Brian Kilmeade Becomes Fox's Evilest Anchor During Migrant Camp Rant

Brian Kilmeade Becomes Fox's Evilest Anchor During Migrant Camp Rant

so we reported earlier that that the Acting Board of protection chief is resigning in response to people's response of how we are treating children and warehousing them here is Brian Kilmeade Fox and Friends albeit prior to this resignation defending the failure of the US government to treat these children humanely to do things like get them bets or to provide them medical care or food or lice combs here he is just amazing that these got these news outlets seem to be on the same page of the democratic talking points what they say on Sunday all of a sudden is parotid and featured on Monday and Tuesday and it is look at how bad these conditions are for kids at the border keep in mind so you don't build the Border Patrol wasn't in charge of building a Marriott or a Hyatt they're in charge of detaining people that come across and do the best they can but they're trained in law enforcement so what do you want their accommodations to be it's not George Bush's fault or Bill Clinton's fault of Barack Obama's fault the accommodations haven't changed the number of people coming through app yeah well the number of unaccompanied minors has increased because they've changed the definition of what unaccompanied means and they have kept reunification of these children they have deprioritized it they are not getting these kids to family members they have in the country we know this this is their stated policy their stated policy is to omit dees peeple as a way of basically she of firing warning shots that's what their stated policy is that's what they're trying to achieve so this isn't a failure it is mission accomplished to the extent that there's a failure it's that they haven't been able to keep it from the public in the way that they had hoped that they have a problem how do we make these people suffer so that they actually make the decision to stay in some of the most violent situations in the world the most dangerous situations in the world for their kids the most desperate situations in the world how can we make these people suffer enough and get that message back to people in those situations that the suffering here is going to be equivalent to the suffering that you'll go through there so you might as well just stay there without the American public finding out that we're doing this that's their dilemma and of course there's no way to do that not over time and I think we're also finding that you can make these kids suffer but they're not gonna be dead or some of them are I guess but they're not gonna be subject to the same measure of violence but I think there are at least a decent a number of Americans who sort of feel like that shouldn't be the bar for us that we can't maintain our sense of our exceptionalism if we're literally treating kids in this way we just we're not that inhumane now there are some who are we play video the other day of Trump supporters saying like I don't want to be made to feel bad for these kids it's the parents fault they're using bad guy the bad guys are using kids yeah I mean that's basically it right it's like it's all about the children unless you decide that you don't want it to be so there's kilmeade it's not it's not the it's it's just the fault of these these kids as if like getting beds is that difficult or as if saying you know what we're gonna go back that the best-case scenario that we can do is just to make sure that family members in this country aren't afraid to come pick up these kids or that we allow and enhance their ability to connect with these people they could do that but the problem is that's not their sales pitch to get reelected that's what's going on here you know we talk about externalities in the context of chasing profit this is an externality that is in in the context of chasing votes kids are gonna suffer and that'll earn us some more votes that's the plan so pretty effing disgusting

48 thoughts on “Brian Kilmeade Becomes Fox's Evilest Anchor During Migrant Camp Rant

  1. Beds were being provided until leftists denied on grounds of "profit," but when told the profits were going to red Cross, they still said no. They dont care that much about kids.

    Additionally, 30% ish of children didn't even belong to the people trafficking them.

  2. Bullshit. They are passing through safety to get to the US, and even passing through the US to get to Canada. They are not simply fleeing "the most violent places," they are economic migrants.

  3. Entering the U.S with a H-2B visa as a skilled legal immigrant and earning my citizenship after 12 years while President Trump was in office… I acknowledge that illegal aliens cost us 135 billion a year in detention, drug enforcement, housing, court fees, auto insurance, federal prison and then they buy a fake social security card for food stamps, schooling, medicare… education alone costs 68 billion per year… the amount of taxes these illegals pay is a mere 18.5 billion and they send most of their incomes back home… 88% of drugs pouring into our country is through the southern border… they clog up the immigration system for legal immigrants like us costing us years if not decades…they end up ruining the images of legal immigrants as most Americans have the impression that we too are part of the problem while we came to contribute through our skill, taxes and earn our citizenship… everyday they spend within our borders is a burden for American taxpayers… America is NOT THE LAND OF HANDOUTS…

    End all incentives for them to come here… Cut federal funds for sanctuary cities… end birthright citizenship for children from illegal alien parents… terminate DACA and TPS… end lottery visas… end catch and release for illegal aliens… promote skill based visas like all the other western countries e.g. engineers, doctors, nurses, software developers, accountants and other professions that benefit the U.S…

    They lower wages by competing for low wage jobs that can be taken up by part timers and other minorities and legal immigrants… they start bringing drugs into black communities and take them over with their gangs… illegal aliens account for 22% of all murders, 18% of all fraud, 33% of all money laundering, 29% of all drug traffiking, 72% of all drug possesion crimes (department of justice)

    President Trump needs to BUILD THE WALL and guard it with mines and drones… the border guards should actually GUARD THE BORDER!!! GRAB AND DEPORT!!! Not babysit them and set them free in the US after 3 weeks in detention costing tax payers billions each year…. ICE should hunt every last one of them and put them on the next train to Mexico… Mexico should never had let them in to their country in the first place… sanctions and tariffs need to be imposed to force Mexico to do its part

  4. its amazing how propaganda works some people are made to think and say that woman don't have a right to decide what to do with their own bodies and call abortion killing babies and caring sooo much for life all the while not caring about migrant childeren

  5. Y'all should join me trolling FOX. It's a rip-roaring gas. There are some sensitive little flakes at the FOX sites. LOL

  6. These Fox pigs seem to think that a six month old in a filthy diaper, coughing from bronchitis or suffering from measles (I remember measles, before vaccines and it was NOT pleasant), told his mother in El Salvador to give her to some 16 year old kid and take a dangerous long trip to the US border. "Hey mom, I need to go to the US". Children are pawns in one of the ugliest political battles I have every seen. I am so ashamed of my country right now and even though I thought Hilary made a huge mistake with her "basket of deplorables" comment, how else can you describe Cheeto and his hideous minions and his Faux "News" mouth pieces.

  7. Civil Rights?
    Basic human rights?
    So, America, stop wringing your hands and ………………………..


  8. Dems should bring their solutions to the boarder instead of just being obstructionists who essentially push open boarders.

  9. Plus the fact that trump has no money to spend because of tax cuts and paying for his campaign and golf life. It’s not a priority for him.

  10. Can't we atleast treat them like we do our prisoners? They atleast get bunks with a sheets, pillow & blankets & get 3 meals a day.

  11. The government contractor running this SHITHOLE… is getting 750$, per DAY per CHILD… hey Kilmead… why don’t YOU know this?? For that $$ they SHOULD be building a Hyatt, you racist, ignorant, information net zero, fucking MORON…for 750$ PER they could have didies on don’t you think??? Just kill yourselves fox…

  12. Sam, they’re not trying to keep it secret, Jeff Sessions said it outright. They’re not worried about us because they’re drunk with power and think we can’t stop them. Let’s just hope that hubris leads to a downfall soon.

  13. "The bad guys are using kids!" Is a wonderfully convenient excuse to absolve yourself from having to feel bad or guilty about the way these children are being treated. Laying their suffering at the feet of some fictional person absolves America of all the blame and complacency!

  14. Rapists and murderers get treated better than these immigrants, these children. Convicted rapists and murderers get three hots, a cot and most importantly a trial. Meanwhile Trump spends more than a hundred million golfing but won't even pay for soap?

  15. Republicans just voted against the bill passed by the house for over 4 billion to support these children because they didn't like the safeguards that were included to guarantee these children receive the funding.
    Trump removed the aid to these countries thus making matters worse.

  16. The self righteous and sanctimonious RepubiCONs are eager to stand in judgment of others especially when it's related to abortion but they fall silent when it comes to the suffering of immigrant children. One day they'll regret their hypocrisy.

  17. Brian Kilmeade is so evil and stupid. No one has the expectation that refugee seekers are going to be housed in a 3-star hotel. The expectation is that they will be treated humanely and will have access to the basics of safety, sanitation, medical treatment, education, and recreation.

  18. One of the worst arguments I’ve heard from the right wing people is that these camps aren’t as bad as the country they came from, sooo whatever.

  19. These immigrants can’t even wash the baby bottles. No diapers for days. Hardly close to a motel stay Republicans!

  20. Okay, I am probably not the first person to float this; t-rump and the republikkkunts all want these things to rise so we all start to march against it. The marching will lead to the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, gun toting maga chumps showing up to start the violence. Martial law is declared. First amendment is suspended. Election postponed until further notice. Writ of habeas corpus suspended. Congress is declared obsolete and welcome to the Fourth Reich. I can only hope that the FBI and DHS and the CIA are all monitoring and working within a Chinese wall from Barr and Drumph in order to protect us all. If I believed in god I would say a prayer.

  21. One of those female cunt hosts over there at Fox and Friends also thinks it's more important to turn away legal migrants trying to seek asylum than to provide clean diapers.

  22. Well america you have a choice….concentration camps or becoming part of the human race again……choose wisely….

  23. How in the flying yuck are these camps a direct violation of cruel and unusual punishment. Especially since they haven’t broken the law so throw in habius corpus and free fair trial while we’re at it.

    Fucking concentration camps….

    Put up a windmill off the cost and every conservative under the sun marches but put a kid in aushwitz for profit and not only do they not protest and support it but they blame the parents of the kid.

    What a fucking load. Pro life my ass.

  24. Put all Fox News A holes in a cage, sleep on a concrete floor, with a aluminum blanket, no tooth brush, no tooth past and no soap for weeks and even months. Oh yeah and not being able to see their parents or friends.They would be crying their coward asses off. How pathetic they are.

  25. I'd rather shovel chicken shit all day than be a fucking ICE agent. Fucking scumbags. I bet they actually like and enjoy their horrible job of making kids suffer. Fox probably makes excuses for the Nazi rounding up and killing the Jewish people, "they are just doing their job". Fuck that BS excuse.

  26. The Republicans have killed American greatness and turned us into a Banana Republic. Instead of making America Great they are dragging us into as dark place of intolerance, torture, and war. For these people to claim to be Christian and moral is hypocrisy at it's best. The fact that Fox news is so popular denigrate s all American s we are becoming more and more authoritarian and war liike . Germany in the 1930's . They want to dominate the world and especially all the countries with other oil resources. Want to dominate all people of color and since these groups are considered to be inferior it is alright to torture even thier children.

  27. How about if one of these greedy, soulless, gutless, billionaires step in and buy soap, blankets, etc for these kids??? (Bezos)
    Or how about if Dumpster went down and threw bars of soap and toothbrushes out into a crowded room full of these kids???
    Think of the photo ops for this?
    Someone could come across as a big hero!!!!

  28. This is the same guy who argued with jesse ventura over the torture program and said it was a good thing. Hes a propagandist supporting the war machine and hes an apologist for unconstitutional crimes of our federal gov.

  29. It doesn't matter who is at fault if they are going to detain them they need to provide decent condition. Maybe DOJ should be looking into abuses of these children , instead of investigating FBI or Hillary's E mails.

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