Cable Anchor Says Bernie Sanders Support Is Too Black

Cable Anchor Says Bernie Sanders Support Is Too Black

>>Bernie Sanders has been endorsed by freshman
Democrats including representatives Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar. Now, while this is great news, and it shows
the level of support Bernie Sanders has when it comes to progressive lawmakers, there are
some in the mainstream media including John King of CNN, who are concerned that maybe
this is not a good look for Bernie Sanders? Take a look at his commentary.>>There is no doubting his fundraising, there
is no doubting the depth of his support across the country. But is it in the teens, can he get into 20s. How do you win? That will certainly help him, but it will
also, I think, Senator Klobachur is coming in to join us now, have some of the other
candidates say, wait a minute. Is this too far left? Is this too uncompromising? Is it too urban? Is it too Internet? Does the Democratic Party need to find a broader
audience?>>Is it too urban? And this is the discussion in regard to women
of color endorsing him. So, I don’t look, it’s, what?>>Okay, look, we can get into the criticism
of, is it too Internet? I don’t know what that means, okay, and all
the other things that he said. But is it too urban? Let us now note the irony of these same establishment
anchors saying, Bernie Sanders is no good. He can’t get African American support.>>No this is, okay, I just wanna remind,
it wasn’t too long ago, 2016, Bernie Sanders had two main criticisms, right? He is not attracting the African-American
vote, women don’t like him, right? Those were the two criticisms. So now you have women of color who are elected
progressives endorsing him, and they’re flipping the script. And just to remind you of what the commentary
toward Bernie Sanders was like in 2016. Here’s Emily Sussman, this is from February
of 2016, I’m not sure what she’s doing today, but she was the campaigns director for the
Center for American Progress.>>Of course.>>Here’s what she had to say about Bernie
Sanders, again, February of 2016.>>Sanders is desperately trying to cut into
the large advantage that Clinton has with communities of color. Because part of the reason that Sanders has
done well so far is because the states that he’s been in are some of the whitest in the
country, Iowa and New Hampshire, and that is the base of his support. Sanders really has one message, everything
comes back to undue influence on Wall Street, everything comes back to that. And so for that reason.>>I’m aware of that.>>Public colleges.>>So for that reason, he really has trouble
with communities of color, cuz it’s really not something they buy into. So he’s gonna have to change it a little bit. And trying to identify with the president
is the way that he’s decided he’s gonna do it.>>And, by the way, real quick, we did do
a story on Sussman fairly recently. She had made a statement about how if people
don’t support Warren and they decided to vote for Bernie instead then it’s sexism. She said something along those lines.>>Yeah, that’s funny.>>Sexism is showing was her exact comment. Sorry.>>Yeah, I don’t think anyone’s gonna accuse
AOC of sexism. Really you’re gonna go in that direction,
and look at their obvious hypocrisy. He can’t get black voters, and now he’s too
urban, his support is too urban. That means black, that means minority, okay? And they say it without skipping a beat, and
nobody else comments on it like, hey John what was that crazy talk? Look even if he, without the context of what
they said about him in the past. Without the hypocrisy, it would still be an
outrageous comment.>>Absolutely.>>What do you mean it’s too urban?>>Yeah.>>What does that mean? And in fact, they do this all the time. They say, can others that are not Joe Biden
win over the white Male voters in the middle of the country, why are they the only ones
that matter? How about can you win over the African-American
vote in Atlanta, which will help you swing Georgia? Stacy Abrams nearly won it. Can a democrat win at a Presidential level,
of course they can. I can go through 100 other states. How about the black vote in Philadelphia,
etc? No, for a lot of the mainstream media, I don’t
think they do it out of any kinda malice. I think it’s just natural, the conventional
wisdom that they have built up that they forget is loaded with stereotypes. And I’m being kind here, right?>>Yeah, definitely. And then I know I got to give you one more
tweet because I know you’re gonna love this one. It’s from Marcos Moulitsas who has not been
a fan of Bernie Sanders, this is following news that AOC had endorsed Bernie, he said
quote, can’t wait to see how this registers, if at all. We’ve evolved past endorsements. No one cares.>>Will AOC be the exception?>>So in 2016, we said, Hillary Clinton getting
endorsed by every other corrupt politician, establishment politician, is the most obvious
thing in the world. Yet they don’t like Bernie Sanders cuz he
represents change, etc. They’re like no, no, endorsements are the
most important thing. Nate Silver will talk about it, well endorsements
means where the party’s going and wherever the party’s going, that’s gonna be the candidate. Endorsements are everything. Now that Bernie has endorsements for the most
popular politicians in the country, the most popular Democrats in the country, I was like,
it doesn’t really matter, and who cares about black people and women? Nobody cares. Bernie’s basement, who cares? They can’t see it, isn’t that amazing that
they can’t see how biased they are? And then they’ll turn around and say, well,
anyone who supports Bernie Sanders by definition is biased. But all of us who hate Bernie Sanders, by
definition are not biased. Even though we say outrageous, unbelievably,
hypocritical things like you just saw.

100 thoughts on “Cable Anchor Says Bernie Sanders Support Is Too Black

  1. I love you guys, but you’re reading way too much into what he said. He’s referencing the urban demographic. Voters in the middle of the country or in historically conservative states/towns who may be independent or left leaning; or people who normally always vote Republican, but now they’re conflicted because they hate the current “Trumpian” state of their party………don’t identify with someone like Rashida Tlaib from Detroit or AOC from New York. It’s literally just a matter of the urban vs. rural geographic. So endorsements from The Squad don’t mean anything to them. That won’t be the thing that brings them over to the Bernie side completely. It goes the other way as well. I’m a liberal Democrat born and raised in The Bronx (NYC). If I was on the fence about my party and who I’d be voting for, endorsements from a representative in Kentucky or West Virginia would mean absolutely nothing to me because our issues and needs are vastly different. They wouldn’t be the tipping point for me to switch sides. So King was trying to say that those “in between” people in coal country that were on the Bernie fence, may now go right back over to Trumpville, because it’s “comfortable” and the urban demographic may be seen as too radical to them. King wasn’t referencing “urban” as Black and Latino.

  2. Is Sussman (hope that´s correct) blacksplaining here? Even the "sexist" coment is pretty condescending to all the women, who like Bernie. I do and I am an old feminist.

  3. So the channel that hires Hillary staff members and donated to the Clinton campaign, is being hypocrite towards Bern????
    No way….

  4. Stop your sulking, you Progressive crybabies…..your boy Bernie isn't going to make it…., It's remarkable this guy is nearly 80 years with a bad heart and you are still shoving him down everybody's throats. lol

  5. John King gender and color have nothing to do with it. Sen Sanders has policies that we MUST have now. CHANGE for ALL. This is how the definition of "racism" is dodged thrown around redefined.

  6. To say you don't know what "too internet" means is so disingenuous. Turned off after that. AOC has a net negative favorability rating, despite being a Twitter darling. It's not hard.

  7. I don't think that he was referring to black people. I believe he was referring to urban versus rural. This is fake news.

  8. Funny how the narrative in 2016 was it was to white. Now it's to black, to diverse. Establishment media doesn't even try to make sense.

  9. Yo, did you guys change the title from "Too Urban" to "Too Black"? I could have sworn a couple of hours ago it said "Too Urban".

  10. At this point i'm waiting for a segment on CNN or MSNBC with someone going
    "Come on, he's Jewish! We can't have that"
    They seem to be getting that desperate.
    And conservatives think these outlets are left wing..

  11. Ironic that last night's debate antagonists depicted Bernie as 'too urban' and now this, after trying in vain to slander him as Communist.

  12. He never said is it too black, when he said Urban, he was talking about white liberal gentrifiers now living in big cities, Bernie doesn't have black support, he has far left support and white liberals, Delete your Headline, TYT are liars

  13. I know the term "Urban" is a shorthand for "Black"… however we are talking about a political climate that sees a massive schism between rural voters and city dwellers. The term for city dwelling is urban. That's its actual definition. I think you might be reading too much into this. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  14. Last time Bernie supporters where too white now they are saying they are too "urban" how convenient for the powers that be…

  15. I don’t think that’s what he meant?… I think he was referring to being too coastal…..too city dwellers…I think you guys may have misinterpreted that “too urban” comment…

  16. I would sooner be endorsed by the Muppet Show, than any of these self-righteous, self-serving, self-interested, self-centered, piously ignorant, demagogic “progressive” infantile ideologues. Who are now endorsing, the eugenics Guru and anti UBI multimillionaire owner of three houses who is a 1%er who has never even had a proper job, and is called Commissar Bernie Sanders and takes his orders from Linda Sarsour.

  17. Nobody gloats more than Cenk and Ana when they appear on CNN, and now they are admonishing people at CNN for saying something that does not conform to their totalitarian delusional dogmatic puerile ideas.

  18. When I see these posh lizards self righteous pudding corporate faces, it calls for punch.. Next CNN news :"Bernie's supporters don't wash their hands!." Bernie supporters prefer second hand clothes!…" Bernie supporter seen selling Stalin stickers!." They eat rats!"

  19. Sounds like John King has caught 'Biden Brain"

    ('Too urban, too internet.'
    Whats wrong John?
    Not enough record player for you?)

  20. Your title is literal click bait. He did not say black. He said urban.

    FWI – "too internet" means Twitter and the like. Too many radicals that are an extreme minority voice but seem to have a massive megaphone.

  21. The media is scrambling what fear. go Bernie Sanders❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  22. OK…one…more…time. In 2016, I canvassed house to house in West Philadelphia for Bernie in the 2016 primary…every day for several weeks. All the YOUNG black people were Bernie supporters. A lot of the older black voters hadn't heard of him or didn't know he was running as a Democrat.

    Kind of confused me at first but as I talked to the older voters I realized that they only watched broadcast news which was giving NO coverage to Bernie. Everyone who got news from the internet had heard of Bernie and really liked his policies.

  23. You don't get it! The problem with Bernie Sanders is when he draws white voters, they're TOO white! And when he draws black voters, they're TOO black! And all these people only exist on the internet!

  24. These fucks will change their racism to suit their electoral agenda. When they think they can win by playing White identity politics, they'll do it. When they think they can win by being anti-White-they'll do it too. The DNC has NO MORALS!

  25. I just can't wait until TYT Election 2020!…….Cenk, will you disparage Wolf Blitzer's 68 year old audiences like you did in 2016? I will be 68 years old next year.

  26. come on, dont be like the msm. he means city people, not black people. hes a douche, yes, but dont be overly politically correct cenk

  27. They are so brazenly hypocritical. In 2016 they said Bernie didn’t do enough to attract minorities, now he has too much support.

  28. Just because people of color endorse Sanders does not mean that people of color will vote for him. People of color are not sheep.

  29. Dude how can you put the words "…cable anchor says Bernie support is too black" in your video title when he doesnt say that?! The word urban can mean many things… you guys are honestly the worst!!! You should be a better representative for the left, instead you just constantly stoke racial division. Pathetic

  30. Who cares what John King Says. He’s a tool. He couldn’t even handle Newt Gingrich during the Republican debates a few years back.

  31. Too urban, too internet? They mean too young and diverse. What turds these comfortable, centrist, establishment mouthpieces are.

  32. Remember when the Corporate Neoliberal Network was saying that Sanders had NO support among African Americans? Actually it was black establishment Democrat political leaders who weren't, surprise surprise, supporting him. BTW Center for American Progress, sort of like Russia's fascists calling themselves the Liberal Democratic Party. Moulitsas as always is full of it.

  33. I have NEVER heard in my life, a news station, nonprofit, or whatever say urban and NOT mean poor black people or people of color in general. I don't disagree that TYT's title maker is a clickbait pro, but this title cuts the bull big time. The guy meant black.

  34. So, when an originating country of the American People is referred to as "SHIT-HOLE"… the context still remains the same.

  35. His supporters are too young. Too white. Too "urban" (BLACK). Young women go to his rallies to find boyfriends. These people are DESPERATE to deny he's the REAL DEAL.

  36. 4:20 cant agree less. It is obviously a tactic. Have you seen the debates? The first three they set him up to be attacked constantly and this last one they ignored him

  37. Not Cool TYT! I Hate Clickbait! Especially Clickbait Using The Most Vulnerable Of Communities! Urban Can Young White Hipsters!

  38. That is such a gross and intentional misinterpretation of what he said. He was pointing out the Divide between rural and urban in the electorate which is where the real divides in this country are. He wasn't talking about race.

  39. Its all about race and gender with these fools. Enjoy losing the election again. BTW, Urban means city, which means if you can't win the breadbasket, bible belt, heartland, tornado alley, and more rural and suburban areas of America, you ain't winning. Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Most of Texas and Florida, Dakotas, Montana, Kansas, etc. etc…

  40. You don't even have to look as far back as 2016, you had people in the mainstream media saying that about Bernie this/last spring.

  41. What does one expect from a Washington bubble livin', bubble lovin' corporate, troglodyte shill? Clarity and critical thinking???
    It's THE MONEY (and racism), Johnson! (a la Tim Black)
    It's a laundry list.

  42. How am I supposed to respect CNN as legit news, with Hypocritical BS like that???

    Also, if you say something that sounds racist by accident, it still counts!

  43. TYT knuckleheads don't get it. AOC and her friends are only liked by the twitter crowd. Reasonable people are repelled by these ultra liberal lefties. Bernie is making a massive mistake here. He needed to broaden the tent… King is right on the money here.

  44. Does anyone actually think that anybody in that democrat clown car has a chance against Trump? Did you see his rally in Texas tonight. Sorry Dems you are finished.

  45. Clearly these anchor people grasp at straws in their attempts to delegitimate Bernie Sanders, and as these straw-grasping operations become more difficult, given events such as The Squad's endorsement, they also become more pathetic and bizarre. And, by the way, I'm really taken aback by the crude anti-socialist comments I see here, as applied to Bernie, and just wonder if these people would apply them equally to FDR and his New Deal, which is squarely the model Bernie is following, updated to present-day circumstances but certainly no further left than FDR was, and hence as American as apple pie.

  46. Hey Cenk 4:43 Guess which one of those corrupt politicians that you support endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016. Yours truly Elizabeth WARren.

  47. To think, I used to have respect for the ass wipe & many others on CNN & MSNBC at one time. Next they will be saying Bernie Sanders is Too Diverse, Except for the top 20%. lol.

  48. Urban, “white state”, “black state”, woman, minority, Jewish, blah blah blah. It’s all neurolinguistic programming. Strange how there is not one word about policies…. Don’t you live in the “united” states? Will you allow yourself to be manipulated? The choice is your’s.

  49. Cenk the political genius is ignoring the fact that just like every other big decision when the big day comes the blacks famously are a no show. Just like wedding day, babys first b day etc etc etc

  50. Sick Sick Sick of the mainstream media !!!! They are part of the problem, to put it mildly 🙁 and i wish that one day they will be held accountable for contributing to this utter disaster that is american politics.

  51. I'm a country boy living in the city. It is not too urban and urban doesn't mean black unless that's what you want it to mean.

  52. it was too white & sexist in 2016, now it's too black & anti woman, neither is he running against Trump yet
    but against the DNC & corporate cronies & the lying hacks in the media.

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