Cardiologist slams Government Dietary Advice in Parliamentary Speech

Cardiologist slams Government Dietary Advice in Parliamentary Speech

39 thoughts on “Cardiologist slams Government Dietary Advice in Parliamentary Speech

  1. Mr Cummins, do you know how I can locate a low carb-friendly gp, working in private practice if necessary, based in London? My parents' GP is only giving them drugs and zero dietary advice. Due to their age, I am not having much success in convincing them to try dietary changes and they need to hear it from a doctor.

  2. This makes so much sense to me.

    I developed a couple of nasty autoimmune disorders in my thirties. Suffered awful palpitations and problems with low blood sugar after eating lots of carbs. This on top of painful arthritis and depression. I tried the vegan diet and developed colitis! I felt awful. Started eating animal proteins again, and cut out carbs. I've lost a stone in weight, have had no blood sugar problems and my depression has gone. Most interestingly my inflammatory markers have returned to normal for the first time in four years.

  3. Sounds very familiar. I've been T2D for almost 2 years. Within weeks of being diagnosed – despite rejecting the offer of insulin, metformin, statins and high blood pressure medication – my A1c dropped from 113 to 70. Six weeks later, it was down to 46, and is presently at a non-diabetic 40. Incidentally, my blood pressure was, and still is between 120/65 and 130/75. And my Cholesterol; a wapping 4.9. Statins – really?

    I achieved this by changing my lifestyle and, of course, eating habits. I went low carb' non-processed, 'Frankenfood' free immediately. I also adopted intermittent fasting 16/8 – aka, skip the early breakfast. In addition I have adopted resistance training.

    So, T2D in remission at absolutely no cost to the NHS. Eating healthy food is not, contrary to popular belief, more expensive than eating takeaways, ready meals or junk snacks. So, again no additional cost to myself. And, last but not least: intermittent fasting is also completely free.

    And my doctor's response? Well, given your postcode, age and 'you understand that you're still technically diabetic' I still have a 29 percent chance of a cardiovascular event within ten years, so I'd be better off on statins.

  4. Mediterranean diet?? Really???? On this channel? Just because this guy talks about some of the truth doesn't mean he is right about everything. Disappointing to see this on this channel.

  5. It's not a bad speech ..I knew this stuff 20 years ago…however he sadly contradicts himself in that the fibre intake fruit veg is high in sugar high in carbs balance that's the answer .eggs are good always have been but once classed as a dangerous food ..He makes some great points tho..lobbying by pharmaceuticals for profit etc..not health ..isn't it time to re research fluoride ? stop adding it to everyone's water !

  6. I see strong parallels between the nutrition science orthodoxy underpinned by vested interests and the climate change 'scientific consensus'.

  7. Why would you change policies to stop people smoking but not make smoking illegal?

    Why tax heavily instead…it still make it available. Would like to understand. Is it cos making it illegal would create an underworld

  8. The only thing wrong with this brilliant and correct speech is that he is talking to members of a government that actively promote and support the opposite of this thinking

  9. Guess I was eating "keto" before keto was kool.😉 My family & friends keep getting sick, die. Being right about health gets lonely.

  10. At last the Government has got to grips about the bad practice with regards to health and nutrition. I have followed a keto diet and I have lost 3 stone in 4 months. I am due a gut scan shortly so I can get nutrition advice to maintain this weight on a healthy low carb diet.

  11. I was 15 stone 2 months ago, started on keto diet now 12 stone 11 still losing weight, now on full carnivore, although I have a weakness which is red pepper now and again.
    For those that dont know the ketogenic diet was designed for sufferers of epilepsy which traditional medicine could not help.
    Low carb/no carb is the way to go, I have never felt healthier, couple with cold showers and you will feel invincible. peace.

  12. Great! Focus on the root cause. Low insulin levels lead to good health outcomes in many areas of disease.

  13. Why does the medical industry not recommend low-carb diets? Because Big Pharma is not going to make any money from a low-carb diet.

  14. Why would the government want you to live beyond your retirement age? Up to that point, you are putting money into the system. Beyond that point, you are costing the system money. They feed you food like substances that give you just enough energy for you to push buttons, pull levers and pay taxes but will ultimately kill you soon after you start receiving your pension.

  15. I am not diabetic, but my father is and my late maternal grandfather was.
    I have had poor health virtually all my life. I'm 30 and started an all beef, electrolytes, and water diet. I eat as much as I want, but it is only beef with no sugar, no spices, etc. just salt. I add electrolytes to my water, because it's hard transitioning into this without them. (Recommend LyteShow. No added flavorings, etc.)

    I've been on it almost a month and never knew I could feel this amazing physiologically or mentally, not to mention I had no idea I could look this good without going to the gym. Let me remind you Wednesday, March 13th, I will have been on this new way of eating for only four weeks.

    I am 5'6". From when I was 15-years-old to now, I have been as low as 104 lbs and as high as 176 lbs. When I started this strict carnivore diet on February 13th, I was 169 lbs. I last weighed myself on the 10th. I was 154 lbs. I have lost 15 lbs in almost four weeks, and I eat as much beef as I want. I have never, ever in my entire life felt as physically good as I've been doing on this!

    It has been far from a picnic on some occasions. Just this weekend, for the first time, I wasn't adding enough salt to my diet, so in addition to adding more electrolytes to my water and more salt to my beef, I've also been trying to drink more water to help my body keep from dehydrating. Now I am more sensitive to the dizzy feeling from too little salt, so if I detect a note of it, I know what to do.

    Another thing to keep in mind if you're a woman is that all this sudden fat loss for me has meant the adipose tissues that store excess hormones and such have been releasing the hormones while I'm burning fat for energy. Consequently, I've had a low-flow bleed for nearly this entire month. I'm on my period now, which wasn't excruciating at all, unlike my normal period! It's an ultra heavy flow, but I think I'm detecting signs that after just 3 days, it's radically reducing.

    I've been so-so keeping a list of pros since I started this diet. At last count, I had 25 signs and symptoms of physiological improvement, including but not limited to strengthening of my teeth, gums are no longer inflamed, eczema going away, elasticity and fluidity of movement in my muscles and joints drastically improved, stamina and muscle strength/growth improved, improved ease of breathing deeply, improved sleep, less hair loss, no more body odor, and the list goes on…

  16. This highlights the ignorance of average GP's regarding their patient's diet and nutrition.THIS needs to be a much greater part of their education.

  17. Bravely saying what many don't want to hear–because it means taking accountability for their choices, health, lives.

  18. Strange how the Goverment is telling us meet is bad for us when many vegans are dropping like flies ?

  19. My father died at 70 years old two years ago from a heart attack. T2D being a main factor was on his death certificate 😞 It’s T2D research that lead me towards the Keto/IF/OMAD lifestyle. I’m am now following this diet myself as I want to reduce the risk of me follow in my dad’s footsteps into an early grave and I have to say I feel a lot better and have started to lose weight. I feel angry that I didn’t know more about this before his death because the diet my dad was told to follow was less meat, less dairy etc. He cut out cheese, butter, meat among other things and I had to watch his health deteriorate rapidly over the year before he suddenly dropped dead from a massive heart attack 😢 Knowing what I know now makes me feel ill! The diet he was prescribed actually made his health worse and I am lost for words. Given the right advice I can’t help wondering if he’d still be here with us today, but sadly that chance was stolen from him and us 😢 I want to do everything I can now to improve my health so my children don’t lose me prematurely to this awful disease too.

  20. what he says is right on the medical part but not the economic part. the carb industry is H-U-G-E. the moment you try to contain it, it will fight back harder than any government could withstand because whether we like it or not, or whether we want to admit it, we live in a corporocracy

  21. 19:04 And this is a really good example of eminence and ignorance at the highest levels of accademia trumping the truth and the totality of evidence ✅👍

  22. Ignored dietary advice given by NHS nutritionist, as obviously not working & normalised my blood glucose levels & came off Metformin. Weight loss with no effort & never hungry! Keto /LCHF works. Have lobbied the health Secretary and MP and get passed on (basically ignored), so good to see this coming out mainstream. As a researcher appalled by the poor research out there. The huge Mediterranean diet study has no control group, each group is treated differently. Dr Sarah Hallberg, Jason Fung leading the way & her research is now coming through. The high fat bit is where medics have a problem – but works for me & increasing numbers of UK diabetics.

  23. The sugar industry and pharma go hand in hand, the sugar industry paid for studies to make fat the bad guy and look what's happened! Now years of brainwashing the nation we all believed it! And pharma are laughing all the way to the bank as everyone needs meds as they are so sick from low fat high sugar!

  24. 20 years from now we'll all be decrying the government policies on environment as having been equally devastating.

  25. I'm praying the U.S. will see the light…long live low carb!
    My husband is off insulin and metformin , lost 50 lbs after 3 months on low carb high fat…we are in our 60s…too bad we didn't discover this lifestyle sooner..
    Oh and BTW his Drs are appalled he has chosen such a "scam" diet despite the results…🤔

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