1. Canada has a 52 year relationship with Guyana and will not do anything to strain relations. This narrative the Guyana media promoted that Canada is involved has no merit and not substantiated .

  2. These people bringing shame to Guyana. They are blaming a powerful country like Canada. They look like clowns to the outside side world. They all having nightmares for knowing the end is near and PPP have to take care of the oil business.

  3. This is a good thank you to ABC countries for allowing the apnu + afc to go into power despite questions about irregularities/reported concerning the counting/recording of ballots …..,

  4. When charrandas was voting in favor for them they didn't had a problem, but now he vote against them they want to make excuses and find faults, even kill him too.. I'm not racial. I'm voting for whichever party could do good for the country and not only for themselves. Right now apnu only fulling their pockets and suffering the citizen of Guyana. If they don't have commonsense how they can govern a country. A set of pensioner are in the parliament, they not giving the younger one the opportunity to be in there. most of them have to read from papers and still they reading like they have to search for words…

  5. I have read many of these comments so typical of slave mentality Guyanese people have no Morrow in developing the country because From Slavery to indentured slaves we'll always have separation the word of God says never trust thine enemies this is the block people in Guyana problem always trust the enemies

  6. She is damn right no comment fuck off you bloody tabloid news reporter why don't you go and ask the lady who tells Mr charamdass he got dead tonight no u won't do that cause it's yall government in there

  7. That is the problem with having a parliamentarian with dual citizenship. That should have never been allowed to happen in the first place.

  8. The Canadian high commissioner acted properly in protecting our citizen, wished the Guyana government would protect their citizens too, so back off, nothing improper was done here.

  9. The government toppled itself, by taking care of themselves instead of the people of Guyana. 50% raise to ministers, closing down suger estate, and don't forget a Cadillac for me. The real people to blame is Khemraj and Moses.

  10. So saving the man's life and not letting him end up like Dr. Walter Rodney was attempting to overthrow the government. Greenidge should be a comedian. LOLOLOLOL

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