43 thoughts on “Can an industrial muck spreader crush a Volvo? – Top Gear 2017 – BBC Two

  1. Bull shit!!!
    pto slip clutch should have worked or broken shear bolt .
    Car looks like it’s made of wood .
    Pointless stupid tv
    Why not test cars like they used to on this stupid program.
    Ones that the working man can afford

  2. Hahaha – How stupid! Idiots at work. Hihihi Hahaha – You having fun? Hihihi Hahaha. The poor Volvo. Hihihi Hohoho Hahaha

  3. Wait THIS IS TOP GEAR!? I didn’t even realise until the end… holy shit times have changed… bring back Jeremy James and Richard!

  4. Fake . 1 no engine or box 2 nothing beats a Volvo. It's clearly lies told by the BBC, they covered up pedos and now there telling more lies

  5. Let's be honest.top gear finished when the proper team left….now the new top gear cast.would be better jumping in the muckspreader

  6. The fake laugh makes me cringe. It wasn't even funny.

    We need old top gear. Where are you Jeremy, james and hammond?

    THE OLD TOPGEAR WAS 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 TIMES BETTER.

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