27 thoughts on “Cass McCombs – Don't Vote

  1. This, “County Line” and “Family Plot” are Cass’s greatest songs. But especially this one, And so appropriate now.

  2. I'm open to liking this, but,.. I just don't feel it(it's in the Deer Tick vibe direction),.. check out recent bands:  The Drums, Tennis, Wu Lyf, Los Porcos, Io Echo, Foxes in Fiction,….

  3. Yes, exactly. In this day in age, sometimes you have to find the magic shovel and dig reeaaalllly deep.

  4. people only see what's in the charts, and the majority of that is shit, good music is floating around everywhere but you just have to find it.

  5. @Scrotetasticular Yeah, sorry about that. The last upload had about two minutes of added silence at the end of it (through my own poor video-making skills) and so I decided to re-upload with that cut off. Hope it wasn't a major inconvenience.

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