Building A 350 Crore Business Empire With No Money | Venkatesh Iyer | Goli Vada Pav | Josh Talks

Building A 350 Crore Business Empire With No Money | Venkatesh Iyer | Goli Vada Pav | Josh Talks

37 thoughts on “Building A 350 Crore Business Empire With No Money | Venkatesh Iyer | Goli Vada Pav | Josh Talks

  1. My maths teacher told me if u don't study well you will end up on the streets selling vada pav . Man I will be happy to do that if it a million dollar business .afterall the teacher who told me that just earns 30k ₹ ,no wonder maths did not fetch her more than that .

  2. Really motivating. A person overcomes all the challenges, only if he has complete faith in his dreams. Your story is a lighthouse for all the ships aspiring for success.

  3. The food quality of goli vad pav is far far better than all foreign brands… I am a big fan of goli vada pav services and foods… My day does not end without a food from goli vada pav 🤗🤗

  4. Iyer sir ! It is great motivational talk anna keep it up! But god has written destiny only those who got the patience and hardwork and thick skin means not effected by public or relatives criticising every step. Most important Iyer Jee! You forget who was behind your success that was lord the god the allah whatever you call. Don’t forget god and do hardwork and see

  5. Hats off sir, its really great inspiration vedio to overcome the problems and i leart lot from u in only 18 minutes vt

  6. Sir. Ur Goli is good or bad it's ok. But pls. Don't keep telling gutter Mai Banta hai….. Repeatedly. Boss from gutter only u got idea of building Ur so called Empire.

  7. Sir, Universe is nothing just a collection of planets, stars, meteors, moons etc. I don't know the rest of course.
    But I wonder why are you hesitating saying God did that.
    Are we really replacing God with Universe.
    Such an irony we say ghost exist but don't believe God exist.

  8. Firstly, India is not a poor country and second vada pavs are not done over gutters! Pathetic to hear when you say that.

  9. The goal is to create something so useful that people will have no choice but to tell their friends. Maxime Lagacé

  10. Great and inspirational story! But the missing key here for many like me is the fact that no one gives you crores unless you have something worth more than that to show. So unless you have movable or immovable property to show, you still struggle for funds.

  11. Looking to start something big in Fmcg sector…. And looking for passionate people who can take risks and make it big .. ANYONE FROM DELHI ? Give me call or text 8130352254

  12. "You have a dream. The dream have come in the womb of the universe. It is the responsibility of universe to fulfill the . The universe conspires to help you achieve the dream." sounds incomplete there must be some hidden conditions, not everyone got his dream fulfilled.

  13. Excellent example of consistent working with momentum. . His closing line is super energetic..Universe and dream connectivity the thing which leads us to success.

  14. I appreciate, inspired by your story of struggle & series of efforts behind the scene. I am also on the same boat & the boat is looking for the ocean.

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