for example without including the terms coughing and sneezing colds are transmitted through coughing and sneezing you know in one way I kind of get it mucus and phlegm are gross but how and why called spread from person to person is information that our kids should be getting even if things like mucus and phlegm are make some people squeamish I understand that the terms oral and anal sex make some people uncomfortable however I argue that it's not the school's job to make people comfortable it is the school's job to educate in an effort to educate in January of this year the Arizona Department of Health Services released their latest report on STDs in Arizona it can be found online I sent it to you all last Thursday as noted in a section on adolescents and young adults in Arizona over half of newly reported cases of STDs occur in people aged 10 to 24 these are your kids these are your students they ought to be empowered with every opportunity to gain the knowledge they need to be healthy human beings and healthy relationships by removing the terms annal sex and oral sex from an STD lesson you're removing knowledge that our kids can use to stay healthy further for those families who would prefer to teach lessons about STDs at home with the approval of the new curriculum guidelines along with a new permission slip CC USD families will have the option to opt in day by day lesson by lesson and are not in any way obligated to receive these STD lessons that is if families are uncomfortable with the lessons taught fair enough they don't have to take these lessons provide foundational knowledge this is a good curriculum is medically accurate information and our community is ready for these lessons thank you very much speaker number three excuse me Tim P Robbins good evening governing board dr. Burdick thanks for allowing me to speak tonight my name is Tempe Robbins and my daughter and son attend horseshoe trails elementary school I'm here again this evening to urge you to vote YES in favor of adopting the district's proposed human growth and development curriculum I'm here to ask you to adopt the curriculum as it was written without amendment the purpose of this curriculum is to educate our kids about healthy bodies and relationships and to empower our kids with science-based knowledge as they navigate this developmental stage of their lives as a parent that would opt into the program I would prefer my children have access to current inclusive sex education materials that don't skip over very important information such as ways of contracting an STD we heard from a number of parents at the last meeting that have concerns about the program and do not want their children receiving sex education lessons in school and I respect that choice we should all make decisions for our families that feel right according to our individual beliefs and that's the beauty of this tailored opting program day by day I would urge the board as elected public officials not to be swayed by your own family's beliefs or religious beliefs about our faith-based beliefs when considering this curriculum your community stands before you you know both tonight and in previous weeks saying that we want this for our kids we want this information and we think it's it's appropriate please don't deny our kids the opportunity to receive current and inclusive information that can empower our kids to be safer and more confident in their choices and through adolescents and I would also urge you to give greater weight to the opinions of parents that do plan to opt in because we really are the ones at risk or we are more affected directly by our decisions thank you our next speaker is Abbey bassinet hi I'm Bethany and thank you all everyone does it thank you all so much for I need to speak tonight um I was present at the last meeting and I spoke in favor of the human growth and development curriculum my opinion has not changed I still believe that our kids need this curriculum as designed in full parents who wish to opt out may do so not only by the day but by the lesson being taught parents are a hundred percent in control of the material that their children are being taught by the ability to opt in or opt out of these lessons considering that 98 percent of your parents opt in it seems like a slam dunk decision for me for all of you and I trust that you as our board members have now taken the time to review this material in its entirety and I personally would like to take the time to thank Cara her camp and the rest of her committee for several things for one for keeping the HGD curriculum up to date considering how quickly our world is changing in the face of social media and also I want to thank them for taking all the extra time to jump through the hoops demanded of them in order to get this done I spoke with mrs. her camp last week because I am extremely concerned about the H GED curriculum not being taught to our students this year it is my understanding that should this per coulomb pass tonight that not all grade levels will have sufficient time to have this material taught before the end of the current school year I personally feel that this is unacceptable and I do think that it is the fault of this board for not being prepared for this vote at the April meeting this gap in learning needs to be rectified and I am very hopeful that this board has a plan in place to address this learning gap as we are just over a week away from the end of the school year and our children are celebrating the successes of the year some other teachers are now going to have to cram in this curriculum if it should pass if they even can and this short notice isn't fair to the teachers or the students and it's not fair to the parents who want to opt in or opt out because they need to have time to prepare for these conversations or to research the topics that are being taught so that they can make informed decisions regarding their children's participation in the program I am disappointed that this board whether it was in part or in whole did not take the time to become familiar with HGD curriculum prior to the April vote I feel like all this whole mess could have been avoided I feel like it's not too late to do the right thing and adopt this curriculum because 98% of your parents are counting on you to do so thank you our final speaker is RuPaul Jeremy good evening my name is ruble Carmi thank you again governing board dr. Burdick dr. Miller for letting me be here and speak to the topic of human growth and development I'm very passionate about this topic first and foremost of the mother of a 13 year old and 8 year old daughter son and daughter in our district but also as a pediatrician and I spent a lot of time reviewing this entire curriculum it took 8 hours and I looked at every single slide every single link every single video and what you don't know about me is one of my other professional positions in the past has been as medical director of global medical community communications at Abbott and in that role I looked at a lot of medical information that was put out forward-facing to the public whether it's websites web apps sales materials commercials but always considering it from a medical safety standpoint as well as the resources that were used and I used that hat when I looked at these materials and I just want to Risa mirai's what I took note of what I part of the reason I think this should be approved as is is that every lesson really begins with guidelines on how students should conduct themselves they include the philosophy statement which is to present accurate and understandable information build positive attitudes for the children as well as their mental and emotional well-being every lesson includes instructions how to ask questions anonymously the vocabulary used is age-appropriate reviewed upon and built in subsequent years the video materials are also age-appropriate and the slide in question I want to address that has caused a lot of controversy is the one presented in sixth grade regarding sexual intercourse and defined the three types they both stress that these are all ways in which sexually transmitted diseases occur and from a public health standpoint I actually think it is a disservice and would be wrong and irresponsible not to include that slide and while they may not all cause pregnancy they do transmit disease and I think sixth grade is also an appropriate age group in which to start talking about this I enjoyed that all of the curriculum stresses there's a wide range of normal all of these children are dealing with physical emotional hormonal changes every slide deck ends with a reminder that abstinence is the only way to 100% prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy and on some of the decks it's stressed in the middle as well as at the end and professional medical societies such as the American Academy of Pediatrics the American Society for adolescent medicine the American Society of Family Medicine all support this type of education in the school curriculum in conjunction ideally with education at home and there are multiple well-regarded references that have been used so for all of these reasons I think from a medical standpoint and as well as supporting what many parents in our community are asking for that you vote YES on the curriculum as it is thank you okay now we'll go to our presentation the approval of human growth and development curriculum for grades four through eight presumably dr. Burdick miss her camp and misterben thank you if miss her camp and misterben could come forward in case there are any questions as you know the background is that we have been bringing this forward since January we've also been sending out reminders to our parent community and at this time the administration would recommend the governing board approve the updated human growth and development curriculum as presented okay discussion no this is for any questions we have our new discussion on the diet the presentation was during the presentation time this is the tabled item that was brought back from the previous works business meeting in April and so any questions that you still have this would be the time or any questions that haven't been answered this would be the time to ask those before your decision I just want to thank both of you for taking I'm sure it was an inordinately doing the comparison that you did because as a former teacher when I would we would have dumped new curriculum I didn't spend a lot of time looking at the old stuff I looked at the new stuff in terms of complying with the standards and so I appreciate all the time that I'm I know you must have spent on this do we have any questions I do mr. Ben in your presentation earlier this evening you pretty much recaps what was might have been an original slide or a thought or something that the learner will learn from the 2002 curriculum to 2019 suggested curriculum were you aware of any changes that were made in possibly in 2015 or 2016 that was made to that curriculum without governing board approval I very firm to some changes that were made I believe like 2014-15 yes but again it was part of the objectives it was not anything that was new to the curriculum it we don't necessarily go to the governing board for minor changes it's not once approved it does not necessary Nessa Tait going to the governing board for minor changes parents still have the opportunity to see the curriculum so it was the same type of process they have an opportunity to do that prior to the curriculum being taught and then they have that option to opt in or out opt out of those changes that were made with or without board approval in for 2014-2015 did you not include those in your review from the 2002 material to the 2019 material all of this was anything that was from 2002 to present curriculum that's being proposed was included when I went through them I went through 2002 I have the flash drive from 2015 and then I have the proposed one so everything that I put was what I indicated on the difference excuse me differences I think sometimes we draw we're drawing a pretty fine line I looked up the definition of curriculum in Indian Carter dictionary subjects taught in an educational institution or elements taught in a subject and I think we've we've tried to draw the fine line between objectives and curriculum to me it's all the same it's all the same piece of information that we're presenting to our students I have a problem that we've had district administrators or district staff that have gone and off the rails per se and have made changes to curriculum without board approval obviously it was not on that board in 2014 or 2015 those district employees that's a direct violation of our district policy and to just be out wildcatting changes to curriculum without having the review process of the board I I have a problem with that now we can't go back in time five years and figure out who did what but I'm just saying for part of my discussion that's that's something that I have I've researched that to the best of my ability to who was on that committee in 2002 and who's on that committee that was just formed here in 2018 we were told there was three three committee members that were the same but I can really only see two no nevertheless the 20 or the 2002 committee did of what I consider a wider range of parents and community members that were involved in that whereas our committee that formed in 2018 was very very limited in to the point that there was only one person out of that committee that was not a district employee knowing how things run in business and this is a business you're part of the team and if you don't want to make waves sometimes if you're on a committee you just go along with the flow without having parents faith leaders other committee or excuse me community members which we have on all of our other committees whether it's the blueprint committee or a planning committee or whatever committee the superintendent calls for without having that cross-section of community members I think maybe we have rammed this adjustment to this curriculum through and I don't think that's fair to either of the board members or to our students well if I can respond to that and I'm not the expert as y'all are but what I'm thinking about is I'm hearing this is that every year parents have to opt in so every year you have that number of parents essentially approving the curriculum because they're opting in and if we have 90% of parents opting in to me that speaks volumes it's it says it all well I think we're here tonight to approve the proposed curriculum I hear at member Brown that you may have concerns on how committees are brought together and that's something we can address at another time absolutely but I do want to note that when you say we were just all employees on the committee the majority of us are and have children in the district and I think you've heard from enough committee members tonight to see how our other constituents feel about the human growth and development and I will go back to the fact that it's scientifically based and that 98% of our six fourth through sixth grade parents opt in and 97% of our seventh and eighth grade parents opt in so this is something that the community wants your opt-in numbers are nice except your opt-in is it's history compared to what will be now the new curriculum you really can't extrapolate that with if this new curriculum is approved that you will still continue to have a 98% parents agreeing to having their children see this well we can certainly look at the data after we present it and bring that back to the governing board I also want to just address one of the things that you said because I've been involved with this curriculum tilt since 2002 anyone comment was made that people add stuff and just kind of willy-nilly add stuff and also a member of the teaching and learning Department everything that was brought forth in 2015 was communicated it was put on our website parents still had the opportunity to view that so it wasn't like people working in the dark changing things and not letting people know the changes of the added that love the questions that the students had but that's still a violation of policy if the policy is the district's policy to have curriculum approved by the board but my understanding is once approve it doesn't necessitate going to the governing board for minor changes if that's accurate president Hill governing board members as I think member Busby brought up that may be the last meeting or the meeting before I don't know what they're kind of running together with HGD many of our teachers take creative license in expanding or enhancing a lesson it might be reading lesson it might be a social studies lesson and they may still teach the objectives and sometimes I go in a school and I might visit four classrooms of the same grade level and I see the same objective being taught in four different ways so they might use different things but we don't for instance when we have some online resources and those online resources may be updated periodically from the publisher that has them we approved the adoption at the beginning of an adoption and then may we don't come back every time that publisher updates something or sends amendments so I don't know that any of the things that were changed and I know we're talking about nuances of curriculum and nuances of objectives but I don't know and what I've been told by these ladies especially miss Durbin who took the time and brought the entire curriculum from 2002 in for me to look at and went and showed me changes they still fell under the approved curriculum or objectives that were in the original approved curriculum except for some many minor things which she brought up tonight like things that didn't exact exist like sexting or Twitter or some of the social media items and so I know that whoever did that updating did not think that those were things that rose to needing to come back to the governing board if the governing board wants in the future for every single change to come forward when the companies do updates and give us additional online resources or anything like that we can change our procedures that we've been doing for years in the district which is bringing it when it's a major change but we haven't brought minor updates and I guess the word minor would be me different things to different people but we will do whatever the board instructs us to do in the future to make sure that we are following what your wishes the list of resources is that being voted on also there's a list of resources listed used back in 2002 we have not updated that as far as I know no and the only things that videos are updated because again those diagrams in the videos many of them don't exist plus they are very very outdated but those things are updated but as far as the original resources that we used in the list that was provided in the original 2002 that's how that was the basis of creating this curriculum back then alright I have a question about that then because I I don't know where I got the information from but I was informed that the list of resources was just a list of resources that parents could use that it was not a list of resources that the curriculum came from believe the list of resources are it was used once the committee in 2002 got together to try to figure out what objectives they wanted to include in the human growth and development program we also have a list of books recommended books for parents to review if they so choose to do more it on the CCSD website after the list of books it's the very last slide or last part of that as you scroll down on the website and then there's a list of resources and member rich and governing board members I'm the one who told you that because I asked about that and I was told that those lists of resources that included some things that people objected to were a list a comprehensive list that parent I can't see it from here sorry but a comprehensive list of resources for parents yes I think if you're referring to the list that was in the original two thousand – it was all the resources that we look at prior to that helped us formulate this script and curriculum so that that's a list if that's what you were referring to so that that's that is not a list firm what's the curriculum was taken is that correct that is the list from the curriculum that was taken started 2002 and those are all the resources that committee looked at in formulating that curriculum however I will just say the one that was in question was Planned Parenthood and I was told that this list was resources for parents and you put all the things that parents could refer back to that is accurate but it's also we did look at the planned parent curriculum back then so all of those things that are listed we looked at as a curriculum however Planned Parenthood did have a curriculum it was not one we chose chose but it but we wanted to make sure that we listed every single thing that we looked at so back then those were all the curriculums and information that was looked at so now that could be confusing to some people excuse me so that's a list the resources you looked at but not necessarily was used be updated to just have resources that were used in order to avoid confusion that was back then but I I know that we wanted to make sure when we went to the board back then we wanted to make sure that they knew everything that we looked at that we did our homework and that we were looking at all different options and information and evidence space and best practices so that's why we included it but I certainly understand how that could be confusing but because not one we just didn't take one curriculum we actually just wrote it are the committee wrote it so would there be a way to clarify on what we have now that those resources are now being listed for parents if they want further information I'd have to look at these because I don't even know if some of these are still current these were you know 17 years ago discuss still Healthcare's to yes exactly and and I don't even know like the I don't even know if some of these still exist but many of them do but I would I don't really have that information of all of these are still available I understand you realize that's the first time we've heard that explanation about this resource page and we've asked this question before I believe I put in the questions for the board that that was that list was resources for parents but that's not how was presented to the board back in February and March February I believe member Brown that was one of the questions that came from the governing board so I did I know because that's where remember rich heard it because I had sent that to the governing board but it may be the first time that we've heard that they were all looked at in 2002 since we did have the presentation tonight from 2002 to the present any other questions a couple questions or in the comments I actually looked at all in the slides and I will tell you this it was not an easy task because what was originally presented to this to the governing board we were given a link and at that point when we were given the link we were led to believe this is it and to be very honest with you I sat here through an entire meeting going where is this coming from because what I've looked at says nothing about oral sex or anything else and so then I started asking questions where is this stuff well I March off to each the schools which is fine but getting access to it at once school it took me an hour before somebody actually had it on a computer because somebody had to be called from somewhere else to come to the school although they knew I was coming so that's neither here nor there the end result is I saw it I've looked at all of this stuff I totally understand both sides of this argument 100% I understand where the people who are opposed to it or coming from and I understand the other side with that said after looking at this there are I have come to the conclusion we have merged two different types of curriculum together to try to get into five days what we're calling human growth and development meanwhile within this here's your body parts this is what you were born with this is how they change and this is what you use them for and this is what could happen there is a whole social emotional psychological piece that's put into it and we have not done justice to that they're on the sixth grade boys on slide 14 it's talking about various growth patterns are determined by such factors as hereditary environment and foods we eat amount of sleep exercise we receive general health and way of life and then the next slide immediately goes into talking about scientific and professional research is has determined sexual orientation or attraction has been determined to typically emerge between middle childhood and early early adolescence and then the next slide talks about sexual sexual orientation and that's it I mean if we're gonna go down that path which it's part of our world it's part of our society and we're remiss if we don't if we're going down that path shouldn't we give it some some integrity some justification and something else with it all of these kids have they all have phones whatever is brought up and what isn't brought up I guarantee you little Joey or Susie's gonna march out of that classroom and they're gonna be on that phone googling and some of what they're taught they've heard about they may know know it they may not I mean we know none of us in this room had available to us what these kids have available today and I have three kids and I am one of those parents who really really really wanted my kids to be kids for as long as they could be kids that didn't happen and it is our responsibility as parents to educate them to to give them the tools to be able to make good decisions to stay healthy to be wise in in their actions as they evolve into the world this is a nice little presentation but it's like you threw the carrot out and walked out the room this does not do justice to what you want it to do if we're gonna teach it we need to teach it with integrity we've another area that I identified there's a slide in seventh grade it's like 13 it talks about there's oral herpes in general herpes it gives a definition of oral doesn't tell you what genital is it leaves it up to the imagination yet the slide about the three types of sex at one point years ago it was here are the three types of sex now those three types of sex have a definition so if you're gonna define things on that slide and be explicit and the whole objective is to help these kids be smart so they don't get STDs then why aren't they defined explicitly this is what that STD is you defined one but not the other remember best be you know I couldn't agree with you more on there is so much information and ideally this is something that probably could be taught all year round because there is so much information that goes with human growth and development and I think we need to remember that back in 2002 when we were tasked at that time to come up with a curricula knowing that we only had X amount of days that we were going to have and what we decided to do at that time is given much info Meishan as we can let our parents know that this is what we're talking about so that those conversations because the parents knew what was being talked that day if they took the time to look at the curriculum so they could talk more with our children because there is so much information that this could be a standalone class by itself well it could be I guess where I struggle with this is you showed up at the dance but now now what are you gonna do I mean there are our social media influences bullying peer pressure there are all kinds of other aspects that are alluded to may be mentioned but there's really nothing else to follow up and some of those are more monumental than some of the other things that you're talking about in the in these slides and and those are the things that really impact these kids I mean it is fortunate and unfortunate what our kids have access to today and there is no way in the world we will ever stay ahead of the curve but it is our responsibility as parents as governing board members and as people in this community to do the best that we can to give these kids the tools and all I'm asking is if we're gonna do this we really need to take a step back and look at this curriculum and really pay attention to what we're putting in here because there are some of these from grade to grade some of this stuff is repeated and and I understand the reason for that but in reality is is the objective here to say we taught this so we can get it off the to-do list or is the objective to really educate these kids so that they are equipped to make make decisions that will be beneficial to them as they grow up I think that's one of the reasons why a lot of them Meishan was repeated started in six that was repeated in seventh and an eighth and some of the other things for social-emotional learning and you're talking about the bullying and things like that that's what we have the second step bullying prevention program that is taught at our elementary and middle school too so that is also giving going into more detail and depth on some of those resiliency skills and and healthy relationships and and ways for kids to make healthy choices that's separate from this curriculum but we do teach that also in our for for some kids and I'm not saying that you have to adapt everything to the least common denominator but for kids in the age groups that we're talking about sometimes they don't connect the dots between this is what the the anti-bullying classes and then here's H GD sometimes they don't really connect the dots and kids will zone out and unfortunately they will probably zone out more in an anti-bullying class than human growth and development because they find this a little more interesting well and I I don't know I mean I know I'm getting off topic a little bit but we do a pre and post-tests far I'm second stuff every student whether it's first grade third grade fifth grade fourth whatever it's great there's a pre and post I'm solely there given information at the beginning and at the very end they're given the exact same test to see what knowledge was gained and we have seen increases all the way through so we know kids are paying attention to those second stuff lessons because there is growth shown in those pre and post all I'm saying with my comments here is that there really needs to be some attention paid to some of these slides and what follows them because there's there's a slide about forgive me if I'm not being politically correct alternate lifestyles I'm not really sure what the correct way to say it is and and that's important that's that is it exists on our campuses it is it is a topic that should be respected but to give it a slide and a half that's that's how much respect we're gonna give it you know it maybe has been an issue a nun for kids have had had been bullied or something if if we're gonna go down the path and mention this stuff then we need to do it with integrity there needs to be some more substance to it in order to be authentic with what we're teaching these kids just questions and thank you member buzz me is that my assumption has been that although there may only be a slide with bullets that the teacher then we'll talk about that and ask for questions and give information it's not it's like a PowerPoint where there's a basic listing of concepts and then the teacher is not just reading those through but actually giving an instruction that is correct and they can only answer the questions though that are on that relates so because we used to have all the questions and then we compiled them and then we'd look at all these questions that kids are asking I don't know if they were asking these because they would just wanted it to be funny or if they really didn't have if they really did not know but that's how it was way back when but then it was like the teachers that answer the questions as they went if it pertained to what was being presented on that slide you're right and having taught that's the nature of curriculum you know teachers will no matter what the concept is I mean no matter what the content is our subject matter we may think gosh I wish they had more on this so depending on the questions from the class you you go there with them you know you answer their questions so that's the nature of curriculum it's never going to satisfy everybody and there will always be perceived gaps depending on your class really that I understand my point is all it is is being mentioned but it's being mentioned in such a way to heighten awareness but there's really nothing that follows up to give it any other kind of credence or credibility to what is it's just like oh and here's this and then you go off on to another topic I mean I will say it again if we're gonna do this we need to do it with integrity and and be be a little bit more conscientious of what's in there because to be honest where some of these slides were put in it's kind of obvious that it's like oh we need to add this and it was just stuck in because the slides float it flows it flows of clothes and then all of the sudden here's this like dance like where'd that come from and it's I totally understand the purpose and the need for this I do so I don't want anybody to misunderstand me I just think if we're gonna do this we need to do it the right way and it should be done with authenticity integrity and with a very specific goal to to be comprehensive and not just try to touch on a bunch of subjects and say we did this I'm gonna say that we worked very hard on it we've been working on it for a year and a half and it was done with integrity in the fact that we want to make sure that our students have the information at their fingertips that they are aware our goal is to make sure that they're safe and if we present what we can in our limited time period because we are very limited with time and they have more questions on the topics that we don't do justice to then they can ask their parents or a trusted adult or put the question in the question box and we can answer it if we can but I think that the most important part is we get the information to that we can and the amount of time that we can to our students so we can work on helping them keep safe not only sexually but socially and emotionally as well because the curriculum does cover all three areas when do we have the first presentation in January on this I'm sorry um member Busby it were member Hatcher sorry it was actually January 28th it's in the beginning of the item that's what I was thinking I'm frustrated I have to say because I feel like this is the fourth time you've come before us I was able to view that stuff from my house and I'm sure I wasn't sent the link just to me I could see everything and so when we received that link from the district or whoever who sent know whoever sent it to us I watched it all and so I'm frustrated that this is coming to a fourth round because I feel like we should be having these should have had these discussions on the first and second read not now I'm in and if I'm out of line please stop me but I feel like we're letting the public down as a board and I'm part of the body we should be ready to move forward up or down you get the powerpoints at home I received something I received a link and I was able to yeah because I didn't get any all I got were some videos I never got any powerpoints or anything I can't see all the powerpoints but it wasn't it wasn't to my you know better up my home address it was through this it was oh I didn't I did get any of them self I said Google link that was sent out to all governing board members by I believe mrs. Scott oh all we had to do was add your name to the group list as a viewing person and that's what you received at home if you don't have a gmail account perhaps you couldn't access it but we can certainly show you how to do that if you swing by any one of our schools and talk to a tech con remember I've already gone and viewed all this stuff so that that's a moot point and just so the governing board knows every governing board received the exact same information same links everything the same we don't just send it to one person or another unless you're having difficulty and we have to provide additional assistance but the original emails with the links etc were sent to all board members at the same time any other questions your first committee meeting was May 10th of 2018 so we're just right at a year right now in 2002 your committee met starting in I believe August of 2002 and the curriculum wasn't approved until September or your committee met in 2000 your curriculum wasn't approved until either August or September of 2002 so almost 25 months from the time your committee form to when it was brought to the board and approved so you know you're just at a year right now from when your first committee meeting was we saw the information in January 28th which was a presentation only so we couldn't really even ask questions at that time so we've only had the the first reading and second reading to even look at questions try to get links to see the material try to go to the schools and and like remember Busbee you know took most of her day to wait for someone to show up that had the material I almost feel like it's been we've been just fed bits and pieces of it as board and we're trying to piece it all together that that makes it real awkward for us I also feel very strongly we're the top district in North East Valley our curriculum should reflect that and I don't believe this does other curriculum whether it's math science social studies is maybe more thought-out maybe more researched I just feel this is just still – we're – all over the board like member Busby said we think of something we throw a slide in there I think it disrupts the continuity of it if you look at from as we look at other curriculum we want to build on what we've taught in the fourth grade up through eighth grade as we would with this curriculum and I just don't feel that I just don't get that feeling of this curriculum meets that standard that this district has set for our students in our community I'd like to propose three changes or amendments to this I don't know if the seems like things are I think we need kind of negatives I'd like to propose some changes and see if maybe something of the board would be interested in we would have to vote to mint because right now the question on the table is to vote as approved I mean to vote I was presented yes three of them I proposed to I proposed to move the the slide with the definitions those are three terms of intercourse from sixth grade to seventh grade because as I stated before because of the the peer groups are different in middle school versus the students and elementary school they may overhear so discussions outside of the classroom and there's a the slide that a member of us we talked about the homophobia slide I'd like to see something that is more inclusive and covers other aspects the reasons why students might be ostracized or harassed and looking at our the school district harassment policy he considers harassment to cover or harassment may be related but not limited to race religious orientation sexual preference cultural cultural background economic status size or personal appearance so it covers the number of things that might be related to this curriculum for example if someone is of certain sexual sexual orientation like the original slide says but also religious affiliation if someone chooses to opt out I don't want someone to be harassed as that's being you know outside the group so I just think it'd be a more inclusive way of looking at it they like to see this slide of our harassment policy included in that and then the third change would be since that list of references there resources isn't really part of the curriculum I think we probably should not include it at all so those would be the three changes we can but we probably need to yeah we can have a discussion on those changes because we have a we have a motion in a second my question is if we put in if we made an amendment to include those changes well any of the grade levels get to see the curriculum this year before the close of school um remember hatcher we've had a lot of discussion about that recently we were told mr. Dolezal tried to see if there was a way to fit it in and 7th and 8th because they have finals starting on Tuesday next week they do not believe they would be able to fit it in so their proposed solution to that would be that the seventh graders next year who will be eighth graders would have HGD full that would have been taught in seventh grade at the beginning of the school year and then at the end of the school year in eighth grade they would get the eighth grade and we heard today that from the elementary schools that is very difficult with all the things going on at sixth grade that they would be able to get in sixth grade so I hadn't thrown this out to mr. Dolezal yet and he's smiling at me so that's good that we would put the I was going to suggest to him that also the sixth graders currently who will be seventh graders next year would also at the beginning of the year get what they should have received in sixth grade and then at the end of the school year would receive the seventh grade in the spring so they would get some in the beginning and some at the end of the year we believe that the other grades fourth and fifth we would be able to do and finally you noticed there's nothing than for eighth grade and so miss her camp was able to talk to our instructors at the middle school who've agreed to a date May 29th I believe that we would actually provide having to come back to school and would teach the curriculum on that day in one day for the students whose parents who would opt for that and it would be a free of charge course and the district would pay for the instructors so that is our solution to make sure that we still have the ability to teach our students thank you are we ready to vote I have just one comment with the sexual orientation you mentioned LBG you forgot to the transgender that's mentioned in the slide the lesbian gay but there's no mention of transgender okay so we're voting on the item as presented with the amendments by member rich those in favor so are we voting to approve the curriculum their curriculum as amended by member rich all those in favor aye aye all those opposed no okay so let's do a roll call member rich I remember Hill isn't a member Busby you were a night I'd remember Hatcher I'm an eye and can I tell my reasons or no no I think with the vote we just need to vote well I think it's appropriate that a member could give their reason I would like to and it will only take me a minute because it's been such a highly-charged thing I'm voting I because I believe it's legal I've read the law I've looked at the curriculum up obviously it's opt-in so it gives a voice to everybody with an opt-in if you choose not to have your child in it don't opt-in no vote denies everybody a yes vote denies only the people who choose to not have that curriculum a kids expect actually I need to correct you on that and that's me because I didn't my no vote was not for that reason so when you're done with yours I need to explain my no vote was not to deny okay and and the last reason maybe the most important one to me is that I believe I was voted to represent all students all of them not just the straight students and so I vote aye my name was actually because I wanted to approve it as originally presented so I didn't want to make any amendments I believe it has a place I just didn't want to tweak with it so I absolutely believe we have a we need to president I just wanted to approve it as a presenter so since it wasn't that is why I voted nay and I I believe that this is important for our kids to have this material I just hope that it will be continually reviewed I mean I'm I'm I'm putting lots of faith in you all that this will be continually improved and this isn't going to be the end of it in five years then it's going to be looked at again because this is a changing world and it is important I don't agree with all of it but it is important and so this is what we got to work with and so it is remember Brown what was your vote no all right so it passes 3-2 as amended moving on item 6.1 under new business open enrollment number Hill could we take a moment and just kind of catch our breath sure if we can take are we okay with taking just a few minutes s if possible just a couple of minutes okay sure try to be inclusive and parents friends sitting out there on both okay all right remember Browns should we keep going okay new business item 6.1 open enrollment recommendations thank you for 2019 2020 presented by dr. Friesen president Hill governing board members and dr. burry we're required by statute on an annual basis to establish open enrollment recommendations for this for the upcoming school year your background information indicates what we are recommending based on the projected current enrollments for each of the elementary schools the middle school and the high school these are based on 100th day enrollment of this year with projections for for next year administration recommends that the k-6 schools are allowed to accept open enrollment students from those living outside the district boundaries and variants students from those living inside the district boundaries that Sonoran Trails middle school is allowed to accept open enrollment students from those living outside the district boundaries and that cactus shadows high school is allowed to accept open enrollment students from those living outside the district boundaries decisions can be made to close any grade level to open enrollment or variances by a school's principal in consultation with the superintendent and will be based on a potential effect on the average class sizes of the elementary grade levels secondary class size averages by course or a potential negative effect on a program administration recommends the Governing Board approved the open enrollment recommendations for the 2019 2020 school year as presented any discussion all those in favor aye any opposed any abstentions item 6.2 high school middle school and elementary school fees for 2019 2020 presented by dr. Friesen president Hill governing board members and dr. Burdick again governing boards are required to approve any fees that are charged for participation in various programs within our school district the following are the fees that are being recommended for approval I know also that there was a question regarding the comparison and those who are set out to you to all of the board members so that you could see any changes that were recommended from the current school year to the upcoming school year all of these changes any changes that were made or recommended by the the grade levels by the schools by the principals at the at the schools you'll see that all of the fees are indicated here in the table administration would recommend that the Governing Board approved the high school fees the middle school fees and the elementary school fees for 2019-20 as presented second any discussion I have a couple of questions doctor freeze on on your we'll start in the middle they're recommended middle school fees in the 1819 school year it was $80 with no cap now we were at 125 a one-time fee that you said that feedback came from the middle school all of these fee recommendations come directly from either the common of the elementary school principals or the middle school principal or the high school principal member Brown just for clarification – I know when the fees have been increased it's been because they haven't been able to cover their costs for the either the sponsors or any other cost that might be related to a club or a sport so that I know that that was the case when it was raised from being much lower in the past – the increases have been being able to cover their costs that's a that's a sizable increase even though it is a one-time fee I guess it's we still have the cap we at the high school level we still have the cap for the athletic fee why why no cap at the middle school is it again the funding for the sponsors or for the team remember Brown it is just to cover the costs and like dr. Burdick said in the past we've either been able to use tax credit money to cover the costs or the fees for the sports and the cost just continue to go up and I know that mr. Dolezal goes round and round about raising the cost because he wants all kids to participate but it was just necessary so that they could cover everything this year and then the from the high school there's the CTE fees they've actually went down is that because we assume there'll be more students in these programs or not sure mr. sweater would you be able to address the CTE fees please okay very good Thank You mr. Slater thank you just you know the questions all those in favor any opposed and the abstentions item 6.3 approval for beyond textbooks for the 2019 2020 presented by dr. Miller president Hill governing board members and dr. Burdick we're bringing this back for renewal we had beyond textbooks last year and the Vail School District actually provides the product and they give us an incredible price break with our relationship it's an outstanding instructional tool for teachers and is it's all around standards it prioritizes standards it has calendars and pacing for delivery methods assessment strategies and many of the materials our teacher developed um so the administration would recommend that the governing board approved the intergovernmental agreement between Cave Creek Unified School District and Vail Unified School District so moved second any discussion all those in favor aye any opposed any abstentions I'm six-point-four school psychology certification internship agreement between Arizona Board of Regents for Northern Arizona University and Cave Creek Unified School District presented by dr. Friesen president Hill governing board members in dr. Burdick the attached agreement would establish the relationship between NAU and Cave Creek so that we could provide an educational experience for psychology student interns at our schools this agreement has been reviewed and approved by attorney by our attorney it is an agreement that would run for five years administration recommend the Governing Board approved the school psychology certification internship agreement between Arizona Board of Regents for Northern Arizona University and Cave Creek Unified School District as presented so moved second any discussion dr. Friesen have you have any idea of a number of interns we will capture with this agreement I don't I do not know the answer I believe it will be a very limited number though maybe even as few as water okay one or two other questions all those in favor aye any opposed any abstentions I'm 6.5 Arizona School Board Association ASB a 2019 political agenda presented by me this is something that we saw a via email we were to review a SBA's current political agenda look at their top five priorities submit one or two from us to them and then I submitted several and remember Hatcher submitted so what we need to do is select five that we agree upon and then two additional priorities that we might like them to look at so this is a discussion item the thing that stuck out of me is between minor member Hatcher's there are three that are the exact same established financial and academic transparency for all institutions that accept public funds accelerate full restoration of this district additional oh gosh DAA yeah additional assistance funding and then maximize local control and flexibility in managing funds and programs so I would at least initially submit since remember Hatcher and I agreed on both of those and we didn't have other responses are we good to start at least with those three as three to go with so we need to come up with two others ask a question in the past haven't we sort of told as we weren't interested in those like maybe last year the year before that is true remember Busbee last year the board decided not to move forward with any and so they were not their type of district we are not and that's why I didn't bother to respond because generally it really doesn't matter what we deemed to be important right we're lucky and hit their wish list I found that out attending their the meeting unfortunate I would just comment on the ones that some of the ones that are common between president Hill and member Hatcher accelerate full restoration of DAA funding that has also been an item that all of the school administrator groups and all the I believe the ae8 they EA for teachers and all the groups are trying to get that's our capital funding that was cut during the recession and never restored so that is one thing that I think if we could even get behind the ones that pertain to us as well that are listed here that would be one I would suggest and we always spring up at our meetings that we want to make sure there's more local control and not as much management from the state or the federal government so that was another one that I would just say is something that I think has been mentioned when we have talked about what we would like to see our legislature do that is something that we've talked about and then yes as well as establish financial and academic transparency I think that I know I would like to see more transparency from the legislative level so that was one that I think as that just school districts as well as the legislature should always have that transparency and academic and financial so I would just even if maybe there aren't others that the board feels strongly about those are ones that I think you might consider getting behind because I think they are things that we have talked about at our district level well could I make a motion that the three common ones are good do we have a second on that second I need discussion okay so we have a motion that the three common priorities are the three that we submit to SBA all those in favor aye any opposed any abstentions I'll abstain okay item 6.6 request for superintendent out-of-state travel presented by dr. Burnett can I back up for a second can we select five then we're going with just the three well we just voted to just do the three just the three okay okay so six point six requests for superintendent out-of-state travel presented by dr. Burdick thank you governing board members president Hill as you may or may not remember I am on the aasa' national governing board and one of the things that we do every July is travel to Washington to not only meet with legislators and advocate typically oftentimes with their education advisers and try to I think last year we got in eight or ten in one day aasa pays for all my airfare and hotel expenses and so it's I would look at it as a win-win for the district and so I would recommend the governing board would please approve my out-of-state travel as presented second any discussion I have a question you had an out-of-state trip for a convention or something back in February and I think it was brought through bored I think it was denied if there was any kind of a recap or any information that came from that out of state travel in February that was something that would advance the district or some sort of information that we would get out of that out of that trip is there like I said I don't believe we saw any information from February I think it was a agenda request item that was denied is there a chance that we'll see any information from this trip to DC just to clarify member Brown the trip was not denied it was approved and I believe there was a request for information about the sessions I attended and I sent a very lengthy detailed report to the governing board of all of these sessions that I attended at that meeting and one of the days out of that was actually a governing board meeting which is similar to this one so that wasn't sessions that were attended at a convention but it was actually the aasa' governing board meeting which I go to two a year one in the summer which is the advocacy one in Washington and then one that's attached to the aasa' Convention so but that was sent to all board members it was an attachment to the update and I believe that I hope everybody received it and was able to read that so this is a little bit different this isn't a conference or convention this is actual advocacy on the hill I believe last year when I want I did list for the governing board members in my update following that all of the congressmen that I met with as well as my bullet points that my colleagues and I were talking with them about and I'm happy to do that again any other questions all those in favor aye any opposed any abstentions abstain item six point seven position title and job description changes for student store manager site budget assistant and reclassifications for ECS teacher assistant and acs kids club program leaner presented by dr. Fraser president Hill governing board members and dr. verdict administration's presenting for your review and updated job description and change in title for the bookstore manager at the high school it is a single position it was previously entitled the student store manager site budget assistant administration is also presenting job reclassifications for the following positions to address the minimum wage impact law that has had an effect on salary schedules for the ECS teacher assistant moving them from grade 10 to grade 18 and for the ECS Kids Klub program leader from grade 10 to grade 16 administration would recommend the governing board approve the position title and job description changes for students store manager site budget assistant and reclassifications for ECS teacher assistant and ECS Kids Klub program leader as presented second any discussion dr. Friesen this was at one time or the previous position title was 4-bit said both middle school high school now with the change it's just a high school position is there a similar position at the middle school there is a similar position at the middle school and then under general responsibilities you've lined out provides organized center for students and staff to purchase checkout you lined out the word supplies and speared clothes are those items no longer being sold out of the bookstore at the high school is Marlo Micra my style governing board president held members of the governing board dr. Burdick dr. Friesen and member Brown it is actually saw through the student store or through deca where those items are now placed so it's not in the student store where we have an employee it is through the deca store that they've they repurpose those things in dessert is there a change of employee or is it the same it is the same staff member who has been advocating for this for a couple of years and so we worked really hard with surrounding districts to look at and make sure we had encompassed all of those responsibilities and brought that for you tonight I take it then since it's also lined out that provides the opportunity for deca club students to gain experience that now the deca club students will be selling out of their store and not getting under the feet of the bookstore manager I believe they they have supervision for mrs. Rochford in the student store and I think it's handled that way any other questions all those in favor okay any opposed any abstentions item 6.8 approval of the K through 5 ela adoption intro reading presented by dr. Burdick and miss her camp Thank You governing board members member a president Hill and the few people that are still here I'd asked for miss her camp to please come forward the k5 ela English Language Arts Committee you can see the members listed there they unanimously landed on adopting Hooton mifflin harcourt program called into reading to meet the literature reading and writing standards for k5 in addition the committee unanimously landed on adopting the fundations program for k2 to ensure our students meet the foundational reading skills standards fundations follows the orton-gillingham scope and sequence for fun not I can't say a phonological it's too late and orthographic skills embedded in the Arizona State foundational reading standards and so the funding source for this is capital you can see the amounts there and the administrator would recommend the Governing Board take the following action to approve into reading for k5 and fundations for k2 foundational reading standards any discussion I looked at this and it just made my teaching juices salivate because it looks so good I'm really excited for the teachers and we're really excited about it too because the fundations k2 really pays attention to those foundational skills and runs the proper scope and sequence and gets us as a district ahead of the legislation coming down regarding dyslexia so we're excited too it was it was actually a unanimous vote by the committee any other questions all those in favor aye any opposed any abstentions item 6.9 approval the updated go math 2016 copyright and expenditure for next year presented by dr. Burdick and miss her camp Thank You president Hill governing board members Thank You mr. camp for seeing at the podium at the February 8th 2011 governing board meeting the governing board approved the purchase of go math copyright 2012 for k5 math curriculum we have implemented go math for the past eight years with great success go math has update dated the copyright to from 2012 to 2016 the new copyright includes an update of the instructional model recalibration of the instructional supports and new family supports which include online tutorials practice and math games funding will come from capital and also includes the Spanish Immersion version and the administration would ask that the governing board approved k5 go math copyright 2016 curriculum for the 2019 20 school year so moved second any discussion all those in favor aye any opposed any abstentions item six point 10 global ambassador programs j-1 exchange teacher program agreement presented by dr. Friesen president Hill governing board members and dr. birdy this item includes your for your review and approval an agreement that establishes a relationship between the global ambassador programs that Cave Creek Unified School District to enable foreign teachers with the opportunity to teach in an accredited us primary and secondary schools to learn us teaching methods engage in rich cross-cultural experiences and bring an international perspective to US attorneys it does involve the the j-1 visa this Agreement has been reviewed and approved by our attorney in addition an addendum is attached that was added by our attorney to ensure compliance with state of Arizona's statutory requirements administration recommends the governing board approved the global ambassador programs j1 exchange teacher program as presented so moved second any discussion all those in favor any opposed any abstentions I am 6.11 first reading of policy CBA qualifications and duties of the superintendent presented by dr. Burdick Thank You president Hill governing board members this is a policy that's being updated to reflect the board consensus when we had the ASB a facility facilitators here with their suggestion of available materials for board books being emailed to the board on Wednesday with the second drop of the board book on Thursday for the Monday night meeting and so if you've looked at CBA you will see under governing board – superintendent relationship the change is in the first bullet where it now says board meeting books will be provided electronically to all board members on Wednesday before the board meeting and as much as the information is available if not all backup materials are available on Wednesday a second drop of materials will be made on Thursday prior to Monday we've added Monday night public meeting and we have no longer will have or on the Friday preceding and that is the only change the administration would recommend the governing board either bring back the item 4a final reading or approve this as first and final I moved to approve his first and final second any discussion all those in favor aye any opposed any abstentions item 6.12 2019-20 parent ask handbook sorry athlete handbook presented by dr. Miller president Hill governing board members and dr. verdict just as you said we are bringing forward the approval for the parent athlete handbook cactus shadows athletics does not currently have a comprehensive handbook regarding all pertinent information for parents and athletes and so this handbook was created to give a central location for parents and athletes to find information such as required paperwork grade eligibility expectations and athlete code of conduct the administration would recommend that the governing board approve the parent athlete handbook as presented so moved second any discussion dr. Miller will this be I know each sport has their own website will this be posted on not only the school website but in each individual sports website yes yes it will we have the same sort of handbook at the middle school level I know we currently don't have one at the middle school Tyndale Colin tine has been I'm very diligent and preparing this and I think it would be worthwhile looking at I bring him forward one for the middle school as well a lot of good information here thank you okay any other questions discussion all those in favor sorry I know the AIA has a statement that we read before games should we include that AIA statement that you know this is a friendly competition and you know we're not we're all members of the same organization however the rest that reads I've only heard it a thousand times and now I can't can't remember it but should we just slide that in there since we are an AIA member school member Brown I think that this is just enhancing and giving specifics to cactus shadows high school beyond the AIA handbook so we've always used AIA and will continue to but this is specifics to cactus shadows and so the administration felt like it would be great to have something specific to cactus shadows but doesn't negate AIA regulations etc do we start a Fellowship of Christian Athletes group on campus yes all those in favor any opposed any abstentions I am 6.13 job description for character shadows high school instructional coach presented by dr. Miller president Hill governing board members and dr. Burdick this is a new job description for a new position at cactus shadows and cactus shadows is looking to hire and an instructional coach to assist with new teachers teachers that just need a little extra help in the classroom as you know we have many teachers coming in now that are interns and just a variety of experience we have our world language teachers that come in and so mr. sweater has really been focused on improving teaching in a school and feels like – when we help our teachers improve we have a better chance of retaining them in our school district so the administration would recommend the governing board approved the job description for a cactus shadows High School instructional coach and president Hill I would just amend word says funding source na it's actually would be taken from results-based funding which the high school will receive because it is in a school from last year's testing so that is a separate phone and that they can use at the high school second questions our discussion dr. Miller you said this is going to be a new a new hire a new position have we or any of our local other neighboring school districts have a position of this sort many I remember around good question many of our school districts have instructional coaches um many districts have instructional coaches at the district that are then farmed out to different schools some of them have them in different content areas so yes they do have other instructional coach positions I don't know that they have one specific to do the type of work that we we want them to do but there are very many similar positions in other school districts and then on the as I'm trying to picture the high school organization charge back on the underneath general responsibilities you state the disposition will not be in an administrative or evaluative role so where where will this person fall in at underneath the assistant principals or as a coming out of the counselors offices or actually in this position will be supervised by mr. sweater and but we specifically do not want it to be an administrator or an evaluator type person initially I know that mr. sweater would like for this person to come in and develop strong relationships with the teachers and become truly a coach and many times coaches are not the evaluators and so he's been very specific that he does not want them to appear to be administrative and they will all their duties will be assisting teachers in the classroom so they will not be on the administrative team they will not be responsible for an evening events sharing the love for attending all of the games and things like that they truly will be viewed as an instruction coach okay kind of a new branch of the we tree no new branch then if approved tonight then we'll start to advertise this position hopefully have some candidates before the next school year yes we will go ahead and post pending your approval tonight we'll go ahead and post tomorrow when the school district post positions is their preference given to current employees all the positions currently go out to our internal staff first for I think two days and then after that it goes out to the general public or to a public posting typically on various sites such as Arizona Department of Education seems like it would be a better fit if it was someone who's already of the school district is a is a master's degree for this position I don't think so we did we want to have a master someone who's been a master teacher um that would come in and do this position do it do I think you would have to have a master's not necessarily but we prefer that okay any other questions all those in favor any opposed any abstentions aye I'm just thought of something else well that position then also have an administrative assistant or will that be shared or no that person will not have an administrative assistant okay sorry I was a little slow there okay item 7 we can pound through this in five minutes or do you think we can go on five or do I need uh item seven future agenda items Ivan seven point one proposed agenda item ward self-evaluation as per ba a evaluation of school board for self-evaluation submitted by member Hatcher presented by myself you can see member has requested placement of this item on June 24th 2019 work study in special meeting to be completed in December June in proximity to or concurrent with superintendent valuation she suggested we follow the bullet points listed in BA a – e students for administrators are evaluate in CCSD and is the best practice for the board to go through the evaluation process just keep in mind this is an action item so we just we don't discuss it so I'll need a motion and a second and then we vote without any discussion all those in favor aye any opposed any abstentions I'll vote aye okay item 8 upcoming calendar president Hill governing board members the first item was a future agenda item and it was on tonight's agenda so we always want to memorialize those so that is something that will come off for next time and then items submitted for upcoming agenda is the item to discuss the IB program which will be placed on an upcoming agenda that we are here at the end of the school year so we're trying to find the right time to do that more staff is able to get the information together and then on the important calendar dates snorin Trails promotion is next Wednesday you should all have your green car tax so that you get the preferred parking and it starts at 6:30 so we would ask that you're there probably by six o'clock and then character shadows graduation you should have your tickets that you receive tonight it's a new rule by Grand Canyon everybody has a ticket to get in that's next Thursday at 7 p.m. we would request that you try to be there between 6:00 and 6:15 and last day of school may 23rd the professional development day is May 24th there would be no students but staff would be here on Memorial Day May 27th the district office is closed and the district office begins four 10-hour days may 28th so that last week of May because a Memorial Day the district will be closed on Monday and because of our 4/10 it'll be closed on Friday so be open Tuesday Wednesday Thursday of that week and summer hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. item 9 do we have a motion to adjourn so moved second all those in favor aye any opposed any abstentions

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