50 thoughts on “Bush Dodges Shoes Thrown by Iraqi Journalist

  1. Whenever I see this scene i wisch that the shoes have directly hit the face of this devil but anyway it's good to be seen and I wish to see Tramp in the same situation soon

  2. I was have a game that I had to throw shoes on push 😂😂nice game but the son of pitch was get to down

  3. Imagine USA being invaded by China, which kills one tenth of its population, insult your culture, destroys the infrastructure.. and then imagine the Chinese president coming for a visit to Washington DC, what will be your reaction then..?

  4. Today is the tenth anniversary of the beating of George Bush shoes, and I as an Iraqi celebrated this occasion because it pleased and humiliated the Americans😂😂😂

  5. The dodge was impressive but the response time of his secret service agents sure as hell wasnt. They didnt open the door until a few sec after the SECOND shoe was thrown. If that first shoe had been a shoe bomb, bye bye Georgie…all bc your security was fucking off instead of being lazer focused in on you like they shld be. An agent shldve been out that door sooner than immediately when the first shoe was thrown. Hell, they shldve been able to prevent the first shoe from being thrown at all bc who just randomly takes off their shoes during a press conf w 2 heads of state? Not exactly the time or place to air out your feet and idk how that cldve possibly escaped the attention of an on alert agent who was in the actual room. I guess they didnt like Bush that much lol….

  6. Bush 43s funeral was playing at the laundromat and they were exalting him, what a great guy he was and everything…

    Lady next to me: *laughs* thats ok, we know the truth. We were there.

    I hope God can forgive me for smiling just a little bit.

  7. This is how Iraq and the lion of Iraq have a pride that does not satisfy anyone rob them of them but if Bush fought the dog is much better this unclean Bush who burned Iraq in the ground anti – dog Saddam Hussein basically basically in the support of his soldiers and then let down why all this violence on Iraq you wanted to destroy Iraq and got what I saw in the era of Saddam life was beautiful and the Iraqi was living in dignity and in any country goes welcome to the fertile state

  8. It's a shame that President Bush wasn't quick enough to catch those shoes. He then should have checked to see if they fit. If they had fit he could have said thank you. If they didn't fit he could have said thank you but they are not my size.

  9. For the secret service this is an international disgrace. I ran a security team in a church and it's very basic to have at least one member of security facing the crowd to deal with this type of incident. Shocking.

  10. if one can dodge a shoe one can dodge the flying sandals George w. bush is flash from marvel comics just aged.

  11. Can't believe that there are actually people supporting this war monster in the comments. Very sad world.

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