28 thoughts on “Brexit vote: What exactly MPs are voting on? – BBC News

  1. Britain has nothing to relay on other than Europe.
    45% of food from Europe.
    The gas that warms up the whole British from Russia.
    The natural resources from Africa and Asia.
    The petrol and desil from middle east and Africa.
    The wheat from from Russia.
    The UK itself is a tiny irland that disconnected from the entire world.
    The poverty in the UK would be something unbearable knowing that no-one helps the other financially. You don't have means of income? Go to food Bank and fill in a form to get some donated (best before cans ) items. Can't choose what to eat, They will choose for you what to eat.
    Ive been to the UK few times.

  2. This brexit shit is confusing as fuck. I thought you were already left EU 3 years ago. And now voting again for what. A lot of bullshitery.

  3. This is a wonderful British comedy program. It's like 'the odd couple', except the couple are the Conservatives and Labour party.

  4. It's no longer in the power of the Prime Minister alone to call a crisis general election.
    Parliament passed into Law, (without any opposition) a Fixed Term Act in 2011. And has already circumvented it once.

  5. A other referendum wouldn't be democratic but trying to push this same bullshit thru parliament for a a fourth time is. Robinson and his garbage should never even as a joke be given airtime. He is nothing but a to bit intellectually baron thug.

  6. Credibility deficit in evidence with this government now.Who can believe anything coming from a minister's mouth now? Collective responsibility makes them all equally guilty.We were told the UK would leave the EU on 29th March.Every time a politician canvasses at my door now,i will ask them to their face why is the UK still in the EU.I hope for their sake they don't knock on my door.They will not like what i have to say to them.

    Walk into Parliament and beat the living shit out of the entire LOT.
    Take back your government by force if they refuse to obey the will of the PEOPLE.
    This is an absolute travesty of justice, democracy and rule of law.
    There are no Do Overs.

  8. It doesnt matter what their voting on its a chimera the eu have said its the pms deal there not going to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement

  9. Being a brexit and a voter this is little clue you will die if you stop brexit got this from 20 plus people this is a fact old age fact and your office is where?

  10. Im. That mad I will watch a film that kills a lot everyone thinks they know better silly mps you dont I dont need a gun its what voting is for and got a big knife for cooking big time with the knife

  11. If you think brexit is going away its not we voted out and if you denied me Of my vote everyone will destroy you it will be my life to get brexit if you stop it we the people will come and see you this is a fact

  12. NOBODY actually gives a fuck what they Vote on. They have lost all legitimacy to rule and must go . We want a GENERAL ELECTION NOW

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  14. Long extension for general election 40% chance
    Long extension for people's vote 40%
    Leave with no deal 15%
    Revoke article 50 and start all over again 5%

  15. Well isn't it interesting how the PM is allowed to keep bringing her repeatedly rejected zombie deal that won't die back for another vote time and time again…..until she eventually gets the result she wants
    Yet (for exactly the same touted reason – "until you get the result you want") the British public are not allowed to have even one second and final say under any circumstances.
    Hmmmm hypocrisy and double standards at work.

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