California Schools Willful Defiance  Policy

California Schools Willful Defiance Policy

homeschooling is looking better and better oh my goodness so guys I don't know if you've heard about this one but it's a doozy in California unfortunately where I reside California has voted to ban schools and principals from suspending students for willful defiance that's that's that's what they voted on now here's the thing there's already existing law that does that but the thing is the existing law is for kindergarten through third grade which makes sense right cuz you're thinking okay it's kindergarten I don't want to give okay okay you can act up right you you can you can you know how to feel some type of way in second and third grade I get you will let you pass right we won't we won't you to send you to juvenile hall we understand right but here's the thing what they want to change that too is from fourth grade all the way to eighth grade and then later change it from ninth grade all the way to 12th grade what let me let me try and get this straight you're telling me you are in eighth grade and still acting up what do you what are you talking about who hears today I don't see how anyone with an intellectual bandwidth higher than that of a net can see this is a good plan I know I don't see how anyone can see that you know what this is definitely gonna help because the thing is if you will I understand having Beibei kids you know in second and third grade I guess I get that completely right even fourth grade Lena he's a babe a kid for those you don't know babe a kid's man where have you guys been these are Bebe's kids this is LaShawn however the moment in time we're talking about eighth grade ninth grade 10th 10th grade you tone you're in high school and you still acting out with with no repercussions because what they want the teachers to do get this this one oh my god I got a nice healthy laugh from this one they they they want the teachers to come up with different forms diff different ways of correcting the problem right that will address the problem that is age-appropriate that's what they want the teacher to do here's the thing last time I was in school teachers were supposed to what's what's the word I'm looking for oh that's where I teach what now they let them be psychiatrist too what is wrong with you guys what is wrong with you you telling me I can act alright but you want to know what the age-appropriate a penalty for acting up when you're in frickin fifth sixth seventh eighth grade bye-bye that's it that's as simple as that bye-bye you spend it done you do it again you're expelled as simple as that that's how that works so now now the teachers and any authority figure have no had nothing have no power how do you think that's gonna work especially when you look at the numbers and the majority of this unfortunately surprised the majority of kids who are suspended under willful defiance or black kids why do you think that is I would argue one may argue would be that there's a possible correlation between that and the single family households maybe maybe I would even go so far as to add there may be a correlation between that and the prison system which with which what a majority of those in prison are from single-parent households I would just argue that that that would be my argument cuz you have people talking about the school to the Prison Pipeline no no no no no no no no no this is the household to the Prison Pipeline that's what this is that's that's what it's always been at least you had two teachers you had some teachers you play yo I'm not gonna I'm not gonna I'm not gonna deal with your nonsense because there's videos of kids just while it out just assaulting teachers and stuff like that I was like I've never had that I made me a little back and forth little sass low back talk I have you know freaking students assaulting teachers and now imagine you as a teacher yes I bet I bet teachers in California are gonna are gonna protest to have to have open carry like you know what that idea where Trump said where the teacher should actually carry and we don't know which teacher is carrying I think I like that idea I think I I think we should have that let let a child act out now don't trust me you don't know if I'm a teacher that's caring you don't know that you test me around you you may find out right right at least give him something the inmates are gonna be running the prison that's what's gonna happen do you think that's gonna help people that's why I'm always in the back of my mind in order for the people in power to be in power they ask me there has to be those and underclass we're just yeah back to the lines fits the walls there has to be in order for there to be a medicine there has to be an illness that is a makes logical sense to me so you can't tell me this is going to help them so you want it so in eighth ninth tenth twelfth grade when there are about a hop skip and a jump where they're already adults about to go into the adult world you want them to have essentially no repercussion no no no no reaction for their actions nothing no consequences where anyone on staff anyone in authority they can just math they can just act up well they can't get suspended so what are you gonna do put them in the corner live what you can put a little rate right in 12th grade in the corner it will go in the corner and think about what you've done that's what you want to do because you let little little ray-ray know that there K they can't suspend you my guy if you act up delete the worst they can do is make you write an essay or something yeah right write an essay of why assaulting your teacher is a bad thing and how it could lead to a very bad path of life man I'm telling you I'm telling this is a setup that's what this seems like this is a setup and who do you think this is a setup primarily for the main group of people who need the discipline who are not getting it from the home because it's being raised by the mother I get that mother you can't raise a son you need a man right and the fathers are in prison because they stupid they finally get to school they finally get a male influence finally some type of male influence who'll be like hey don't do that some type of respect show and now you want to completely erase that and for me for me like I said I would sell you I want a one little Lucas but I mean they're gonna have to move or homeschool that's it or private school that's that I don't the private school nowadays I don't know what's going on I don't know what's going on there and I teach you the same thing so they used to when I was growing up it's coming higher and harder people that's all I'm saying anyways guys that's a video let me know what you guys think whether than I believe Lucas looks you're misreading this this is actually a positive thing we really believe no there's no miss Reed this isn't positive at all this is anything this is threatening the lives of the teachers I don't know why anyone to become a teacher now either or hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did please feel free to like share comment subscribe oh oh what that munch stuff till next time guys be amazing that's what's gonna happen you

50 thoughts on “California Schools Willful Defiance Policy

  1. It's only a matter of time before home schooling starts getting severely regulated to screen for "hate speech", "intolerance" and "bigoted" beliefs being taught to the child. And if found, well CPS will take it from there. That's what it feels like to me.
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  2. The only kids that be acting up in Highschool were the "problem" kids. Bi-Polar, heavily depressed (to the point of using the pipe cleaners to cut themselves, so Art class had to lock those up), and a couple other behavioral issues. Not Special Education, but more…. Unstable for a word? Otherwise the only acting up I ever witnessed was someone not wanting to do classwork cause it wasn't even
    counting to the grade.

  3. We are creating A society of individuals with no real education, no capability to cope, and every believe that they can do whatever they want to and everyone else just needs to get out of their way

  4. Homeschooling and free community college classes during high school is a Million times BETTER for raising and educating the future generation! And it is possible in California!

  5. America would do just fine without Commiefornia in it. We need to expel that shit hole from our union. Then nuke it.

  6. This will just lead to massive 911 phone calls to all schools. This will also lead to ditching. No repercussions, shit I'll do what ever the fuck I want now.

  7. Pretty soon there wont be any teachers in California no one wants to deal with awful kids they don't get paid enough and it's totally not fair to the kids that really wanna learn . Smh what's going on in this country it's a bunch of shit!!

  8. Teacher's pay is criminally low. They have to teach those little shits. If they don't want to punish those kids, don't be surprised when your crime rate skyrockets.

  9. Kids need to go to school. Teachers have a right to feel safe at their jobs. And let's be honest, unless you can afford to hire a teacher your kids aren't going to get all the necessary tools to get them through primary school let alone high school. I can't imagine that normal everyday teachers would vote this stupid rule in? So what is the real reason behind this ruling? It's a bloody worry though

  10. Nationally if they do this then they should automatically allow teachers to spank kids again… enough of this baby then crap

  11. For some reason the left see not enforcing rules as the solution to minorities making up the largest portion of suspentions. What kind of lesson is that teacheing the kids?

  12. Soooo when we are supposed to be teaching kids right from wrong, proper behavior vs improper behavior and how to be a successful adult we are teaching them the exact opposite. Lets see how many end up in jail at 18.

  13. Teachers need to start pressing charges against the students, the parent(s) and the school system if they are assaulted. The parents & student for obvious reasons, and the school system for allowing violent individuals to remain in the schools. They could probably band together and bring a class-action suit against the school system for creating a dangerous work environment before someone gets hurt or killed.

  14. Wow, I got sent to detention repeatedly in high school because I disagreed with something my biology teacher said. After that I'd walk in the door and she'd immediately send me to detention before class even started. I'd sit in ISS with all the scary trouble makers and catch up on homework or knit and after a few days, the ISS "warden" started questioning why I was even there. He gave me a pass back to class and she (biology teacher) wouldn't even look at it and sent me back to ISS, Mr. Madrid (warden) escorted me to her class and chewed her out, telling her she was not allowed to kick me out anymore. After that, she let me stay in class… she just gave me an F on EVERY assignment and tried to turn me in for having too many absences. 😧
    I home school my daughters because I'm tired of the public school shenanigans! And it's just getting worse, believe me!

  15. Kids ain't acting right in high school nowadays because they don't have someone at home to whoop that ass when they get in trouble at school.

  16. This law is solely for inner city students to keep them in school, and to skew the stats. Period. Oh wait, guess that logic makes me a racist now HAHAHAHAHA. Whatever.

  17. What demonrats have done to the black family units and black community's is sickening. Now back to kids that act out , I say beat that ass….that is what's wrong with our youth today. They have had everything handed to them,never having to work for it. They feel entitled, they've never been disciplined, and they think that if others don't share the same opinions and ideas, likes and dislikes, that they have a right to physically and verbally attack you. That's why I say ,a good old fashion whoop ass is what these little shits need.

  18. This is, in part, an effort to "punish" charter schools. Obama pushed this nonsensical policy during his administration. Now, the loony left in California want to implement it. Not only because they revere Obama's policies, but also to stick it to charter schools.

    Progressivism is a punitive ideology.

  19. My 6th grade teacher Mr. Harvel threw a folding chair at the blackboard once when the class wouldn’t shut up and pay attention. Smashed it to bits, debris flying everywhere. I’m sure he got his wrist slapped behind the scenes, but from our point of view nothing happened except a new blackboard was installed and we got yelled at by the principal. Not that we didn’t deserve it, haha!

  20. It's just like criminal justice reform…lower crime stats by not arresting and prosecuting criminals the virtuous politicians and local officials 'feel' are unjustly and disproportionately targeted. The same principle is applied to kids they 'feel' are unfairly and disproportionately suspended for misbehaving. This is a great way for city officials and superintendents to cook their books and show how safe and wonderful their cities and schools are, while crime and chaos continues to grow out of control. See how it's working out in Chicago, Baltimore, and other places. Something has to give at some point. They can't keep blaming the problem on racism and oppression. That ship has long sailed.

  21. I use to roll my eyes and laugh at the whole “we don’t pay teachers enough!” nonsense. I have several family/friends that are teachers. They seem to enjoy working only 190 days a year, teachers union protection, etc. But in the past 10 years or so it has gotten ridiculous, to where I wouldn’t do that job at any price. Truly disturbing.

  22. NJ Sub Teacher here.
    You have no idea how badly NJ is trying to copy CA.

    Reading the comments here. It actually makes me happy that some people is Cali see all of this BS and take a stand against it. The smart ones are obviously leaving the state to get the hell out of dodge while they still can.

    The left's mentality is just as dangerous as terrorism.

  23. The intent is to DESTROY the school system, unhook you property taxes from the schools/teachers' union. Alot of the teachers/professors are promoting madness on the youth, and later the g-pop. Stop financing societal destruction by teacher aka the left .

  24. "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."… Matthew 24:12… no love in this… none at all… because sin is abounding… pray for the outpouring of the Spirit of God so that we may warn the world to turn from their ways…

  25. You are once again nailed it. They will grow up showing no respect to the teachers or principals, to the police or judge and definitely to warden at the prison where they now live. I also agree it goes back to the single parent home. If my crime in school deserved capital punishment (the paddle) not only did the principal had permission but be forewarned Dad was at the front door with belt in hand (you know the one) to reinforce the point.

  26. I have seen videos where the students were actually threatening the teachers with physical violence. And they want the teachers to now come up with "alternative forms of discipline"? How much more proof is needed before people wake the fuck up and see that the lefties are ACTIVELY WORKING TO DESTROY THE COUNTRY FROM WITHIN?????

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