25 thoughts on “Business English conversation | Sales meeting

  1. To say i find parking in Newyork easily and it was fine its total hypocrisy…. But its business meeting i do understand its full of bulshit.😂

  2. This is an accurate, but boring lesson. The man's delivery is fine in terms of pronunciation and relaxation as a voice recorder/actor/teacher. But his delivery is so slow it becomes condescending, unwittingly. The woman has no idea how to record in a lively voice. She probably isn't a professional voice actor. The energy is so low as to put me to sleep – and there is NO humor or curiosity in the content to keep us alive and breathing! There is proof now that we do not learn when we are bored. Sorry! This one needs a re-write. Bring some FUN to it – or something to catch our intelligent curiosity!

  3. Thank you so much for this great video , it's really informative and practical , i would be glad if you upload more business English lessons like this . i appreciate it !

  4. I find this British guy very polite like a real businessman by the way he sounds but the American girl doesn’t sound much of it somehow

  5. How can I learn English from this video when was trying hard to enlarge the image of Mrs Jones all the time.

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