[Intro Music] What’s happening everybody my name is SXVXN and yes we are making a Fortnite video on all of the Christmas items now. I just went
bought the max amount of V-Bucks that you can possibly buy and as you can see
I’ve just bought myself the battle pass now if you don’t know the battle pass is,
I’ll be telling you about it as I purchase it you can see me buying these
items in the background so the idea is with this battle pass it allows you to
unlock extra items, these are emotes xp certain cosmetics for your characters
like gliders and costumes and there are some that you have to really grind for
you need to play about 75 to 150 hours approximately on average to unlock all
70 tiers. Now there are 10 levels obviously level 7 levels per tier and
you go all the way through these and then of course you eventually get to the
70th level and along the way if you don’t want to buy this as well you can
if you want to just play through and you’ll get the free items you can see
that along the top I mentioned it in today’s video now. What we’re gonna be also on, let’s go baby. There’s actually those are the stuff in the shop too so
this daily items that they’re putting in and then weekly items will refresh and
you can imagine it or being Christmassy I’m gonna grab myself the gingerbread
man of course that looks absolutely wicked it was one of the ideas you guys
suggested all the electro shuffle. Let’s go man right that’s the
definite buy dude get down in the club. I’m basically gonna burn through
everything I’m gonna buy everything I possibly can to show you guys all the
stuff that you can look forward to getting so if you don’t want to see the
spoilers of what items are come in this video is definitely not for you so I’m
gonna go through all the emotes all the items show you how much XP you get and
we’ll do it all so we’re just gonna keep on buying all the way through these
thank you so much epic games as well for the amazing like stuff that you guys
have been doing if you guys also want to get the game for free you haven’t
already downloaded it as a link in the description below go check them out
thank you for supporting my channel I greatly appreciate Fortnite. I
actually purchased all these credits myself they’re not funded whatsoever
this is out my own pocket and there we go we’ve now got to the end I’ve got a
final outfit I’m tier 70 I’m max so you don’t have to buy these these can just go up by gaining XP and you can go through and get them by yourself if you
don’t want to spend the money that’s perfectly fine but if you’re a massive
fan like me and somebody who lives of the game like I do then of course you’re gonna
want to do it so let’s have a look these are the outfits this is the ultimate
outfit this is the max level you can get this is the 70 tiers and then obviously
this is where the funny glider this is probably the best glider are you gonna
get and then in my opinion the like that one probably the most out of all the
pickaxes but don’t worry I’ll break them all down I’ll show you all of them in an
in just a moment so you can see obviously there’s different badges we
can put on our our emblems there’s also a bunch of emotes and I’ve seen
different costumes and some of these ones on the top row like up to showed
you there that is something that you can get for free without having to buy
anything whatsoever. So let’s take a look through some of
these items. So heading over to the locker we can have a look at the
different outfits we’ve got the female Squires so we’ve obviously got this one
it was mentioned in the trailer but it was obviously the male version which
were about to look at which is the one that was in the trailer but the Squires
were generally just mentioned in that trailer anyhow now the one that was
featured in there as well and I did mention in my earlier video was this
awesome one the sparkling dancer that one will go very well with some of the
emotes and then also you’ve got the daily items the gingerbread man is the
one that is out currently so these are limited time items so if you want to if
you must grab those one before they disappear and then this is the one you
get from maxing out all of your tears the dark knight Wow and honestly I can’t
wait to see how people react in the lobby I remember when I did the
Halloween one and I got the skull and bones and everyone’s like oh my god so we got the night glider here as well so this one of us it goes well with
the Squires if you decide that you want to get those early or if you collect
them over time we’ve also got this glider but I don’t know what the name is of this
one what is this glider. The Royale X okay so the state of art combat
glider it’s kind of futuristic looking and then of course we’ve got this bad
boy the get down can you dig it yes you can now this is an amazing
little glider let’s have a look through some of these pickaxes this is probably
the one I’m gonna be testing out see if I can actually use that in game and it’d
be effective if we’ve got this nice kind of medieval and then a futuristic one as
well these are kind of like the ones I think that are in the main game so so
far these are all my favorites so we’ve just got the electro-dance which is the
daily item we’ve got that one bought and then we’ve also got these what are these
okay we’ve got this one too ours is a wave
simple nice little wife oh and these are throwing emotions at people
aha salty super got the salty I look through all these actually these are
cool. We’ve got a little angry emote I’ll probably have that one the rest and
peace one whenever I kill someone just throw a little rest of peace over them
like cya bruv and potato as well whenever I’d potato or they potato with
like two potatoes in the pod they even though they don’t go into pods but you
know me we’ve got the fire here that’s something this one that looks pretty
cool. MVP that is the court will be using that one because that guy isn’t MVP
We got the lol face which is the first thing you actually unlock as a as a
player for your through your XP with a got the love heart as well you spread and love
We got the muscles the exclamation mark that’s kind of like mate what you doing with got the
disco ball for all you funky folks out there I want to be dancing around there you
know the place here we’ve also got the little clap, we got the arrow and then
we’ve got a fish on a hook now let’s take a look at the actual emotes.
Ohhhhh, he’s body popping into the worm. Ah let’s go mate yeah who in the comments and you
can do a worm let me know. These emotes are class and I remember Fortnite
reached out and asked everybody if they you know like what we all wanted that is
actually am it oh my god we flossing [LAUGHS] We’re flossing
oh my god that’s actually amazing and then obviously the electro-dance as
well we just bought this one for the Daily Item let’s go mate okay so uh I
see what can we actually do then how come we can how can we apply these um
okay so I’m guessing we just we can appoint multiple items so I want that
one one because I’ve just bought that one. Alright, let’s see what else we got put on I’ll take him in
a game and show you in game two we’ve got the floss we’ve got the cowboy
little worm what else can we put on oh yeah I want to put the rest in peace
and the potato they they look cool I like more for these ones obviously this
is gonna help you guys decide if you want to buy something early or what are
you just gonna you know wait and go through all the levels you’ll have to
play a lot of game time to get all of these though.
Yes let’s go baby that’s looking sweet now I know that is also a bunch of XP that we
gained throughout doing this – and wow we just level two level 17 from buying
all that XP so we’ve already got 17 levels on the new system so if you buy
these you will get a genuine just boom straight boost of 17 levels that’s
pretty insane and you also unlock the daily challenge as well because of your
you’re in owner of the battle pass so you can expect to get more XP by
completing those so out live opponents in solo mode outlive 150 people it’ll
take you two games to do that where you play really well and we’ve also got a
hundred and ten percent XP boost so that means whenever we’re playing we’re gonna
basically get the same again plus 10% Wow
so if you win a game and get loads of kills that level and this is gonna
boost I think it’s because a lot of players didn’t really make it 100. I
didn’t make it to 100 I made just like 61 on the previous season so I can see
probably why they put the XP gains in there it would make a lot of sense once
we load in the servers are a little bit crazy at the moment well let’s see what
would like what surprises there I let’s see how players react in the lobby
because like I say on the Halloween everyone crowded around me and they were
like what is this you know cuz I just buy the item straight away so that you
guys can see them oh wow look at this oh that is wicked. Yo the sound oh and then we got a menu and we can select. I’m flossing yo hello. You alright mate. I’m flossing you alright. Floss floss yo floss floss yo yo you ain’t got no moves bruh you’ve got no moves bruh flossy flossy. Shuffle oh oh oh my god yes we said that we wanted it we said that we wanted
a designed bus we wanted it all magical I didn’t think we’re gonna put like a
change the balloon I never even thought about that we never mentioned that in
our design. That is so cool Wow all right another thing as well I’m
gonna be showing you all the out well there’s supposedly Christmas trees in
the map I’ll be showing you all them but let’s see if we can actually find one
over in Greasy Grove. I think they’ll be probably like in the main cities it was
mentioned in the trailer after this I’ll show you the trailer if you haven’t seen
it I mean at the end they kind of like tweeted out and would like oh can you
find all the Christmas trees and there is there’s a Christmas tree so we found
there is one I thought they were in every city
my mate said said said they were so but I don’t know what the trees do did we
get a present if we get a gift what do we do we have it looks like there’s a
chest under the tree. Okay cool so we get a chest so every Christmas tree there’s
gonna be chests under I was kind of hoping for like a present I wish it was
a present man oh see what we get. We got a bush now I wonder if bushes are any different let’s put a bush on. Bush up let’s see what we get bruv. oh yes let’s go we got lights and
on our bush. We’ll destroy the tree and all the tinsel goes everywhere alright guys
now that we’ve got a bush on I’m gonna go and show you the trailer this is the
trailer that they released on YouTube that is wicked man I love this update
dude everyone’s trying to buy Vbucks right now so everyone’s going crazy for
them thank you so much for tuning in and watching today’s video I look forward to
showcasing more items in the future and getting some tasty gameplays in this new
update thank you for watching my name’s been SXVXN also know Martin Lee Wood. Like and
comment on all that you love. Peace. Chill Outro Music

100 thoughts on “BUYING ALL FORTNITE CHRISTMAS UPDATE DLC | Fortnite Battle Royale

  1. i remember watching this video back when it was still the christmas update… I only got the candy axe and the yuletide from the shop. I really wish id gotten more ;c

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  3. Who’s watching in Season 7 now so mad and sad that they didn’t buy any of it I only got the gingerbread man and the you shouldn’t have but they released nog ops and Yuletide ranger and the you shouldn’t have like if you agree 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢

  4. Little did this mans know 10 months later his account would be worth a fortune and 2 months after that have the skins be re released and lose that fortune 😂😂

  5. Man the nostalgia. I never realized how much better the game was then and it was actually fun. 90s didn’t even exist lmao

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