100 thoughts on “Brit Hume: If the impeachment inquiry is perceived as unfair then House Democrats have a problem

  1. It’s absolutely a rigged game. Look at what went on in the Obama administration. If there ever was a cause for impeachment, he was it. Then look at Biden’s own actions. He should be in jail. But politicians aren’t subject to the same laws and policies the American people are.

  2. Is the democrat impeachment inquiry starting to look like the boy who cried wolf, where democrats are trying to convince the American people that President Trump did something wrong?

  3. All you need to understand to KNOW that this so-called impeachment is a scam/"witch hunt" (Spygate Phase 2) is that the supposed Impeachment Inquiry was initiated based on the claims of a whistleblower about what President Trump said in a phone call to the President of Ukraine… but when the transcript of that call was released to the public – and nothing of what the whistleblower said Trump said in the call was actually in the call – the Impeachment Inquiry was not promptly dropped since the whistleblower was WRONG.

    Ever since this whole thing started, it has REEKED of being a partisan hit job against the President.
    It is an attack on the government of the USA by enemies from within and THEY should be investigated for this attempted COUP.
    (Note: a "coup" does NOT need to be violent to be a coup. A coup can occur in a boardroom)

  4. Hunter wants to hide, just like he is hiding from Clint Lancaster and Lunden. But he has been exposed !! So has quid pro Joe, when he said, "fire him in 6 hours or you don't get the money" !!!

  5. Instead of catering to lawless bullying, those who purport to uphold justice in this nation need to stand and deliver real justice. Transparently.

  6. Hiume is a poseur. He has a very high opinion of his intellect. No-one else does. There is often an inverse relationship between ego and intelligence (or lack there-of). He’s the proof in the pudding. His arrogance is manifest. He tosses off half-formed thoughts through his nose, scowls, and appears to think he’s casting his pearls before swine…

  7. Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, chaired by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), are using the same tacit they used in 2017 to silence then-chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) with a phony ethics investigation. They are having witnesses testify in deposition, rather than in public or by transcription, which invokes ethics rules that prevent members from sharing any details publicly. Democrats then leak selective bits of testimony — and any Republicans who dare respond risk an ethics investigation that will silence them and damage them politically.

  8. If Democrats "can do what they like on impeachment", doesn't that make them above the law!?, and if they had managed to take the Senate in 2018 as well the house, that means that they could remove the duly elected President for any reason at any time! as an outsider looking in, this seams like a ludicrous state of affairs! this is reducing the President to a powerless figurehead, along the line of our Queen!

  9. Such a bad precedent. I don’t want a future where the party controlling the house abuses the Constitution to conduct an ongoing secret investigation of the President (assuming the President is of the opposing party) because the term “high crimes and misdemeanors” is not well enough defined and allows any conduct to liberally be interpreted as due cause. But, unfortunately, the nature of politics is such that any tactic such as this which is effectively used once becomes precedent for future Congressional behavior – regardless of the party.

    The judicial branch interprets the Constitution, but since they have not yet interpreted the phrase “ high crimes and misdemeanors”, Speaker Pelosi has done their job for them, perhaps with a flourish of creative license…

  10. What Shiff and Pelosi are doing is OUTRAGEOUS!! They need to be arrested!!! Just think if they can get away with doing this to a President imagine what they will do to us!!! Theres nothing fair about any of this and all its doing is making Patriots very angry at their lawlessness run amok

  11. I was born in 1966 and think the Democrat House in Washington has lost it's mind.
    I am voting for Tiny Hands Trump just to spite the MF'ers. Anyone who thinks they are intelligent are brain dead zombies. If you need to ask what MF'ers stands for, Mutha Fuckuz as I born in 1966 in the south and a Democrat from age 18.

  12. Can we use the same tactics Trump is using if we ever get accused by the police of doing something "wrong?" I'm going to try it one day if I ever get a ticket. "No Mr. Officer, you're wrong. I wasn't speeding, you're just corrupt and people don't like you anyway"

  13. Even in a criminal trial the accused lawyers can cross examine Witnesses. The impeachment hearings are a Sham. The Democratic leadership has never accepted the loss in 2016 and at this point the truth is coming out about Clinton’s crimes Biden’s crimes I’m pretty sure at this point the whole Obama administration was corrupt I mean come on the sons of both Vice President and secretary of State involved in Ukraine deal and China Obama sending plane load of cash to Iran Clinton pay for play Clinton foundation plus selling off 20% uranium do Russian company signed off by Obama. That’s as corrupt as it gets. If that’s not treason I don’t know what is.

  14. how wise analyzed statement he made that democrat desperately going to the impeachment process……"~~perceived as unfair then House Democrats have a problem~~"

  15. I question not only the intelligence of any person that would support impeachment of the President based on the current "evidence' I question their sanity. Show me some one who supports impeachment and I will show you someone who is heavy on the side of, "At the end of the day it is about me and what I want"
    "The truth is what I want it to be"

    The farther away we go away from "IN God We Trust" the worse things will get. We all know it. Take a look around.

    The choice is clear
    Option #1 Stay with the national motto that made America Great, In God We Trust ; OR…
    Option # 2 In Demon Rats We Trust ( "At the end of the day it is about me and what I want")
    Declare people guilty without evidence, make false accusations against others,

    promise people things they will never receive,

    Option 2 will result in being condemned and being separated from light for possibly all eternity

  16. Impeachment PERCEIVED as UNFAIR? CRAP, the only thing the DemonCommieRats have tried to do is IMPEACH PRESIDENT TRUMP since the very minute he became the President ELECT! The DemonCommieRats lost their credibility a decade ago, however NOW they're beyond having ZERO credibility, they have joined up with the Clinton Criminals, and are Traitors to America! The DemonCommieRats want nothing but Communism in order to turn We the People into The Wee People of their Communist Un-United States of America!

  17. It was political before Trump was elected. Hes not one of them like the Bushes. Americans are sick of these bastards. The got the house dishonestly because of the Mueller witch hunt

  18. "WHAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW" *THIS JUST CAME OUT!*{ Glenn reveals the facts that the media refuse to share and breaks down the entire Ukraine timeline on the chalkboard.  Tune in to watch as Glenn makes yet another complex issue simple. BlazeTV Presents a Glenn Beck Special – Ukraine: The Democrats' Russia.} CHECK IT OUT IT WON'T BE THERE FOR LONG!

  19. So Trump is trying to work with the Chinese on trade, and Hunter Biden's son is at this time sitting on some board of a Chinese investment company that is basically under the Chinese bank? Is that right? And he's just now announcing that he'll step down if papa gets elected as President of the U.S.?

  20. The collusion of the 2020 election is goin on right now!!!
    This impeachment is a way to engulf President Trump in scandal and corruption.

  21. I’m not really into politics,
    but my taxes are lower , my jobs are more frequent, and it’s good to see our veterans & military getting the care they deserve.
    Also ;
    Hollywood is SO judgmental. Wouldn’t his so called “racism” have been an issue with the producers of the Apprentice, and other TV spots he did ???
    We would’ve heard about it, before he became The President.

    I’m honestly not sure why the media brainwash people to hate this guy …. maybe cause he’s not in their skull & bones weirdo club .

    Now , I’m gonna go think about something else all day .

  22. The way i see it, old Joe was beefing up his retirement . He couldn't take the money personally so he had Hunter in his place as the money man, like a surrogate.

  23. The Dems are going at warp speed with this bogus impeachment charade because they're scared of what the IG's next report allegedly due out soon will say of the Dems participation in the bogus Russia Hoax.

  24. Of course it’s unfair. It is in fact, criminal. The Demonrats are using the Communist/Fascist tactic of accusing others of the very thing they are guilty of themselves.

  25. Meanwhile, San Francisco is becoming the syringe-in-the-streets capital of the world, good job Nancy, way to support your district.

  26. "If it's perceived as unfair ?????". Are you Adam Schitting me? Anyone who doesn't "perceive it as unfair" should be committed to a high-security mental health facility for life given that they are, quite obviously, criminally insane. A lesser man than President Trump, like pretty much any Demonrat, would have folded under the pressure long ago. The question should be, is a Coup of a sitting President fairly elected by the people "fair", much less legal? I know it's not.

  27. The political parties that operate then, and now with these blind tactic is the Communist Party and Hitler’s Social Democrats. These models tell us volumes about where the Left is taking us All. Oh the Horror!

  28. THIS is not gonna end well for the Dems! The REPUBLICANS are gonna have to start playing the game by the rules The Democrats!

  29. Don’t expect fair play from schoolyard bullies. They cheat, steal, and lie. It’s just who they are. The only question is, are you one of them ?

  30. Our administrative state is all-in for self-preservation and expansion, and Democrats in the White House and Congress make that happen. We now know that the CIA whistleblower ran his or her hearsay evidence of President Trump’s alleged crime past Democrats in the House before filing an official complaint. Meanwhile, activist judges nominated by Democrats routinely block GOP policies, whether passed by Congress or a product of Mr. Trump’s pen. The press serves as a conduit for deep-state leaks and a megaphone for the Democratic Party.President Trump isn’t paranoid to think that a couple of million swamp workers want him gone.

  31. Our administrative state is all-in for self-preservation and expansion, and Democrats in the White House and Congress make that happen. We now know that the CIA whistleblower ran his or her hearsay evidence of President Trump’s alleged crime past Democrats in the House before filing an official complaint. Meanwhile, activist judges nominated by Democrats routinely block GOP policies, whether passed by Congress or a product of Mr. Trump’s pen. The press serves as a conduit for deep-state leaks and a megaphone for the Democratic Party.President Trump isn’t paranoid to think that a couple of million swamp workers want him gone.

  32. Brit Hume recently said leaking working for Dems. Couldn't disagree more. Leaks from Shifty and Nancy are completely distrusted by American public. Maybe it seems like leaking working in the swamp but that is how it became a swamp in the first place (pun intended).

    BECAUSE IT IS ……….

  34. Let's not call it an impeachment inquiry, it's a kangaroo court with Pelosi as the Red Queen, and Schiff as ilosovic Stanye.

  35. What does the Democrats afraid of. Trump is the greatest President we are going to vote him back in so DEMOCRATS, the worist you act ,the more you show you blame America ,why do DEMOCRATS hate America, they want power.

  36. candidates will challenge Biden on his son issue but that is saved for the last campaign trail before nomination. if it only warren and Biden left, warren will definitely use that as her flawless victory attack

  37. Trump was doing what the FBI should have been doing. If Trump is wrong, why is Biden on the run. How many demorats had an "investment" in the China company that Biden had an interest in. A fake whistleblower, a real traitor, real anti-American demorats.

  38. This is why our founders warned not to empower central gvt. Yet, we seem not to heed those warnings. We are so educated and need “ services”. At all costs?

  39. There IS NO impeachment without a freaking vote from the judiciary committee and congress, there needs to be a stated crime, a fully identified witness, state the evidence AND make sure due process is discharged! Got that? Its a hoax. They have no such thing! The deep state has lost their control over our AMERICAN government. It is THEIR CRIMES that are really being investigated now. It is the dems that will face TREASON charges once everything is uncovered and real witnesses come forward and will have to be protected from the Clintons et al…don't give me this mamby pamby "unfair" crap.

  40. Trump is going to be impeached, folks. Even by the Senate. Question is: what are we going to do once that happens?

    The corruption of the Democrats knows no bounds or limits.

  41. These hearings are such crap that no matter what they say happened behind closed doors I won’t believe a word and will vote against the entire party all the way down the ticket

  42. Who, with any intelligence thinks that Adam Schiff did not write the Whistleblower narrative? If he's lied compulsively in the past what would ever keep him from lying now & in the future?

  43. The American people are learning a lot about how to be very responsible and informed citizens, something the Left hates.

  44. The DEMON-ratz must think all Americans are very, very stupid! EVERYONE knows exactly what crimes are being perpetrated against us, by these profane, obscene DEMON-ratz!
    The threats of "Impeachment" began on the day Mr. Trump won the election. And the blatant attempt to oust a Lawfully elected President has been ongoing for three years!
    These horrific criminals have been throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Mr. Trump, but all to no effect.
    The swine trying to do this have NOTHING but hate and contempt for us 65,000,000 CITIZENS that voted AND elected him!
    No Nancy, not one of us are fooled by your lies, slanders, false accusations and criminal antics.

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