Cardib and univision reporter with FULL video part 2

Cardib and univision reporter with FULL video part 2

saludarte felicitarte yo soy fan tuya perdóname que me parecía como oye mi gracia por defender no a nosotros los dominicanos como te sientes de ser dominicana me gustó la declaración cámara dominicana después de usted yo lo viví hoy es el lanzamiento de un nuevo tema press a mandar ellos son los días en la local menor tengo señor nunca he tenido la oportunidad de entrevistarle usted por lo menos que se siente tener una hija tan flaca atrapada [Música] a mí no 4 bueno mejor y ensayo [Música]

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  1. I'm sick of Cardi B and Heres why. That lady is well known, the reporter and she asked Cardi B please don't do me like this im one of you, but if that was someone from BET she wouldn't have done that shit but what I caught was that Cardi spoke in English instead of Spanish and that was so us black people none Spanish speaking people, can hear her rant and thinking we gonna side up with here NOT!!!


    REPORTER TO CARDI :saludarte felicitarte Yo soy fan tuya perdóname que me aparece así siempre Gracias por defenderme a nosotros Los dominicanos cómo te sientes de ser dominicana te gustó la declaración y pensamiento
    Greetings congratulate you I am a fan of yours forgive me that I always appear like this Thank you for defending us Dominicans how you feel to be Dominican you liked the statement and thought.

    REPORTER TO CARDI FATHER :señor que tenido la oportunidad de entrevistar usted por lo menos que se siente tener una hija tan famosa

    ENGLISH :Sir, I had the opportunity to interview you at least that it feels like having such a famous daughter.

    In the midst of Cardi's rant, a man was walking by, and he politely asked Cardi to move out of his way. Then the NY man became not so polite.

    The man told Cardi "Muevate al medio, puta." Which translates in English to move out of the middle [of the street] b*tch."

  3. She is sooo rude she doesn’t want press but she stays broadcasting her own business which is it and the Spanish reporters and people who watch Spanish network either all you have to do is translate the comments they leave on google translate they call her all kinds of things including “ugly monster thing”. Smh her own culture does not even want to claim her

  4. She knows what she sign up for when she became a celebrity you are a property of the public and if she does not want to be a celebrity she needs to do a different job when you are a celebrity just like it is the press job to get the story and if you think she is right and you think she is your wrong because you are watching this with the rest of our nosey azzez

  5. Cardi has gotten too big for her britches. Everyone ignore her ass..don't give her any pappareazi time..she'll be going crazy on live..these narcissistic celebrities irk my nerves..what would Bey do? Be MORE like Bey bitches.

  6. Soooo…once again Cardi lied..because she said the lady threw the camera in her face as soon as she got out of the car..but she was already out of the car & the lady said "perdona mi" which means ..excuse me. Cardi wanted to pop off

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