Cache’s Optimisation Update

Cache’s Optimisation Update

When the update came out a few days ago, it
may only have looked like there were minor changes to Cache. But I’ve learned that
when it comes to FMPone’s maps, there’s no such thing as ‘minor changes’.
Hence this separate video on it, to give me time to do the research required! He posts
patchnotes of the ‘main’ changes, but I imagine he always has the map loaded on
his PC and is forever making minor adjustments to it, most of which I suspect he forgets
or doesn’t bother to include in the patchnotes when it comes to updating the map on the workshop.
You’ll see in these comparison shots that, while nothing major has happened… so many
small things have changed. Like how he bothered to add a few more bricks
to this wall here. Nobody else in the WORLD would have noticed that. Except me.
With this latest update to Cache, I think the bit that most people will care about is
the ‘Optimisations’. Being the slowest-running map to be featured in the game, any boosts
are welcome! But by how much has improved? In total, I’ve tested 4 different versions
of the new Cache, the most recent yielding the highest framerates across all parts of
the map. If you’re CPU-limited, your framerates will be on average 4% higher after this update.
If you are GPU-limited, possibly 5%! That’s not bad on its own, and since the pre-release
version the map’s average framerate will have improved by as much as 11%. All those
small tweaks add up. Best of all, it’s the slowest spots of the
map that have improved the most. In this update alone, this view from A down to middle improved
by 14%. This view at T spawn by 8%, and the mid court yard and corridors leading towards
B by anywhere between 5 and 10%. If you were struggling with the map before, the bits you
were struggling with are the bits that will have improved the most!
But the map still runs a lot more slowly than the old Cache, and Nuke and Dust2. New Cache
remains the slowest map in the game- but still runs less slow than ever before.
This is using just the 2200G at low settings at 720p. It doesn’t look very nice, but
it does at least run smoothly. Moving up to 1080p, highest settings with
FXAA, the new update edges it closer to being on the right side of 60 FPS. On this system,
Dust2 is closer to 70, you get almost 80 on Nuke… and 90ish on the old Cache.
To be fair, I don’t know if any of these are fast enough to be competitively viable,
especially since the framerates will drop further once other players and grenades are
thrown into the mix. But it shows that the new Cache remains the most demanding of the
maps in Counter-Strike. You’d probably get away with it if you were to lower the settings,
the resolution… or both. There’s a reason I use the Ryzen 2200G to
test this. This is the cheapest and slowest new system you can get that I’d consider
to be a ‘gaming’ rig. It would have been considered high-end about… 10 years ago.
As it costs well under £100 for the CPU and GPU combined, there’s no good excuse to
be gaming on something slower than this in 2019, though I’m sure I’ll see some people
showing off about their 15 year old laptop in the comments section. But even this lowly
2200G rig managed more than 200 FPS on average on the new Cache at 720p low details. Chuck
a 7 year old Geforce 670 graphics card in and you’ll be able to game at 169 FPS average
at 1080p, high settings. It can even manage 116 FPS at 1440p.
So that’s nice. I noticed a lot of the decals had been removed or toned down, small tufts
of grass and some of the foliage has been taken away.
This roof near A has been raised, this other one near A has been extended, I’m sad to
see the panels on the top of this one simplified… but wouldn’t have noticed it were it not
for this comparison. Surfaces have generally been brightened with the removal of the green
ivy. And the weapon cache at A has been boarded up by a much simpler looking wooden panel.
And there are general improvements to the clipping around the map. You can’t lose
a weapon down the window in squeaky any more. The clipping around mid-window has changed,
though you’re able to bash your head on it AND stand on top of it before and after
this update. In fact, this has almost been encouraged by how he’s raised the height
of the clip brush. Previously when up here you had to crouch.
The grenade clipping around the mid boost has changed. A large box clip used to predictably
bounce grenades thrown against the tarpaulin bit, but now your nades are at the mercy of
whatever angle the surface is they hit! And there are only so many ways that I can describe
clip brushes, so have some nice music and look at these for yourselves.
In terms of gameplay changes, bombsite A has been extended ever so slightly towards the
wall. You could almost plant there before… but not quite! But now you can. Forklift’s
model and hitboxes have been lowered so you can jump onto it without having to crouch.
In fact, you can climb all the way from ground level to catwalk without needing to crouch-jump
even once. ALJN pointed out a lot of things over on Cache’s
workshop page, but got credit for a pixel-boost at bombsite A just here which has been patched
up for this update. Moving into A-main, this crate stack has shrunk.
A crouch-jump is still required to climb on top of it but it should be a little easier
now. There was a bad collision mesh that was fixed
in Z, and apparently you used to be able to get stuck on the ladder. I couldn’t recreate
this, though rather bizarrely, since the update you can now climb up the wrong side of it!
In Bombsite B, this stack of shells has shifted across and down a bit- there was a pixel gap
beneath it before that could have been used to see the feet of players hidden behind it
on the site. And the bomb used to fall through the B ramp
displacement. This is a common problem with the Source engine. I saw that several of them
had been remade on the site. Or maybe it’s referring to this ramp, which now has a clip
brush underneath it. All I know is… Valve pls fix.
And we’ll end this video with some more comparisons I made before and after this update.
If you look closely you’ll spot a slightly shifted stack of bin bags. More contrast on
some of the wall textures! 5% less green stuff. And a bit of the inner spoke of the ferris
wheel has fallen off. Oh and vents have been brightened.

100 thoughts on “Cache’s Optimisation Update

  1. I’ve never thought about before now but CS:GO is the least buggy game I think I’ve ever played. They put so much love and care into the maps to stop the smallest of glitches

  2. I play on a 1877 laptop with zero (0) fucking cooling and an Intel Pentium™ 0 with Nvidia GTX™ -69. I run Counter Strike: Global Offensive at a rate of -420 frames per second.

  3. You're a gifted storyteller, 3kliksphillip (and the other 2 also). You take simple patchnotes, combine them with incredible research and create whole journeys out of it. Mad respect for that.

  4. I got 450 at old and like 250-280 on the new so I do not really care bcs I only need 144 for my 144hrz monitor but I love it that they still try to make it better for the low end pc’s ! And still csgo is about the skill not the setup guys !

  5. The previous version was literally unplayable for me. I'd go down as low as 60 fps around z and now im getting a solid 160 in some of the worst spots. Cant wait to play it in comp now.
    Edit: still cant interact with the vents like on nuke it seems 0/10 please fix

  6. I play cs on 4:3, 800×600, every least option on settings, multicore rendering is off(no gpu), I have i5-4570, I get 100-120 fps in mirage, any idea how many fps will I get in the new cache after this update?

  7. in 1:19 philip did u just use the vega integrated? pls tell.. i have same apu .. overclocked to 1500 mhz in gpu, cpu to 3900 mhz and ram to 3200 mhz.. but still get 110-120 in this exact position.. pls say something if i did wrong or you are doing extra

  8. Currently gaming on a athlon 2 x3 445 and geforce gt9600 . i cant play cache or nuke, and the b site on vertigo drops my frames to sub 60. maybe thats why im only a 2 star scrub

  9. I’m having problems with my PC, so I’ve been playing on my MacBook Air. It’s sucked. I don’t have a stable 60 fps in any place on any map using the lowest settings with 720p.

  10. Hey Philip (or anyone) I have a question: When I play cs or any other games, my cpu is always at 100% and gpu is only at 10-30%. I’ve seen that it’s because games are cpu heavy, but is there any way to make it use my gpu more? My cpu isn’t that great and often struggles when a game is running in the background, sometimes even when cs is in the lobby and i’m tabbed out… From what I’ve seen there is really no fix to this, but maybe you know an improvement or something?

  11. "I'm sure I'll see someone showing off their 15 year old laptop in the comment section"

    Coming from the man literally showing off his PC at that moment hahah. But yes sir, that would be me.

  12. i3-2100 @3.1GHZ that's a few years old, 8gb DDR3 1333 RAM, RX460 2GB, 600gb internal HDD 300gb external HDD, no SSD. yeah, I can run cs at less than 200 but it ranges from less than 100 to 200 so I cap it at 101fps.

  13. Dude these last updates are so lame, optimization really lame and not even needed, we got a fuxking case for the 20 year anniversary yeah yeah cool cool 20 years, we get a case.

  14. I got a HP ProBook 430 G4, i get steady 60 fps with some launch commands and settings tweaking, oh and i play with widescreen also

  15. You should have done some test with 9 other people in the game I don’t know if people make your game as laggy as bot but atm I have the same fps in gta in very high graphism than in cache with 9 bots

  16. STOP. Why is it the developer's fault if you have a 10 year old pc? I mean, they should try and optimize the game's performance when the quality can be unaltered but the frames higher, but they should not have to lower the graphical quality of their game because everybody wants to play it on a gameboy

  17. Would it be worth upgrading from an ancient Q9650 to a 2200g System for just playing CSGO? The fps numbers in the video are at least doubled from mine, while OC to 3,7GHz with a GTX670

  18. I get pretty low FPS (around 70 on mirage with all medium settings, 1280×960 resolution) with an Intel i5-9600K, 16GB ram, 1050ti 4gb GPU. Does anyone have any ideas on if my hardware is causing it or do I have another underlying problem?

  19. Fuckk that new catche. New dead map thanks to update… what was wrong with the old version? Soon we will have to buy new PC to play this shit game…

  20. Hey Philip, always wondering how you facilitate your comparisons so perfectly? How do you manage to line up perfectly old vs new screenshots? Would love to see a making of / behind the scenes of your videos 😉

  21. 3kphilips: "the new update edges it closer to being on the right side of 60fps"
    Me, who plays csgo on hp laptop with no nvidia: "wait, you get 60 fps?"

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