100 thoughts on “Bret Baier pays tribute to Shepard Smith

  1. Good riddance! he was a FAKE all along. how about replacing him with someone with similar views as Tucker Carlson, a REAL Conservative!

  2. Donna Brett Judge N Neil and maybe even Martha need to go! Tucker Shawn Laura Jessie Greg need to stay or find their own network.

  3. I really liked watching & listening to Shep before he got all emotional and everything. He suddenly couldn't keep the "balance" in his pieces. He was still good at it, but the little nuances and innuendo were distracting and made too much of his work seem biased.

  4. My only regret is that Smith should've left sooner. He'll resurface on CNN or MSLSD right before the presidential election either one of those 2 channels fits his beliefs better.

  5. fox—you lost ….truth prevails…wake up..people are not that stupid…if you continue to support liars it could be too late for your news station

  6. Oh don't be sad😭😣😢He went to join 👥"Randy Andy" Cooper and Don LEt-Me-ON over at Corrupt News Network🤣😂😁

  7. Bret’s next, I saw his true colors when he was on the view with them bitches oops 😬 meant witches 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. So FAUX could no longer tolerate even the few weekly hours of honest news that sent their audience into a tizzy when they accidentally heard it. Congrats bubble heads. Now no one will disturb the cocoon of lies, hate, and ignorance you spend your time wallowing in.

  9. Bret Baier ..
    Are you kidding me?
    Maybe back in the day he was a great journalist. But journalism means being I biased…he was NOT..unbiased. just saying. Be a man and be real please. Dont disappoint me..Shep was a down right lefty and no longer could keep his personal feelings out of his reporting.

  10. Sheppard Smith was a traitor. He will not be miss. I am glad he it's out Fox. He should work for fake news CNN and others.
    Sheppard Smith away it's GREAT NEWS!

  11. Blah blah blah…journalism…blah blah….just another left wing propagandist living in a fantasy world…..trying to be the news rather than doing the boring mundane job of reporting the news. Next.

  12. Supposedly he can't report for anyone else in the near future, as per his contract with FNC. If he does eventually go back on TV, it will likely be CNN or MSNBC, or maybe just blend in with a podcast.

  13. Journalism?? you nerds have no ide what the word means. Dog smith would not know a fact if it hit him in the face. Happy to see his fake career die.

  14. Sadly Fox is not handling the issues facing this nation .. it is all about the latest scandals and we need updates on what is going on the health care, infrastructure, international business, national monetary funding, interstate commerce, dismantling of the swamp .. please Fox, get off your butts and start doing better journalism.. we need a conservative voice and assessment of these areas in REAL TIME .. not after the fact

  15. It sounds like he has a contract and fox let him break it but he cannot work in any news related job for however long the contract was. Maybe Schitt will leak what really happened.

  16. This kid, bret, looks like a chinese knock of clark kent that got half his face melted off with a magnifying glass.

  17. "It's my hope that the facts will win the day" Sorry not at Fox news they wont. Fox viewer only want to hear from brown nosers like Sean Hannity! State run media just like North Korea.

  18. Sad…. very sad…..that he didn't take Wallace with him. Now we'll see just how long he has to wait to join the CNN crowd. He'll fit right in with Cooper and Lemon. How do they see the truth with their face buried in the pillow.

  19. About time a tribute was paid to a reporter who worked for Fox news for 23 years. Even if you do not agree with his views the man did an honest professional job. His departure will be regretted by many. Good luck Shep Smith.

  20. I used to like him a long time ago. His coverage of hurricane Katrina is when I realized what a douchebag he was and I haven’t watched him since.

  21. Yes Bret, I say good riddance as well! He can take Chris Wallace with Him too and, in fact, anybody that gives credence to any of these conspiratorial Democrat lies.

  22. By the way Fox, OAN is still in the business of truth telling so they can fill your shoes if the stress of standing against the fake news MSM is too much for you.

  23. Also get rid of that sobbing, whining, sophomoric Cavuto. Used to tolerate his emotional slobber but it’s beyond bearable now.

  24. Christmas in October! Hallelujah 🙌. Good riddance to this petulant child, who maskeraded his TDS histrionics and editorials as "journalism".
    Vaya con Dios!

  25. There goes the OG of real journalist on Fox… Now were in trouble cause were stuck with Hannity, Carlson and Ingram🤢🤢🤮🤮

  26. Trump and his Congregation of gaslighted conspiracy toting deplorables got a big win on the state news channel. Congratulations Followers of Trump.

  27. FOX News saw their stocks rise during Shepard Smiths long tenure at the network. We are witnessing in real time the collapse of the GOP led by FOX News & their evening pundits. FOX News will be their own downfall. You are catering to the morons in America. These morons are trending downward. You might as well go all in an put David Duke on with Richard Spencer on in the evening. Run 1/2 hour segments after Carlson then after Hannity with a full hour repeated after Ingram.

  28. Great guy leaving Fox news. Probably time to unsubscribe and follow some reliable source of news, with decent ppl on board.

  29. Poor Brett Baier, he lost a fellow Trump hater on his network. Maybe if you people would keep your painfully obvious opinions out of it and go back you "we report, you decide" you wouldn't be in so much pain right now. You lie you deserve it. Trump isn't going to quit because you don't like him. AND you have no power over our democracy to remove a duly elected POTUS.

  30. A outspoken unapologetic trump hater ever since the begining. After years of frequently starting his show and sometimes half his show dedicated to the Russian collusion narrative he never retracted or apologized once the mueller probe came up with no proof of wrongdoings. Not even once. Thats editorializing not reporting. He had his own agenda and the facts were put on the back burner. Sad.

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