Candidates Age, Health Questioned At Democratic Debate | MSNBC

Candidates Age, Health Questioned At Democratic Debate | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Candidates Age, Health Questioned At Democratic Debate | MSNBC

  1. “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

    -Isaac Asimov rebuking MSNBC and their low-info audience.

  2. Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Trump sure doesn't have it. I don't see it in Biden; but rather a mac & cheese comfort candidate. Sanders was a cranky old man 40 years age and today as well. I see Warren as just barely viable age-wise, but do not want her to have a 2nd term due to age. Just look at how much Mueller aged during the course of his 2 year investigation. Critical aging can happen very quickly, and 4 years is a long time in the most aging job on the planet.

  3. At least Bernie's ideas aren't dead on arrival: all the other candidates will cater to corporate interests (even beloved Warren, whose health care plan is flimsy, at best). I'll take that energy every day of the week.

  4. The USA has not declared war against Syria. So why is the USA bombing the Syrian army tonight ? If you know the answer, then you are paying attention !

  5. Trump is 73.
    Lets just vote Andrew Yang and focus on enjoying this digital era and evolving human society TOGETHER.
    Everything's evolving but our Govt. You guys just keep putting these old out of touch people in office.
    Meanwhile the tech industry has created VR that will be assisting in driving and monitoring self driving vehicles.

  6. Its as much a health question as an age question. Elizabeth Warren seems to be in good health, lots of energy, and woman live longer than men. I like Joe Biden but he is old school. Bernie, well, at any age he can't carry the nation although he had my vote last time around.

  7. Looking for highlights of the debate. Instead a bunch of idiots talking about age. No wonder voters are uninformed

  8. if Judges making laws and still work well pass 80, who cares how old as long as they are capable joe has proven not to be where as Bernie has shown more then capable.

  9. The F people that wish America will also be a mafia clan head by Lair corrupt and criminal Trump should will not succeed.

  10. yeah & a billion given 2 the corrupt Ukraine government 2 protect hunters cush job,& billions dumped on amtrak ( were hunter was also vice chair 2 the board) Bernie hates billions.

  11. I guarantee democrats will lose the next election if the die hard supporters of 'insert candidate name here' chuck a hissy fit their guy/girl didn't win the nomination. They'll say I'm not voting because such and such didn't win the nomination. This is what will happen, and Trump will win again. If that happens America is doomed. Whomever wins the democratic nomination, vote, vote to remove the most corrupt administration in America history from power.

  12. I wish the debates would cover topics the president has control over like foreign policy and how they intend to staff and support the Executive Branch. For health care and other legislative issues, we need to vote for the lawmakers, Representative and Senator, who supports our views on those issues.

  13. I don't understand why media doesn't like Bernie Sanders because age but they love joe Biden even though he's 2 years younger than him

  14. Bernie is by the sharpest and most consistent candidate running. I think this age and even health hysteria is flat out ridiculous and a huge straw man to deflect from his policy popularity and his rise in this election. Not a huge surprise coming from establishment newscasts.

  15. You think MSNBC is bad. I was watching Fox news and they nonchalantly slipped in that an event was Bernie's first appearance since the heart attack.

  16. Twelve nut cases on the stage in a room full of morons. The whole three hours was nothing but a comedy show. What was really funny was when Pocahantas would be
    talking and Bernie would be pointing his finger into the air wanting to make a point. He looked like he was about to lose his pants over it. Bernie is nothing short of a lunatic,
    and people think he is the best one up there.

  17. Democrats win when they run younger candidates. Recent history says so. Biden and Sanders need to move aside to give us a much needed sharper contrast with Trump.

  18. Get the old fks out of the office! They're senile and not the most tuned into the times… take your wisdom and be a consultant. You don't have to run for president.

  19. Yes, Biden and Sanders are too old. Warren might have several good years left in her, or even longer, 79 is not 71, and women naturally keep their health for much longer. Sanders might be too uncompromizing, which is necessary with America’s ultra-capitalist society, while Biden is already too compromized through ao his son, and out-of-touch. Harris and Buttigieg have their issues/scandals too, so … Warren is the best bet plus then women have their first woman POTUS, she’s much more likeable than Hillary, and not blemished.

  20. GOD HELP US ALL… We'll need it if any democrat wins POTUS.
    2020 – DEFEAT SOCIALISM — Register & Vote The Dishonest Democrat Party Out!

  21. So…We're just gonna act like Bernie didn't win last night. You all barely talk about him except for the age question, yet he had the biggest night of all the candidates. You are not fooling anyone, MSNBC!!!! We have eyeballs, so stop with the propaganda.

  22. It’s funny how there’s no trump supporters outside the debates attacking event goers. But outside a trump rally you see democrats outside a trump rally attacking trump supporters and cops. Why is that? You’d think if trump spews hate you’d see more of that. But it only seems to be unhinged democrat supporters attacking trump supporters and cops outside of these kinda events. Seems little misleading that trump supporters are violent.

  23. You cant put a flame like the Bern out!! He didn't even know he had a heart attack! was back on the campaign trail in no time! The flame Berns strong! I have faith in Mr. Sanders! He is fighting for the people! Not himself!
    2020 FEEL THE BERN!

  24. Calm down with the heart attack and agism. My dad had open heart surgery 15 years ago, he is close to 90 years old and still going strong.

  25. Maybe it is time to put a man in the White House that is doing it for the soul purpose of bettering America. If there is any doubt in who I am referring to it is Bernie. What does he have to gain? Not much but an early grave and making America a world leader in social reform and leader in world politics. Bidden thinks he wants to better America but I think he wants to make his mark on America.

  26. Every Democrat onstage is about themselves. "I can, or I have a plan." Bernie is about giving the power back to the people. Poll all you want. If you are PRO corruption, then by all means, don't vote for another Democrat. Wallstreet will still win.

  27. It's sad how much MSNBC is against Bernie Sanders. They've become so curropt and a pawn for the Democratic party.

  28. Beji Caid Essebi was 88 when he became president of Tunisia. His successor, Mohammed Ennaceur, is 85. So no, age shouldn't determine how fit someone is to serve.

  29. Msnbc and cnn are pulling for Warren obviously and fox is for trump will be great to see all the msm cry when bernie wins..hahaha

  30. Bernie croaks on us while in office? Sad. Let his VP take over. I'm voting in policies into the White House, not a goddamned man or body.

  31. I love it how democrats think only the wealthy will pay more taxes. LMFAO. The middle class will be hit the hardest. Everything is free under the Sanders and Warren agenda. Warren won't answer the medicare for all "raise taxes on the middle class" because she knows it will effect the middle class. More taxes out of our paychecks, eliminating private insurers and trying to eliminate student debt. It never ends with democrats. They love to tax and spend and tax and spend our money. Next, it will be open borders and a come one come all mantra. A vote for any of these bozos means an end to the USA as we know it. And not in a good way.

  32. Who are they polling. They have to be the most misinformed voters… Bernie campaigns the most out of all of them doing 5 to 7 events per day. I hope I can get out of bed before lunch when I'm his age…

  33. Brian, Eugene & Claire, you folks ain't getting any younger too.
    And Steve Kornacki, I hope you live til an old ripe age….only to be mocked for it.

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