Brexit vote TIE, speaker Bercow steps in...

Brexit vote TIE, speaker Bercow steps in…

order order the eyes to the right 310 the nose to the left 310 you the eyes to the right 310 the nose to the left 310 order in accordance with precedent and on the principle that important decisions should not be taken except by a majority I cast my vote with the nose [Applause] the nose have it by casting vote 311 to 310 that is the proper way in which to proceed we come now yes of course we will come to the next vote but of course point of order sir Patrick McLoughlin Mr Speaker I cannot recall when this was last happened I'm sure you have been told the precedence perhaps you'd like to inform the house as to when it was last happened I mean my recollection that I've been saying this for years across the country to audiences so I hope it's right is that the is that the last occasion on which the speaker had to exercise a casting vote was in 1993 and I believe I'll be corrected by the honorable gentleman at the stern if I'm wrong that it was a pertaining to the Maastricht Treaty now I I say to the right honourable gentleman the Derbyshire Dale's I'm probably pushing my luck here in the face of such an established authorities the Honourable gentleman of stone but I think it was on an amendment relating to the social chapter and it was an amendment in the name of the then leader of the opposition I believe and speaker Boothroyd cast a vote in the way that she did against that amendment and the rationale I say this as much for the benefit of new members as of others for the exercise of the casting vote is as I've said that it is not for the chair to create a majority that doesn't otherwise exist now the way in which the casting vote his exercise does also depend upon the stage at which a matter is being aired so for example it would be exercised differently or it could be and probably would be on the second reading of the bill where there is an important principle of encouraging further debate and it might then be used to send a bill into committee where it's not going to get to the statute book straight away but if it's the final stage of a bill the casting vote would be against and in a situation in which a decision would be made that a day would be allocated for particular business I judge that it's not right for me to make that decision if the house hasn't by a clear majority done so I hope that's clear and generally accept very more required I I am being I am being teased mercilessly by the Honorable Judge member East Worthing unsure of and possibly by others well I thought it was he but anyway people were saying more they don't want more at all although I think the member for stone usually does want more weight amorous or in cash

33 thoughts on “Brexit vote TIE, speaker Bercow steps in…

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  3. British parliament is very old fashoined…it´s sympathetic …it´s honorable, but in a global world? I wish british economy would stick to these old system, but they dont: Most products are made in China, Pakistan, Vietnam, Brasil and India meanwhile. What are they discussing is british sovereignity….why not ask the big shareholders of apple, google, amazon, Toyota and all the stuff?

  4. I'd rather stay in the EU, I feel this will just keep rolling on if not a referendum why not a census on how we feel on taking the deal or staying in

  5. Its good that he said no, its scummy to say yes, its the mps job and mays job to get a majority and not have the speaker jump to yes

  6. Can i ship this guy to my home to yell to my kids OOODAH. And please before brexit without the extra tax!

  7. We bay this people like a lot of money every month and they make our lives hell every damn time making the people who vote them more poorer and they get richer i still can’t bloody understand and believe it

  8. Why do they have so old and unnecessary traditions? They had to read the result twice and four people had to stand up in the first reading just so that one of them said it out loud… 😂

  9. compared to dutch politics I feel like at least half of the people there are just there to enjoy their time and (loudly) vent their feelings on various topics.

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