Cardi B Goes Off on Univision Reporter For Ambushing Her (REACTION)

Cardi B Goes Off on Univision Reporter For Ambushing Her (REACTION)

then this citizen was fuckin funny bro like this video corny yeah yeah yeah I gotta run through it one time bro like this is too funny this is like too funny like yeah and good thing is that I kind of like since I'm Spanish you know I know this like I know this channel and shit like this is like they're known for doing this type of shit yeah that shit man just came out of the clear blue sky yeah I'll be doing that type of shit but I know better not to put like you know I mean that's a book like a bike in front of people's faces like they don't know you know you gotta be stand a couple of feet back you should give people this space this bitch put a fucking yeah cardi really like man like what the fuck is going on it she thought was she was getting pumped for him ever yo if you do like why not she was um fuckin play a little bit she was just saying oh I'm a fan and then she just asked me her about our album she want to interview her and she the lady was saying oh I'm Dominican – no she was like trying to get her on her side like her she's the reporter saying oh I'm Dominican is gonna you know get her the in with cardi like saying the word yeah it's just fucking funny cuz you just look at her face it's hilarious bro you know what makes it even more crazy is that dude ha ha when she gets into the store and she pushes her father out the way and she's saying to reporters I'll put my father on camera passes by you say excuse me excuse me like a qumy qumy like what the air was Spanish Dominican accidentally you know really it was just funny cuz he talked to the he talked to her like a like a fuckin skank like I heard around like how she should be talked to you know to me so it was oh my god is her laugh I wonder if that was even uh if that was a setup to buy the reporter cuz I do it Mary Lou Brock that dude was rude as fuck your mother damn way hey you got a move like what the way is use me that she happened like you how does it happen so perfectly though excuse me excuse you know this was my you drunk this is funny as hell bro and I wonder if that was like like they do walking I wonder if he was what the reporter like if that wasn't do they just paid off to do that yeah oh man I was funny that was so fucked up cause it if he actually nothing's wrong like oh this is something that the reporters like you know me do this is something she does every day yelling yes sometime she did this gave him a big ass paycheck of this this is what they wanted she was ready to catch another case cuz yeah she already got a case with her with fucking assaulted Josh's girlfriend if she's gonna hear she pleaded not guilty so the devil brothers double working against even she handled a good chin spit on the nigga room because she would definitely approve oh that's some rough scumbag shit though like what the reporter did this that's the type of shit like you know I mean like you can never sit down with those kind of people yeah she did really nice old man of these and I guess she didn't see I can't understand what she was saying so I thought she had questions here that actually yeah something like real porn nothing of importance nothing of like of substance it was just like hey I'm Dominican and can we talk to you about your album and she's like all now right now look at me I'm fucking me why would I do any of you I'm no fan of corny but this thing is funny it's funny she was getting paint to some shop I wouldn't run I wouldn't put my camera in the face don't focus that's why she got the response she got I'm a tritiated but I was going on a deal I'll shoot a stock on station and the things that she's like you know I you know like you I kind of work on body language is shit like that the fact that she blocked her pathway is just like you know mean gross really like demanding something that you my thing is like what the fuck are you doing there in the first place and you have the right to be any way you want but just like are you going back to the hood Lee this is the only place into here yeah don't you got a private bit like a private like fucking hairdresser or whatever you know she knew she was coming the Dominican station catcher that's what happened yeah that's why you got to do is check your team because somebody somebody alerted them like you know somebody you know they slip somebody some money to – no we're with the Father yeah they knew better yeah watch the conspiracy videos what do you think about the reporter would you pipe she's coming off as the victim we gotta pitch the story kind of like yourself yeah I'm up to take something out of this bitch it's an old Oksana you

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    Who goes to get a massage, with their Father and baby???! And right clothes??!

    Or was it the Coco!!

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