100 thoughts on “Camerota asks voter how she would vote if Trump shot someone. Hear her response

  1. What can you do with people like that? You cannot shame or reason with them; they despise reason and wear their ignorance like some kind of moronic badge.

  2. I thought the most compelling part of this interview was at about the 6 40 mark where dude begins to tell you all that "a lot depends on how this is "FRAMED" going forward." Anyone remember the name David Brock and a nice little brainwash he did on the masses? I mean this guy just told you that it is about how they manipulate the narrative to get you all to puppet on cue… Its been so fun to watch the media tell you, your'e all stupid, and then tell you how they are going to feed you news they want you to know, and then tell you which memes to parrot.. and then, as programmed you cluck like hens. It is just too bad there aren't stricter breeding laws to at least protect the gene pools from further stupification. Hug stupid if you want, but where a condom and don't spread those feces around.

  3. Where did you get these gullible women? Free Speech yeah yeah but their arguments are dumb Trump like dumb!. No wonder Trump got elected.
    Is America really that dumb?

  4. Next time ask Crystal if he shot the person she loves most in the world in front of her, would she still vote for him? Would love to hear the response to that.

  5. This is a portrait of what's wrong with America and why our democracy is damn near dead. Fuck "divisiveness". There's logic and there's truth.

  6. I’m curious where did CNN get this panel? Did they hang outside the mall door to a Charming Charlies to do their recruiting? Lol😝😂

  7. Why do you bother with these children. That’s what they are. It’s like a bunch of 8th grade girls thinking that they actually have a clue.

  8. Jesus this is terrifying! NO!!!! NO OTHER PRESIIDENT DID THIS, AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, LADY! Oh my god – they think they are making confident real arguments about supporting America at home while missing the point that trump is undermining foreign relations everywhere and this is not normal!

  9. can't believe people are that gullible, it's getting harder everyday not to notice how deeply the demographic shift affect the world. i'm just happy i won't be here to witness the day y'all find yourselves alone with the wolves. oy vey.

  10. She put the silencer on the interviewer.. Yeah, if he shot someone for good reason, I applaud him too.. A thief, murderer, kidnapper, a rapist…hell yeah.. That ignorant interviewer got put in her place…HELL YEAH ….#TRUMP2020 #CRYLIBBIESCRY

  11. The host had to poke and prod em in the direction she wanted. Such fake news. Title should have been "watch this woman manipulate a group of people"

  12. Russia murdered Ukrainians because they could; the only way the US could stop the massacre was to provide aid. Trump refused to part with the aid because of his business dealings with Putin. Don’t these women understand that?

  13. It's all about race and racism. People are always motivated their most base instincts. If it wasn't for the warm fuzzy feeling these women get knowing there's a white supremacists in the Whitehouse they'd never be this defensive of him.

  14. CNN sucks, I wish they’d take their liberal lying asses to another country. CNN is nothing more then king of fake ass news. That believes it’s ok to say Americans are stupid. Plus that big mouth bitch was fire from Fox News and has a axe to grind with Trump reorters

  15. Face it bottom line they aren't going to admit is they don't want any of their tax money going to undeserving brown people and they want the right to be able to punish and refuse services to anyone they don't consider worthy, i.e. brown people, non-Christians and homosexuals which they consider a basic freedom in the USA.

  16. The people running the country aren’t supposed to be “entertaining”. They are supposed to be doing their fucking job and running the country. 😡😡😡

  17. I like how the camera stays on the lady on the right just so we can see how stupid she looks you can see the self doubt in her face lol

  18. Biden should be held accountable for "corrupt relationship with Ukraine & self-admitted extortion, while in the Obama administration regardless of his current UNFIT "stumbling off the stage & forgetting his words" race for the presidency… and President was right to withhold money because of the obvious blatant evidence of "high finance" corruption Ukraine had with Biden's no-nothing son.

  19. I wonder how'd she'd feel if the person shot were her own child? (Conservatives don't care unless it personally affects them.)

  20. These people are drinking that kool-aide. They're committing suicide!. He doesn't give a damn about them..Republicans nor Democrats

  21. Depends WHY he shot them? He has already said he could do it FOR NO REASON and get away with it! (That statement alone indicates he is unfit to govern.) She should be commenting in response to his statement. Would she find it acceptable if it were one of her own family? (Probably, just as I might at least find it understandable if such a deadhead as her were the one taken out – absolutely no loss to humanity and would improve the gene pool.)

  22. Trump himself answered that dumb bitches question at the very end. he would shoot somebody because he thinks he would get away with it. I'm sure she's heard him say it on TV.

  23. Even a Republican as well as a Democrat have introduced bills for homeless Vets but still the Republican majority Senate puts up with McConnell not bringing anything to a vote. Why didn't this journalist ask that question?

  24. That Crystal lady has the education of a 6th grader, I can promise you that. I feel sorry for her children. She is an embarrassment of an American white woman.

  25. “You're tired of the divisiveness? YES”

    “Do you think that President Trump plays a role in that? NO”


  26. I bet these cows can't even point to Ukraine on a map. I'm so tired of humanity. I won't feel bad becoming a cat hermit.

  27. People that care more about the president them the country are less American then any immigrant. Even when it's clear that this president cares more about his ego then the United States.

  28. This is not new, or News. Trump supporters were asked this over a year ago and they said virtually the same thing. Stop expecting them to see things your way. It's a CULTURE WAR, stupid!!

  29. CNN could have gotten a better group , all they wanted to do is get a group of trump voters and shame them on national television, VS getting more intelligent trump voters , these ladies are swing voters , majority of the time swing voters are from small towns or do not make a decision on the presidential election until the final count , these ladies don’t have a profound understanding of what’s going on politically .

  30. Oh. My. Goodness.

    Well, at least I can put a face to the definitions of idiocy and lunacy after watching this.

    Crystal Arlington? Sigh. 🤦🏼‍♀️
    Ignorance is Bliss, so they say. You are definitely, by far, one of the most blissful individuals in the USA.

  31. This was a time capsule that exploded. The lady who was the ever Trumper was obviously enthrall with Trump his money, and his ability to insult. Probably what she thinks a real man is. You know back in the day when women would pick candidates because they appeal to them sexually. This is a sure example of why education is important. We perish for a lack of knowledge.

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