20 thoughts on “CCFR Interview: Maxime Bernier Talks Firearms Policy

  1. Police do have way too much discretion. Across the board. And that means they don't have to know the laws they're meant to enforce. And they don't. It creates a vast grey area for criminals to play in while decent people's rights are trampled on.

  2. The PPC, fire arms platform, is just the beginning of what we can offer Canada. It's a true God send for our nation. Let's get active and make a PPC government happen. PPC 2019

  3. Sheer standing with Muslim bastards smiling. We don’t need god dam permits for everything. Assholes

  4. I am a PPC member now and it pleases me to see this. I have had firearms for 50yrs. Trudeau is behaving like a dictator. First take the guns away, then control the banks, and now he wants access to our celphones. As well he has squashed FREE speach and has bought the media. All the things Hitler and every other dicatator did. Why does nobody see this???? Baaaaaaa

  5. I Like this guy, probably got my vote, even though initially I was for Scheer, but Scheer is proving to be a Vasilating Politician, who lacks a real Backbone, his current wooing of the Muslim vote, now proves that. This was a couple of years ago, but I think he still holds these views in his Platform!

  6. LOL… What a crock! This thing called Max is the typical lying politician. Fast-forward to 2018, this piece of crap didn't even bother to show up to vote on C71. Must have been busy with another hooker, wonder if he left more secret documents at her house. Maxime Bernier has since this video lost the leadership race, quit the Conservative party because his feelings were hurt, started his own party to effectively split the vote as payback, made lots of promises then backed out…This piece of crap Max has screwed all the law abiding gun owners by guaranteeing another 4 years for the liberal disaster. Typical full of shit politician. Today, his biggest attacks are against Conservative when his focus should be against Liberals…just sayin. Oh yeah, then there's also his focus on the "milk Cartel" whatever that is.

  7. Restricted firearms should be aloud to be used on farmlands they should still be registered but you should be able to use them where safe

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