Cam'ron Takes Swipe At Juju On Social Media, Juju Responds

Cam'ron Takes Swipe At Juju On Social Media, Juju Responds

this is the woman report with Angela Yee well congratulations to Meek Mill he's now co-owner of lids first oh yeah that's amazing so he made that announcement on Business Insider and that's all partly due to his close connection with Michael Rubin as well so he said he has an approach to the new venture and he studied and looked to jay-z in order to get this deal done so dropping a closed box with Meek Mill I should translating some braids he said you know this is my boss year a lot of what I'm doing I'm trying to get ownership and a lot of things to where I can still live comfortable the way I was living in my prime years as a rapper I'm just trying to build the foundation of some good businesses that'll keep me living good and lids I've been shopping at lids my whole life wearing hats fittings of course feather hats and calves all types of hats marriage slaves must be having some trouble but I can't see how they would be having some trouble with everybody still we're finished I'm trying to figure out how he would end up with 50% of it is what I'm saying I guess that whatever money is a 50% I thought they say every city's a corner right so that doesn't mean that and I'm sure a lot of things are also moving online as well too so I'm sure that's gonna be part of it you know so many retail locations are closing down all right now let's talk about Cameron he was on social media yesterday and he had posted twerk videos is played out sis post a video of you reading out loud that is turns me on let's check that pronunciation well juju responded in the shade room and she just put a rude child so I don't know what that response meant but it made Cam Ranh go on social media and post a whole entire like three minutes for dressing it here's what he said about why he ended up breaking up with juju all right he goes on to talk about all the things that he's done for dudu while they were together all right so he got very very petty but when he was on The Breakfast Club he did say it wasn't funny anymore and that's why they broke up if you recall now you and juju broke up what happened it was over y'all been together for over 10 years yeah well you know basically it was just like kind of mutual you know for me it just wasn't fun anymore you know I'm saying like I met juju in 2002 she's my friend before we even started um being serious you know I'm saying like that was my homegirl like you know what Instagram came out it was fun in the beginning then it started serious why you follow up or you like that person picture or people are saying this and I'm like yo you gotta be my best friend still you know I'm saying cuz that's what I'm in it for going on but I do know whenever Camryn goes on IG liven anything with old music playing in the background is guaranteed to be entertaining alright well do do last thing she posted was blessed booked and busy and a flyer cuz she's gonna be in Pittsburgh and so go party with her but you know I don't like to see this messiness happening between people who at one point did really love each other and I like do do as a person all right I'm Angela Yee and that is your rumor report you

33 thoughts on “Cam'ron Takes Swipe At Juju On Social Media, Juju Responds

  1. unfollowing you to getting threatened?? 🙄🙄Come'on stop it. When you love someone nothing can break that bond.
    It's always the people getting bored of the relationships who don't contribute much to keeping the spice up.

  2. Ummm if she wouldn’t have commented on his post then no video from him. Now y’all hating on him but she should’ve scrolled on

  3. It's such a double standard JuJu commented on his post and he responds back and he is bitter. If she was minding her business this wouldn't have happened

  4. But real talk didn't juju look better before the break up now she's more vocal she doesn't look as good I'm just saying 💯

  5. Could someone please tell me….why do y'all be giving this and bitches who only on TV for fucking a famous rapper attention??? Are YOU a slut yourself?

  6. It's funny, but when the truth comes out, you a lame for saying it. But if she upgraded him, then cam would be a mooching bumass nigga. Men cant win either way.

  7. No you being a Indian giver saying what you gave her and what you did for this and that and trying to b funny with that song you corny nigga

  8. Cmon cam grow up y’all broke up mad long ago this social media shit corny having people exposing each other you too old for that

  9. Lmao all the women in the comments all in their bag over this😂😂😂😂😂 juju dont care bout none of u bitches

  10. The fact Cam speaking on this shit years after the breakup confirms he in his feelings. JuJu’s IG is God Tier ✅

  11. Bitches always forget where they come from. A man gone always put u on so stay in y’all place please?

  12. So.. let me get this rite! Cam is being called Salty after she put something out there about the past relationship first.. ok. Then, because he states some truth that twerking for the gram is actually played TF out! Especially if you have a name and bigger business to attend to and now s public image. Basically saying display some growth vs. regression. Then by stating he loved her without all the work and extra shit.. he loved her, I mean 10yrs… come on!
    Ladies are complaining about revealing medical procedures as if it’s a secret or y’all can’t tell for your self. Stop it! For ladies, and not all. To be talking about they want a real one and you can’t even be real with your self nor your self image! Y’all do way to fuckn much to keep up with people and images of others and then you place blame on a man or someone else outside of your self.
    It’s called “self-esteem”, “self-image”! Yeah, Facts.. you can do whatever you want to and for your self. But don’t let that make you forget, people can say and feel however they want about you! Fact! People aren’t hating when they speak like this, especially of an ex. It really seems like he just wanted her to level up as a women and individual but she chose to follow the Jones’s 🤷🏾‍♂️
    These are two adults who made a decision to be apart and one party expressed some disappointment in the others actions after helping them secure an avenue of fame and money. If it was the other way around you ladies wouldn’t saying shit except.. Yeah, you say it Sus! GTFOH

    To all the women loving themselves in their truth and flaunting it like they should with that self love and confidence..❤️ Ooh y’all are the MVP’s out here with your fine ass natural selves.😍
    Love to you all, and much love to the real ones. But.. get ya sistas🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  13. Angela Yee called him petty. He not petty for telling the truth. Juju, left a comment and he responded. U careless women are going to learn very soon

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