Canvas FastTrack - Media Tool

Canvas FastTrack – Media Tool

hello and welcome to the canvas fast-track in this two and a half minute video we will discuss ways to use the media tool to help with explaining creating and reinforcing assignments for students and learners in canvas research shows that students hearing their teachers voice proves better results for comprehension and retention of content save yourself time energy and frustration by quickly recording audio or video of what the assignment and expectations are for your assessment think of those younger learners who take home information but can't quite explain to mom and dad what they're supposed to complete or they don't remember when things are due use the video recording tool to help reinforce and support what needs to be completed and by win foreign language teachers will her teachers of English language learners can also enhance all of their assessments with video options given oral language assessment or explain the directions to an assignment with step-by-step descriptions for those who need a little more support stop repeating yourself how many times have you had a student stumble into class drop their backpack and with what felt like shouting say what are we going to learn today never again will you have to explain a few hundred times over what's going to be done quickly record an audio or video clip with weekly expectations and objectives you plan on covering students will quickly learn that they can watch or listen to the video and get the general gist handy trick this is also great for students who miss class make up work is a breeze want an easy way to reteach or redirect your students after they've unsuccessfully finished a test or assignment use the video tool to give them helpful successful study again or try again encouragement encourage students to learn from their mistakes find gaps in their understanding and grow from what they've learned maybe they need just a deeper explanation and again hearing your voice explaining it can help finally when creating audio or video instructions not only does this help parents grandparents and students know what's expected but it can specifically help those with learning accommodations they will have the opportunity watch as you model what's expected or listen or view multiple times to ensure that they're on the right track thanks for watching please comment below if you have any requests or suggestions for future fast-track videos

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  1. As a foreign language teacher, this tool is perfect for me for modeling pronunciation, giving instructions, reviewing vocabularies in the target language, and the material can be reached anytime for my students and their parents.

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