38 thoughts on “Cardi B Apologizes To Reporter After Blasting Her In Public

  1. Cardo b, sigue siendo la gran artista que eres,es de humanos pedir perdón y ser humilde,se paciente y tu carrera va a rendir mucho más frutos,god bless.

  2. I think #Megantheestallion shouldn't get trolling about "Her Top 5 Female MC's" because that her opinion who she like and listen to and inspiring her to rapper beside her mother o course. #MegantheeStallion love her and her music too.

  3. Im sorry that would so urk me, if my parents feel a certain way, and I'm trying to put my child in the car? I have to agree w her on this one! And I think its nice of her to offer a public apology! That's growth on her part. I love Cardi, doesn't mean I agree w everything!! But this I truly do💁

  4. Love you cardi ! It’s normal to react before processing what’s happening around u before it’s to late . You live and learn. But that lady was unprofessional and should ask before filming or trying to get an interview .

  5. I don't like cardi at all, but if someone was to do that shit w my family I'd be the same way. Sis would have been thrown through a store window.

  6. I saw that Spanish report today and the lady was being professional and they even did block out her parent's face and the child's face…but they also reported how a disrespectful and a bad mouth CardiB was being with her own latin people….there's actually no reason to start being all ghetto and start a fight…couldve just ignored the reporter and walked away like every celebrity always do

  7. The minute cardi walked through dat door of fame everything changed so of course there gonna be cameras and shit!!! Its not only about having more money than others!!!!!!😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

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