37 thoughts on “Building a Food Truck Business from Ground Up

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  2. After watching this I can say this is risky business if starting off fresh and I enjoy food trust me. I think the key is something thats original and different deoending what country or culture you grew up in and make it marketable. Most important thing is making the cost cheap and where to get the food supplies from and somehow make profit from this. Indeed a informative video.

  3. They’re not profitable because they’re trying too hard like most restaurants do. They need to simplify their menu good lord. They’re overspenders. Number one business mistake.

  4. They need to sell what people love like fry chicken,wings and burgers and don't have too much options on the menu.Keep it simple and tasty.I wish them all the best.

  5. Fuck the restaurants business!!!! Big and tiny!!! Too much work!!! And most of the money goes to the government then the government gives Alot of it to the hook noses ( over 10 million a day) from just Americans and military to kill people that did nothing to me! And Don't forgot NASA! Who takes over 60 million a month because we need to go to Mars! Even though they lied about going to the moon! Even though most goyim are miserable living on Earth! Thanks to these scumbag so called elite!!!! I am so sick of society!!!!

  6. The issue it seems is that not a lot of planning went into it, they do butchering it says, but did they see if what they would sell would be a return on investment and time?

    you would have to see how much Pork people would buy per pig and see if the cost justifies the money x time invested if not then modify, change prices, add something else, or don't do it. the biggest thing is see what people like and convince them you're the only people that can do that neiche thing better than the local competition. it seems you sell pork-chops, ok why can't i just go to a sit down resteraunt and get it there, Convince me yours is better.

  7. stop!! supporting !! tlatin food trucks!! they send some of their money to mexico against this country,, believe it the latin ones

  8. Looks like they don’t really understand commercial food and what it means to watch food costs and how to prep for big volumes.

  9. Too many food truck owners do everything wrong, they never think about what’s practical, just rush into it coz they have a passion but don’t think about the business side. If you’re gonna start a food truck you need to focus on the business more than anything.

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  11. I read everyone comment but this by far has been my favorite feed back video of being in the business. You get the good and the bad all you can do is try.

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