Cat® Industrial Brushcutter Operating Tips

Cat® Industrial Brushcutter Operating Tips

today we're going to talk about operational procedures on the BRX for 18 fresh cutter these same features that we talked about in operations go through our whole product line on our industrial breast cutters but safety is first an utmost these are a very high efficiency machine but there's some safety involved when operating this machine it will throw a debris up to 300 feet you always have to be cautious of that this open front end right here you need to let the fly will come to rest before you get out to do any service work on this tool so with that said let's go operate it and we'll talk a little bit about the procedures and the functions okay I've entered the machine as we talked about safety first always attach your seatbelt blow your armrest adjust your seat as an operator you want to get yourself comfortable we're going to start the Machine up now that the machines running in order to operate this BRX for 18 you'll want to go over here and use your continuous flow switch it's four buttons back on the right hand overhead panel you press it one time and you'll have a fly scene light and your advanced machine display in the upper right hand corner that is telling you that the machine is ready and actively armed to have continuous flow another function and feature of this machine is going to be the creep control the creep control function works by allowing the operator to set his ground speed at a certain speed by incremented up and down through the number system of 1 through 20 on advanced machine display ok we're going to get ready to start the Machine up and start operating but always look at the field of vision make sure there's nobody or any property in the way that can get debris throw at it always keep that in mind so here we go in order to raise it up release the parking brake right joystick back and I'm going to go ahead and get the machine in position start pulling so when you get ready to engage the continuous flow which starts the flywheel you want to go in about mid trawl range slowly ramp up the right ruler switch which is number two when you want to go up and you want to run that all the way forward far as you can push it give it about three seconds and the light is going to come on solid on your advanced machine display indicator you want to set your ground speed so a really good way to do that is that on the left joystick bottom left button on the outside press that down once and you're going to get your creep control function up on your advanced machine display with that you're going to have the numbers of 1 through 20 as we mix it I currently have set at about 10 but I'm going to set it up to about 14 that will allow me to maintain my ground speed and have full control so engines all the way up on rpms I'm ready to roll you want to set your lower down with the shoes or the skids flat on the ground just touch it you want to constantly keep looking your field of vision ahead of you make sure there's nothing in the way that could cause damage to both or the machine so this machine is designed to cut up to an 8-inch tree so all your multiflora rose Mansa Nene pull the heavy brush stuff will be no obstacle this press better I can see now that we can run much faster matera that were cutting so I ramped up to about 17 on the creep control but when you go to run up a stove when you're running a large mower always keep in mind that you want to flow shower oil from your I staff that is a real advantage of having the advanced machine display the creep control function with the advanced machine display that allows the operator a second round speeder to come operating it allowed both and a machine that's each other for speed as you come into an area that you need to turn you can make nice gentle turns with the skid on the ground if you're gonna make a full turn it's better on the tool and a machine if you raise the skids above the ground as you make your turn when they turn into heavy brush it's easier when you make multiple passes because you never know what they not knowing what's in front of you is easier to take pieces of it at the time rush when you're done bullying at the VXR for 18 you wanna idle the engine down take it down to about half throttle and then when you get ready to take him out of continuous flow you can do so by pulling down on their right roller switch on the right joystick or you can hit the continuous flow button one time and it was said about take the engine on down the up glow idol the large heavy flywheel is going to run for a bit until it foot spinning do not get out in front of the brush cutter let the Machine cool down for two to three minutes at low liable and what that's doing that's allowing the hydraulic aura as well as the engine coolant to run through the radiator and fan cooling that oil that hot oil temperature off bring it down that will extend the life of your machine

22 thoughts on “Cat® Industrial Brushcutter Operating Tips

  1. “When your done mowing with the VRX18….” go out and buy a real brush cutter…. any other one will do!

  2. Yes I have mixed emotions about this equipment
    If you are going to bush hog then bush hog, if you are doing env friendly clearing you need teeth I think?

  3. I would never buy another Cat machine, choosing cat was the worst decision I have made. I have owned several machines over the past 15 years and have run almost everything brand on the market. Bought a new cat and ran it 240 hrs about 5 weeks, cleaned and did normal daily service like we have with all of other machines for 15 years but one day the cat cought fire bursting into flames, the machine locked up with loader up almost burnt up my operator, and when I called cat to tell them about it they told me it was my fault , because I used it in the woods although it was sold to me as a unit that was setup to run a mulching head every day, Cat is such a BS company now, I would never recommend a cat to anyone. And then they signed my name with out my consent on documents to cover there ass,

  4. I like this machine better when it was called a Bush Hog, and bush hog is better, easier to operate and cheaper

  5. Sorry fellas, but I see an over engineered, expensive Bush Hog! I'll stick with my Massey, and PTO driven (stump jumper) Howse mower! They would have made quick work of that small stuff, and are much more safe!

  6. The last time I drove a skid steer, it was two foot pedals for the bucket and two levers for the tracks. How things have changed.

  7. looks like im getting a skidsteer for brushcutting next year, would be nice to have a cab and be able to turn on a dime

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