1. The reporter made sure she was glamed up for the cameras tho. Cardi is not wrong on this one. She wasn't nasty at first. She has to protect her family as best as she can.

  2. I'm with her, I see nothing wrong. Girl was trying to protect her family and these people are annoying asf they deserve to get thier cameras destroyed.

  3. If she said no she said no celebs are human too I get it it's not ratchet it's jus wanting to be prepared and looking presentable I get it no shade

  4. I know pple gonna wanna come for her on this cause I already see negative comments but I'm wit her on this one. These press nd paparazzi pple need to learn space. DANG! I understand it's ur "job" to get a good article or story or whateva but she told her up front not to video her, her daughter or her pops yet you still wanna be defiant and do it. Like she said, her dad don't walk around wit security so don't put him out there to be a target. Pple see money when they know who ur associated with. They don't care. If she says back off then back the hell off. PERIOD!

  5. Tragic just ratchet smh although I kind of understand I probably would have blanked too 😆 #TeamBarbie #ClassyVibez

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