46 thoughts on “Cave In – Anchor Video

  1. Anyone else catch the rush influence during the bridge "no tongue in cheek, too late it's already days or weeks, before we can make ends meet" Amazing

  2. I clicked for the video thumbnail (late 90s – early 2000s music videos are forever the best) ….ended up staying for the music as well…..win-win

  3. Antenna is a bona fide great rock album, full of absolute tunes. Obviously a bit different to what came before for Cave In though, so it's fair enough that some fans didn't like it.

  4. one thing that always bothers me with this video. How did the guy with the salt block feet managed to get his underwear and trousers on when he put his suit on?

  5. Un clásico. Tengo muchos buenos recuerdos de esta banda cuando estaba en la escuela. Actualmente han pasado siete años desde aquella última vez. Que buena dicha.

    Saludos desde Panamá

  6. first seen this band in 2002 supporting Foo Fighters on their UK tour. Think at the time the band was frustrated at the crowd's reaction towards them and their performance, this was confirmed when Stephen tried hard to interact with the crowd and after the last, threw and smashed his guitar in frustration

  7. I can't understand all the shit this band got for Antenna. There are GREAT songs on that album. Artists should just do whatever they please and play whatever they want to play. There's no point in being an artist if you can't do that.

  8. Someone please steal Foo Fighters popularity and give it to this band, but then we'd live in an ideal and fair world, wouldn't we?

  9. Did clean up and chucked mostly burned CDs though must have chucked the Anchor single.

    Heart Palpitations! Love the song though never really knew Cave-In by name.


  10. Six albums, two of which are prog-metal genius… two others that are staples in the modern metal community… and you single out a cover album they put out for their crappy label?

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