1. I am mirroring this because TIME IS SHORT and more need to see this. I am not monetizing so please dont strike me. Ask me and I will take down but I have a few hundred subs that need to watch this . Thanks for the great interview and letting Her speak.

  2. I have been hearing that the economy is going to crash for twelve years. I even know people who went out and bought guns, ammo, gold, silver, all kinds of dehydrated foods, water, electric generators and all kinds of other dooms day prepping supplies. These people actually believe that the US is going to collapse and the Jesus will come back to rapture them off. It amazes me how insane educated people act some times. If society is going be like The Walking Dead I do not want to live thru that.

  3. 23:43 "Can you backdoor this by the keystroke technology, the transaction process or the 'secret decoder rings'?"

  4. A distinction has to be made between bitcoin and blockchain technology. Bitcoin is "DECENTRALIZED ANONYMOUS BANKING…ONLY YOU, YOUR COMPUTER AND PERSONAL INFORMATION…NO BODY ELSE!" The Banks also are moving to use blockchain technology, but it is CENTRALIZED BANKING…the same thing as regular banking. THEY WILL CONTROL YOUR MONEY! YOUR CAREER,
    YOUR LIFE STYLE AND HOW MUCH MONEY YOU WILL MAKE ESSENTIALLY! CENTRALIZED BANKING HAS CONTROLLED THE MARKETS AND INSIDER TRADING, THE SYSTEM FIXED FOR THE SUPER RICH TO MAKE MORE MONEY…INFLATION EVERY 10 YEARS…CURRENCY DEVALUATIONS, ETC. ETC.. JUST AS CORRUPTION EXISTS IN GENERAL SOCIETY, SO DOES IT EXIST WITHIN THE ELITE…SO IS BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY! The Internet exists, and so does the "Dark Web." Cops carry guns, and so do criminals. Blockchain technology is just a technology of distributed ledgers that keep track of all sorts of transactions. Banks will use blockchain to eliminate their brick and mortar locations, and more effectively become more centralized in their corrupt control of your personal transactions! People don't trust banks any more…Bitcoin is the new paradigm of progress and trade now. In Bitcoin there are no Central Banks or Clearing Houses that keep a "TAB" on what you are spending your money or how much of it you make! Bitcoin is a user of blockchain technology…it is one of its "legs sort of speak," bitcoin is not blockchain; blockchain is not bitcoin.
    If you don't understand about bitcoin…you need to see this video…for the banks are busy doing blockchain syops to keep people from going to bitcoin. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE BANKS AND BITCOIN!

  5. About that Strange Noise at 3am bit, maybe it's something similar to the S0nic We4pons mentioned in the News used on US Embassies in Cuba or China..?

  6. It was Alex Jones opinion that Sandy Hook was street theater and the actors were paid. He is finding that claim difficult to defend. If you intend to toss off an opinion about Charlottesville and other events do you have any facts to back that opinion up?

  7. You don't backdoor the hash function. You steal private keys by endpoint control. Using a hardware wallet with a hardware backdoor in an ARM cpu would mean you must trick the device to read a sequence. This is easy if you own the router. When the sequence is spoofed as if its the blockchain headers, backdoor unlocks and code is loaded and runs rooted. So you must spin and morph your own cpu. Ok it can be done but the majority is too lazy. Even McAfee doesnt spin his own cpu. You can spin a softcore in a month and millions of engineers can do it. Secure terminals exist now. You think Putin uses ARM AMD or INTEL cpus? Even if you spin a cpu, the other chipsets are an issue.
    Would not the NWO/3LETTER agencies control all endpoints (where you see and type)? If hardware backdoors are installed, how can crypto work? What if all router are comprimised? What if, DNS is hyjacked? What if https is compromised? You think they are not when we have giant cyberwarefare budgets. Btw you cant go to mars. Wake up. Just because you own the keys doesn't mean you use them overtly. If you claim inteligence, you need to explain why a person can see the shore 57 miles over water with a ir zoom camera. Calculate it. Then do a time lapse in various conditions and rule refraction out.

  8. First, this is my third time watching and is by far one of the best "modern" conversations of this time period. Ms. Fitts description of how power people centralize is absolutely spot on! However, this is not the only method they employ. Power people morph and migrate deployment tactics at will; to that end, the end state of all methods employed is actually how Ms. Fitts describes — at least in my observational view! The "RINO" like methodology is a perfect example of a tool often employed to backdoor opposing or against societal acceptance to centralization ideology (economic, digital, etc…slavery) goals. Power circles DO NOT just happen they are forged!

  9. Federal government privatization is possible but not according to this scenario. Fitts' Aspen Institute "activist" is giving us the blind-eye, anarcho-capitalist, scenario of doom. It's a lot of Mr. Magoo nonsense. It fails to take into account the controlling role of the Federal Reserve. Currently, all of the federal government's assets are in hock to the Federal Reserve (a government created monopoly of private banks). As of 1972, the federal government has been using all of it's assets (not just gold) as collateral to borrow paper from the FR. If, for whatever reason, the federal government defaults on it's debt, then the FR puts a lien on it's assets which include National Parks, Interstate Highways, Military bases & equipment, etc. At which point, it starts collecting revenue or selling off those assets at fire sale prices. But is Goldman Sachs going to buy it all up? Only if the majority stockholder in Goldman (or any other front company) is the Federal Reserve (which has never been audited).

  10. cut off and have to starve to death? don't think so. They can go on welfare like the other 53% of USA.

  11. Love to hear your thoughts on this:
    Could the following be the BEST PLAN for preventing an American financial crisis? YOU Decide!
    The renewal of the “AMERICAN CAN DO ATTITUDE”, and the crisis-tested “AMERICAN RESOURCED BASED ECONOMY”.

    YES, There is a far better way to view the potential OUTCOME of a Financial Crisis which could possibly affect the American People soon.

    For this to happen:
    1. America must have a leader who understands the following principles and who is able to effectively articulate, communicate and motivate millions of Middle Class Americans today to quickly adopt the same “AMERICAN CAN DO ATTITUDE”.
    2. The same “AMERICAN CAN DO ATTITUDE that motivated millions of American Men and Women, who where 18 to 60 years old during the Second World War.
    3. The same “AMERICAN CAN DO ATTITUDE that WON that WAR and created a post-war financial boom and several decades of financial prosperity.
    4. REMEMBER: America had and still has every RESOURCE that it needed to succeed then, and to success again NOW.

    1. AMERICA has the best “RESOURCED BASED ECONOMY” in the world.
    2. Which means:
    a. America has all the essential raw material resources it needs to BUILD or GROW everything Americans will need to own or eat.
    b. America has a large, technically educated and capable middle class population, who are ABLE to BUILD or GROW everything Americans will need to own or eat.
    3. Americans should not (and eventually will not), care how the American DOLLAR is valued by anyone living OUTSIDE of American borders.
    a. WHY, because Americans will earn and spend only American Dollars WITHIN America's borders, AND only buy and sell PRODUCTS and FOOD that are BUILD or GROWN within American Borders.
    4. IF SMART:
    a. American Leadership will immediately CHANGE the VALUE of the American Dollar to be on par with value of the Chinese Dollar.
    b. That means the American Dollar will be valued at exactly 1 to 1 with the Chinese Dollar.
    c. Also important will be: that all WAGES and SALARIES paid to American Workers, AND the prices for all products build and grown in America will be adjusted to, and based on the NEW value of the American Dollar (i.e., valued 1 to 1 with the Chinese Dollar).
    d. Close America’s borders to ANY FOREIGN products build or grown outside of American Borders.
    e. BUY ONLY AMERICAN will become THE AMERICAN WAY. After the high priced foreign products left over from prior to this change are gone, they are gone until American products are purchased by foreign countries until America’s worldwide Trade Deficit is 100% Paid in Full.
    5. WHY and HOW will this plan succeed in preventing Economic Chaos within America?
    a. REMEMBER: America has all of the RESOURCES (i.e., Raw Materials, Human and Technical Resources), that is required to BUILD and GROW every product and food that Americans to Thrive Financially WITHOUT anything being needed from outside the USA.
    b. REMEMBER: Not many other countries have a Resourced Based Economy quite as robust as America’s, because those countries do now have the same numbers and quality of Human and Technical Resources AND abundance of Raw Material Resources as America does.
    c. REMEMBER: During 1929 to 1941 American was financially broke due to the Great Depression.
    d. So how did America and the American People PAY FOR thousands of ships and planes, and millions of guns and bombs and uniforms and tons of food, etc., that America and Americans BUILT and GREW in order to supply the vast nees of the both American and Allied Soldiers from 1941 to 1945?
    6. God Bless American and its saving grace, The American Middle Class and their “CAN DO ATTITUDE”.

    As for those who do not believe this Plan is possible, your alternatives are really quite simple.
    1. Stand Up and Participate, or Get the hell out of the way.
    2. Whiners will be shown the closest toilets to clean for the real American are busy “Fixing This Mess”.
    3. The Free-loaders will be shown the closest border exit to leave by.

  12. Daniel and or Staff – could you please listen to this short video, about Amazon taking over the mortgage business. I know it is important to Catherine Austine Fitz as well. Please pass it forward to her, as both of you have integrity and the resources, to investigate. I Thank You both and all you staff's, for your information: https://youtu.be/P8PshOYXBHY

  13. This video is such bullshit. There's 2 paths, the old & the new. Computers & internet changed the world whether people liked it or not. Many were late to that technology becoming normal. For centuries certain groups controlled money, resources & things of value. We are now breaking free from all that. Cryptocurrency steps outside the controlled money chain, banking with usury & governments… they will try to latch parasitically on it especially when it becomes the new dominant norm. This the beginning of the true freedoms that all wanted in basics of socialism & communism. Even Libertarian or far right ideas of less government ideas are really nothing more than true communist fulfillment without going thru socialism as the middle stage. Today governments are corporations, what is a corporation? What does one in-corp ["join the body of"]??? The state!!! A corporation exists by the secretary of state, every corporation is an extension of the government… the state. So you've been bamboozled in what you think left, right or any of these concepts really mean.

    30 years ago nobody knew they would be doing facebook, amazon, ebay or wiki… 30 years from now cryptocurrency & digital money will be set in society & more normal than today's normal. A few hundred years from now they will see from the "industrial revolution" to the digital revolution as the greatest enslavement of mankind in the history of the world thru debt, banking & consumerism.

    "Humans are the only creatures on earth that pay to live"… & that is not what God had in mind for man… or the aliens that educated him.

  14. Catherine God you really know nothing about bitcoin — you need to listen to Andres Antonopoulous — Max Keiser is saying that bitcoin is doing what Gold is unable to do — plus crypto allows you to get out of the matrix of the fiat monetary system. I am very disturbed by what you are saying about bitcoin and I usually like you, but not I am not so sure.

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